How about a thread dedicated to dorm room sluts?

How about a thread dedicated to dorm room sluts?

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Not a dorm

Yes it is not in the us though

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Hot girl, but had to clean it up a bit. do you have more?

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Ah that's why it doesn't look like a fucking prison

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I'm in my mid 30s and every day I hate myself for deleting all the videos my an ex when we were college aged. Thank god for digital cameras in early 2000s but fuck my life for deleting them. The ultimate dorm shit.

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Holy shit. Moar of this chick?

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god tier pussy

meh. i was hoping she had a penis

tasty ass, more?

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imagine sliding in that

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why would you want that

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Here's one from Algonquin college

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>actually deleting good footage on purpose
lol dumbass

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Ok boomer

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I'm so old that the first time I fucked a girl doggie style was the first time I ever saw a human asshole in person and it made me feel guilty

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Baiting ppl instead of giving her info? user you are a fucking faggot.

/u/rumpelztiltskin aka fitchers bird on reddit

More of this???


First dumb ass.. boomers are in the 60s and 70s. Second.. you realize how dumb you look using that as a pejorative?


>boomers are in the 60s and 70s
english, do you speak it motherfucker?
It's 'in THEIR 60's and 70's'

if you were BORN from the mid 60's or in the 70's you are Gen X