Redpill me on America

Redpill me on America.

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land of the fatasses

Best place in the world, if you are a productive member of society.

>Redpill me
GTFO pill-popping Sup Forumsesmoker

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Most of us think we’re the center of the universe beacuse of America’s strong economic success (its all we grew up learning in history). And have a deeply ingrained bias that Americans are the only competent people. Thank you American textbooks.

have sex.

Lol. What a canned response. Redpill has nothing to do with politics. Cant wait for you trannies to die out this next generation LMAO.

no U

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So does Russia and China and India and Brazil. All these people are taught centric histories. So shut the fuck up.

>Redpill has nothing to do with politics.
Lrn2politics fgt pls

It's a cesspool, what else do you need to know?
Evacuate or stay down there and grovel.

You too, fuckhole.

L0Lno fgt pls

He wasn’t even being a dick about it, just stating facts. You’re a bit too sensitive.

is that supposed to make it better?

The kwa is the social equivalent of a once talented man whose mind has already started to rot even though his body hasn't died yet

>police state, the cops will shoot you (regardless of color) if you look at them wrong
>everyone's poor and begging for scraps -- but they know it. the poorest shill for the 1% (republicans)
>everyone has many guns
>most are massively undereducated
>it's a 3rd world shithole, but the undereducated think it's glamorous because they've never been anywhere else
>infrastructure's falling apart
>no one can afford a home
>people can barely afford a car
>trump is their god
>a cat is the closest thing to their family or friend

They're imploding. Very weak. Very stupid people. Putin almost destroyed them by forcing Trump upon them. There's no national cohesion, thus no strength. They will tear themselves apart.

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Someone woke up on the wrong side of the furnace this morning

kwa? Korean's women's association?


t. city dwelling faggot

No, Its supposed to make him shut the fuck up about it.

t. loyal till the end drone

do ya have a few cents to rub together to put in your tank to go vote for trump in 2020 :))

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o k

Good try

Keep talking fucking retards

What's wrong with voting for Trump? The majority of Americans support him, clearly

The only thing they manufacture is an illusion of progress while their country and quality of life rapidly decline. It's going to be ugly when the realization happens.

Clearly you’re very young

I hope you're trolling.

It's a fine place if you stay away from nigger infested cities. And stay away from Commiefornia.

So. Effing. Woke.

Kek what a sensitive bitch

>typing that shit unironically
You gonna refute me like a big boy or just play with your balls, short fella?

You have yet to make one clear point for me to refute

Why are you a sensitive bitch?

Based user. 1980 election of trump the first threw it all in the trash and it's not going anywhere but down. You every see people bragging about working 60 hour weeks? Lol

How about my original post? Are you literally braindead lol.

Shut the fuck up dude I was being facetious

and it backfired

Nah you were correct. Also there's not really a reason to tell people to shut up here. They can't hear you screaming and generally will continue to post.

for real this though

holy shit, user. have you ever stepped out of your echo chamber before? this is not how you argue.

How possibly lame-ass can you be, user?

Suck a shit out my asshole

Back to discord, tranny

Kek even the nigger is fat af


This thread is about America dipshit. We aren’t talking about Russia or China. Op said to red pill him on the US not give him a fucking ven diagram about world relations. You have the brain of a starfish

Okay, as lame-ass as discord.

I just got cancer for reading this tripe.

Communist dog detected.

Liberty Prime commencing eradication.

Your hope is useless.

>arguing on Sup Forums

Haha legit lolles

>this is not how you argue.

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People can't talk about their own country without bitching about others, everytime they start to "but in a country_name is the same/worse blahblahblah"

Oh WOW, America teaches Americans American history? OH.. OH WOWWWW. You might as well say "America has 2 coastlines" what a useless fucking statement .

This. It's a great place to live if you ignore the political bickering that ultimately changes almost nothing about the way you live your life

Ok boomer

>as lame-ass as discord
...which is lame-as-ass as its gets.

>Putin almost destroyed them by forcing Trump upon them
Hello, Sergei.

Hahaha dude you're killin me over and over

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America will eventually conquer the world, only to doom it to an endless working class version of mediocre late night sitcoms.

Al Bundy was right.

You don’t think it would be nice to know about other countries economic and cultural influence.

well see.

So what's the best place for a lazy white neet who only likes to drink beer, watch tv and listen to music? I'm not kidding, I don't want to work at all, all I wanna do is chill.

Whenever they do that it's cause they have cognitive dissonance and it's difficult for the mentally ill to confront reality so they reframe.

America has more than two coastlines. genius.

>Hahaha dude

Australia is pretty dope. Mexico is pretty good too.

Quadskis, mein nigga!

I'm pretty sure they teach all about the countries that America conquers

Yeah I laughed. Is that still allowed Herr Nofunnazi?

I hate spiders and shit, and I hate tacos and drug cartels as well.

Imagine being this fucking stupid lol


How many coastlines does America have? Please include both north and south America.

Not really. They told us the war in Afghanistan was just and we found out yesterday that nobody even knew who the bad guys are.

I wouldnt worry about south America unless you want to go an hero.

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Idk because I don’t know a damn thing about any on our island territories

South America is great but ok. How many coastlines are we going with for the US then? 2 lol. *bbzzzzzzzt wrong*

I mean shit I don’t even know much about Hawaii and it’s history and that’s one of the 50 states.

The US has 5 coasts.

Learn about it. It's fucked up.

Just like I thought. We ran in and stole it.. classic

Want the truth?
Generally kind and giving people.

US, specifically the south or Midwest. they will put you on welfare, disability, give you beetus free trailer and meth for life.

it's a country with the culture and the governement stucture of a 3rd world country, but with the money of a 1rst world country

I need disability. Gibe pls

It fucking sucks cause Hawaii was probably the only good place on Earth. The people who lived there were probably pissed. Well they still are pissed as they should be lol.

everyone is used. everything is a grey area


marka's southern coast is full of oil thanks to republicans and deregulation (re ongoing bp oil spill). it's ruined. gone. cancer rate is 10000x normal rate and all fish/shrimp industry is gone.

Get out of democratic run cities and youd know. New York liberals? Fucking trash.
San Francisco liberals? Fucking trash.
Austin liberals? Also trash.
Conservatives are somehow less judgemental, more kind, and far more giving.

what country has America "conquered"?

red cities: poorest in the US.

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lol I have been to almost every state and if you think countryfolk are nice to ransoms you're delusional