Feels thread. Please keep pics sfw. Thank you

Feels thread. Please keep pics sfw. Thank you

I made a thread earlier and got caught up and wasn't able to respond to the person who replied. I'm very sorry, friend.

How are you all doing today, my friends?

Come get what's bothering you off your chest

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Anyone ever played Adventures with Anxiety?

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I have not, no. What's it about?

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I have! Pretty good game! Didn't play through it more than once though, so I don't know if the paths really branch.

It's a flash(?) game about a kid with anxiety, but it's portrayed in a clever way. Don't wanna say more because it's worth a playthrough. Check Newgrounds and give it a play if you're interested.

I'm gonna go lewd this cute little slut in another thread

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How is OP? This is your long overdue health checkup.

>What's bothering you
What fucking isn't. Shit's fucked. We are experiencing total crop failure in the US losing like 8% more every year because of the harsher and harsher weather and fires. Not to mention Swine flu Apple Maggot, and other diseases for plants and animals becoming pesticide and antibiotic resistant. Enjoy your meals while you fucking can, shit's about to go South real fast if things don't improve.

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What said, It's an experience that's worth going in completely blind.

I will however say that it helped me come to terms with myself.

By the way, if you replay the game, it's going to break character/the fourth wall/immersion. It's fun.

Also for those who played this game, what shape would you give your anxiety?

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is you isabelle user

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Ah that sounds very nice. I never played either but it reminds me a little of Night in the Woods or... Ahhhh I can't quite remember hte other game but it's a 2D story-based game with wonderfully designed sound. How long is it?


Ah welcome, friend! Glad (kinda since it's Sup Forums) to see you still around. I'm doing alright. I quit my job on Sunday so I'm back to stressing over money and bills haha. How are you, friend?

Ah whenever I stress or worry about things like that, my mind generally goes to the millions upon millions of years creatures and humans have lived perfectly fine without crazy pesticides and insecticides. Food may go up a little but it's not going to skyrocket to the point where people start fighting over it. On top of that, current insecticides don't generally adapt to the strongest strains out there but are a mix of affordability, effectiveness, and healthiness towards humans. They can easily drench the entire plantation in oil and burn it up and kill every single insect on there but it'll be expensive, it'll kill all the crops, and it won't solve the issue of insects eating our crops.

Ah I'll look into it, then~ I'll keep it bookmarked for some other time :) Thank you

Heya, friend~ How are you? I keep thinking of Flyff whenever I see your picture haha. I'm not sure where she's from~

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Thinking about starting a garden. It sounds nice. A small Garden.

i saved picture off your kindness as memory
but its lost in time now .-.
i tough you were lost in time too!!
but you came back am so glad!!

i am do fine!!
and i thinks you think off fluff because se is so hecking fluffy oh my gosh!!!

shes from made in abyss!!

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A garden sounds very pleasant, friend. What kind were you thinking? Fruits and veg or maybe flowers?

Ah that put a big dumb smile on my face haha thank you, friend. I don't think I'll ever really leave this place for good. I have too many fond memories of everyone (some I have saved, too!)

And ah I meant Flyff the video game from the way back. Looking at it again, I think she reminds me more of Dofus haha. But you're right! She's definitely a big ol' bag of fluff. So adorable.

And ahh that's a show, right? I heard it was really good and it had a wonderful soundtrack.

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Seeing that pic made me realize that this game probably got thousands of pieces of fanart. Hopefully they didn't go full Undertale/Homestuck tier with the fandom and make it annoying to a degree (tbh tho I secretly like that people get so creative with this stuff, it just gets a little cringy sometimes)

And oh shit, I might play it again then. Apparently I'm most afraid of being unloved, so that was new information. Feelsbadman.

Didn't think you'd remember.
Is this a jab at me. I loved you, you were the chosen one. I joke. Sorry to hear, it's never good being in between especially this time of the year. You should be able to bounce back and find something better. There a reason or just didn't like it?
I'm doing alright. Still being me, drinking more, trying to not to be bother anyone.

Holy hell, that made me feel old and also sad. Damn, it's nice to be an adult, but it sucks growing up.

>it's nice to be an adult, but it sucks growing up

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big dum smile!!
smiles arent dum!!
i also save images off nice moments!! make me cri..... when i see them!!
happy memories!!

never played flyff .-. all i know is fluff!! dont even know dofus .-.

yes! show and movies!! really good read too!!!
i recomend!!!

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Ah how could I forget you, friend haha. You're the only person who gives me these checkups~ Could be years and I'd still remember you.

I quit because I had to work for my pay after already working for my pay. I was paid below minimum wage, I had to argue for my pay after the fact, I was treated worse than other employees, and I was sick of being made guilty over wanting proper pay.

Why have you been drinking more, friend? I hope it's not digging too deep into your money. Please don't overdo it, friend.

Ah I never played much of Flyff but played enough to have memories of it. I think the worst part of growing up, for me, is technological advancements. Games that look similar to Runescape are done out of choice instead of limitations. Every year I have a phase where I freak out that I never got to play DeviousMUD (Runescape before it became Runescape classic). The screenshots, the short gameplay clip, the idea that it was such a big passion project. I loved it all and can't explain how hurt I am I never got to play it.

Ah my smiles are dumb when they're from such nice comments haha. I have a bunch of nice things people have said on here saved, too~ I'm 90-ish messages/pictures in haha.

And ahhh I'd watch them but my attention span is so poopy.

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Pic related isn't sfw whatcha gonna do about it?

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zz so tired n stuff
glad to meet you again!!
see you again i wish!
one off the kindness!! anons!! here!!
isabelle user!!!

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Ah sleep tight, friend! So glad seeing you, too~ Take care and I hope to see you again some time!

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Well i have to apologize then for attacking your mind and maybe possibly attacking your future old mind, making you think every nurse in your retirement home is me.
That's not right. It's great you're got rid of them for treating you like a slave but i'm sorry you were treated like that and had to leave for those reasons. Don't let it get you down or make you think you have no value.
It makes me feel more in tuned with my real self and the self i want to be. Or i'm just messed up for reasons i don't understand. I am responsible about it and would recommend others not to go down that slide. But that doesn't matter and you should focus on yourself and those you hold dear.

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Ah no need for an apology~ Just clarifying haha.

Thank you for the kind words, friend. I don't let it get me down. If anything, it's a huge relief that I don't have to deal with it anymore. Hopefully my next job doesn't treat me like poop though haha. Seems to be a running theme.

Why not follow your own advice, friend? Why not invest in a gym coach with the money you're spending on alcohol? Pick up a hobby or maybe don't drink alone but go out and drink with others? Even at a bar or something~?

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No, no i need to apologize. I've made an attack on you and your future self. May the older you forgive me.
Not hopefully, they will. Change your thought process and you'll see a new view point on things. Hope for the best plan for the worst. You got one burden off your shoulders enjoy that relaxed mindset. See, try not letting it get to you, running theme or not, you just happened to meet shitty employers, it's not because of you or your luck. Take it as you want but you're a pretty decent person.
I'm bit of a hypocrite. Give advice to others on what i believe is best while never applying them to myself. Would rather see them succeed than myself. I don't like bars. Prefer house parties. But all my old friends are in bad situations.

Forgot to ask. How is your discord going. Remember you made one. Hope it didn't die on you or turn into something horrible.

Ah I forgive you haha

I'll definitely be pushing towards fair treatment during the hiring process. If they don't want to hire me because of that then I'm better off without them. Thank you for your words and your help, friend. Sometimes I need a reminder on how to think straight haha.

And I think you'd love to see yourself succeed just sometimes it's a bit hard to strive for, isn't it~? I don't think you want yourself in the gutter for any reason other than the fact that success is so hard to achieve, even mentally. Right?

Ah I got locked out of it. Long story but the result is I'm going to have to make a new account sadly. I'm very very upset about it.

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Soo...he was behind all that...

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nice to see you're back up and running
get some big happy smiles for yourself today bel

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Thank you, friend. I've been back up more as an apology to you guys for not making a thread in a while and for no longer having a/being in discord.

And I hope to in the morning haha. Currently 2 am so right now is chill Belle time. How have you been, friend?

Also I think grape suits her more haha

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There you go. You can negotiate for standards don't have to settle for mistreatment or blow them off. Well that is if your not desperate and need anything. I don't do anything, just a nobody who provides a terrible opinion that makes you question their stupidity.
I don't know, i'm pretty complacent with where i am. Things aren't over all terrible for myself, yes they could improve but also they could plummet. I have a nice equilibrium at the moment, i wont complain about. Is it because i'm too stupid to notice whats wrong with myself or block it out who knows.
Sorry to hear you lost it. Hopefully you're able to gain some of it back or reconnect with those you want to.

Ah it's very much not a terrible opinion. It's something I'll take to heart, thank you!

I suppose it's better being at a constant middle than an often terrible.

And it's ok. I have the users of those who wanted to get back in touch with me~ Thank you for you worry.

I am very very very sleepy so I'll be heading to sleep, friends. Thank you to everyone that dropped by!! Have a wonderful day and stay safe, everyone.

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See you around, maybe? Take care of yourself. Good you are able to find them again. Odds are i wont see you again but have a good life isabelle user.

And you got me back up. What do you mean you won't see me again? Don't leave, friend. What's going on?

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You said you're going to sleep. Was saying goodbye. I didn't mean anything bad by it or was going to do anything bad. Only wish you well. Kinda saying the odds of us meeting again are slim.
I'll be around for your next health checkup. Whether or not you like it. Get some sleep.

Well you better be back! You're not getting away from me that easy haha. If, by chance, I don't get to see you again, please please do take care, friend. You're worth more than you give yourself credit for.

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Isabelle user. Don't worry about me. Worry about yourself and those you care about. I'm in here for the long hall no matter what life throws at me. I'm a pretty happy person. I like living and the people i meet along the way. I hope you do as well or get the chance to see things that way. Take care of yourself. If you come back or not still wish you well.

Well I worry about more people than you'd think haha. Thank you for the reassurance, friend. It's much appreciated. And I do plan on coming back often so be sure to keep an eye out~

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I have an idea about the amount you do. Make sure to take time to worry about your own needs. Am sorry i gave you that impression. I'll keep a look out, until we meet again by chance, here or somewhere on the internet, take care of yourself, friend.
I'm also not responding after this. You said you're going to sleep, not going to be the cause for keeping you awake.

This was a wholesome thread and it got me interested in the Discord you guys apparently may or may not have. Let me know if you start a new one or whatever it is that's happening.

Haha I'm going I'm going. Thank you again for the reassurance. You better stay safe haha. Take care~

Glad you liked it, friend. I make these threads fairly regularly so keep an eye out :)

Ah sadly my account is the only one that can make an invite and I'm locked out of it. I'll be starting another one soon~ If you'd like, you can leave your user and I'll add you when I make another account

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