What are your thoughts on Greta Thunberg?

What are your thoughts on Greta Thunberg?

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Typical hypocryte.
The whole i use boats to go everyware to save emmisions is a joke. The plane ride her latest boat driver took to meet her used more emmisions than an entire use of her boating would have saved.

If I were in highschool. I would listen to her just to get weird European ass

A used puppet whose parents need to be shot for what they allowed to happen to their child.

>Not hot
>Would probably be better off on Epsteins island with a cock in her mouth to stop the shit that spews out of it.

When they want to force feed me with anybody's opinion, I remove that thing from my life without hesitation.

So, basically nothing, because it got so viral that most people will just safely reply they love her and support her.

Bonus tip: if you do this in life, "celebrity" will start to mean literally nothing for you and you'll reach several degrees of freedom of thinking in return.

i legit thought she had down syndrome and was used as a autist puppet til i talked to a coworker about her.

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I bet she takes a load like a champ.
But the pillow talk afterward is excruciating and she’s too aspie to realize she needs to shut the fuck up, grab her shit, and leave.

autistic child with severe malnutrition due to veganism being used by global jewish elite to rile up an activism cause that consists of unpaid teenagers begging you at the doors of supermarkets to pay 10$ a month to an organization that uses 99% of that funding to pay the CEO and friends.

most humans don't even realize the extent of scamming that exists around these topics and dont see the correlation so its easier to outright deny man made climate change entirely because atleadt normies understand that and think twice.

She just won TIME magazine person of the year

Extremely attractive

Exactly and not that emissions are a problem even. Also why is travelling by plane harmful ? Imagine 180 people driving a car for the same distance in coaprison of taking a plane. Its cheaper and less emissions.

Take a distance i.e. London - Frankfurt around 700km.

A car needs around 60 kg of fuel for that distance alone times 180 (passengers) makes it 10,800 kg of fuel for that distance, now if all the cars where occupied by at least 2 passengers then its 5400 but thats pretty unlikely but for the sake of that shit kid let say it is. A plane for the same distance needs close to 3000 kg which is significantly less.

Don't give a shit.

Ignorant, young, cunt.

Genius anklebiter who knows how to pray in the lazy and stupid. We should be commending her for scamming the Time's person of the year. God forbid they gave it to someone who was an actual threat to Time magazine

I find it hilarious that people give her ANY credibility. If that isn’t a testament to the stupidity of the masses, idk what it is. The girl is literally a middle school drop out with no scientific background or education. Shit like this makes me realize there will always be division between those whom think with their heads and those whom just “feel” their way through life.

My rage boner is intensifying as wel speak

I don't care but somehow I keep seeing her name everywhere.

Seems pretty brave for standing up on an international podium, but the longer I listen to her the more she reminds me of vegan cat: she doesn't have a choice in the matter and isn't coming up with any of this on her own.

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She's an astroturf tool - as organic as a crystal meth, and not nearly as much fun.

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HAHAHA HA HA HA AH HA.. no wait... you're serious?



>I buy second hand or receive from someone else.
I suppose that would be her millionaire parents then.

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So shes brave only because you are a chicken to do that. If you could stand on the podium what woud your views be then?

>If you could stand on the podium what woud your views be then?
"First we burn the jews, then kill the niggers."

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Some ugly face I assume is involved with politics but politics is just two sides fighting for control and I don't even concern myself with that garbage.

Also people like op like to make bait threads about this ugly gremlin. No one cares, maybe she's a fucking idiot but she's in politics so I'd guess yes but I don't care enough to investigate on my own terms.


What is left to say about her? This thread has been around for over a year. The fuck is wrong with you?

>”ruined my dreams and childhood”
>gets a yacht, time magazines person of year, doesn’t even show up to school anymore and just travels the world

Yeah, what a shitty childhood. Stupid parents only got me a 60ft yacht when I specifically told them I wanted the 80ft. Are they TRYING to make me look poor in front of everyone???

She's a puppet of the media. Honestly when did the world get so stupid that they are allowing a literal child to dictate their politics to them? It boggles the mind.


I think idiots endlessly talking about her and her beliefs is exactly what she wants.


You think that’s bad?? My parents got me the new iPhone the day AFTER it came out. I had to walk around like a total bum with last year’s model for a whole 24 HOURS. Not minutes. HOURS. I thought parents were supposed to do better for their kids? Fucking pricks

Making autism more main stream seems fine I guess.

My sexy wife

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this stupid bitch is rich too?? jfc

She doesn't take boats everywhere and never claimed to, you autistic faggot.

She took a long boat trip to a talk specifically to show how nearly impossible and entirely impractical it is to travel today without generating a ton of emissions

Her family should be proud

yea here she is in a $1,500 outfit

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the person driveling the boat had to be flown to her location from overseas, then driven to her

lots of fucking carbon

OP is an attention seeking whore. Show us her tits or gtfu

Underrated comment.

I think if she wants to effect some real change she should go peddal her stolen dreams to CHINA... Y'know, someplace that they're not trying to take internal combustion vehicles off the streets in the next 15 years already.......

None. Should I have any? Why? More russian shilling? Cancer? You should kill yourself OP. It's the only way/

Her latest trip was on board a boat sailed by Australian youtubers that live on it. They didnt fly out to it.

>She doesn't take boats everywhere and never claimed to, you autistic faggot.

She's refused to travel by air, so will travel by boat to every world summit she has to attend, if she truly cared she could do it via video link but she's an attention seeker so needs to be there in person.

>She took a long boat trip to a talk specifically to show
Just one did she? Or did she travel to Chile for a summit that got cancelled and hosted in Madrid instead

Clearly you have no idea what you're talking about.

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The boat that leaves little to no carbon footprint?

You know what leaves 0 carbon footprint? A video link. But she needs to be there, in person, getting her 15 minutes of fame



and I dont think her clothes match her vegan agenda either. See its easy to put blame on people but much harder to come up with solutions

Soo...he was behind all that...

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She has mental problems she needs help. I am supprised she hasn't started using talking bad about black people

I'll send her a second hand japanese schoolgirl uniform. Then people will start listening.

Most of these kids are. The kids who went on TV that were against the shooting that one kids dad was head of FBI. The Cuban girl had links as well. They should have had surviving members talk but I doubt they would have been anti gun. They would have probably said they wished they had a gun to shoot back

Wouldn't be at all noteworthy if sufficient people in power were actually trying to address the problem.

I think that she should live on the streets. Using modern technology as well as modern housing is bad for the environment. This includes indoor plumbing. She's gonna become a street shitter.

She’s a stupid kid who doesn’t know anything about the world she lives in.

She doesn’t have autism. lol

What do you think about Boyan Slat?

of course she is.
How would a middle school autistic dropout (not insults, those are facts) could be propped up on an international podium without rich and/or famous parents?

With some help from Soros ofc.


And who would Soros pick for that job?
Someone he can trust... like... the daughter of someone rich/famous that he has links to (even if it's not direct links)

based user is based

i'd take no exposure to the disorder tgan that

Well she was already brainwashed by her stupid parents, so I guess that's just a cherry on top.

Can't get a better puppet than one that believes in what you pour in its brain.

She does. Lol

Kike puppet and a lying hypocrit as her carbon footprint is 4 times the size of the people that she's bitching about. You have to be a real fucking retard to support this aspie twat. And when your side is exploiting children, like the left is doing with Greta, Emma Gonzalez, and that little faggot trans boy that's clearly being passed around by his fag pareents for favors, you're on the side that's straight up fucking evil.

wow, and I get mAd when mummy's 5 min late with my tendies. Thank you for putting my life in perspective. It's time to tell our parents even a minute is too long of a wait to do everything for us

The age of consent in Sweden is 15 - when is she gonna get LAID?

I think Wednesday wore it better

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its complete bullshit that she won person of the year. she's inferior to Richard Hardiman and many other climate change/environmental researchers and workers
her only achievement is irl shitposting and getting mad at the UN. where she gives decent advice, other people are actually researching and changing the world.
god damn I am so mad about this

God, I would love to fuck her.

She gets those clothes for free. They sponsor her and she uses that to help spread her message. She has to make some sacrifices. Without donations she can't be an activist. She's like 16, it's not like she has her own money.

Made for bbc

A kid being used by her parents.
Also too autistic to be in the public eye so much.

She's Swedish i bet she loves some brown cock

I wana nut inside her ass while licking her armpit anyone got good pics of her?

Even the OP meme is stupid if you put thought into it. Yes its good to make use of cloths until they're worn out and not just out of fashion. But if everybody just bought 2nd hand the world would run out of cloths pretty fast and a industry that employs majority 3rd worlder's this would increase overall poverty.

And "Or I receive from someone else" is nothing more than passing the moral buck. Its like people who eat burgers getting on their high horse over hunters.. They'll take the results and look down at the people willing to do their own dirty work to get those results.

nice girl

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Almost all organizations were created to make money or fell to the corruption of money, all non profits, all causes, all topics. I know the extent of scamming you're talking about. Money is the motivation of almost every action people take, almost equal to reproductive instinct.

I could nut to her

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Just cause shes a broke ass nigger don't mean i got to dress like one

I wana lick every inch of her

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What I always tell my kids is if supposedly intelligent people do something stupid or doesn't immediately make sense just ask yourself, " how could someone profit off this" and the reasons will suddenly become clear

That's a smart way to think and a good thing to pass on to your kids. Be critical of everyone's motivations. That's the kind of thinking that would change the world. Greta is most likely here because those in power are making money off her image. There is no intention of changing technology to create a cleaner environment and there won't be until enough companies have enough interest in the technology that would make any difference. Meanwhile there is plenty of money to be made in the media and any non profit that takes advantage of the cause. If anyone truly cares to change the world you will have to do it as all have done in the past, by killing those that seek to destroy your life and the future of your children's life. You want these companies and politicians to change? Kill them

She has nice puffys

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