What's your ideal boob size?

What's your ideal boob size?

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M stands for minimum

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Unironicaly the bigger the better

My man!

Cartoonishly large.

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Too big

Interesting. I banged a chick about 7 years ago who had almost that same tattoo

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C or D, the rounder the better

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anything that ends in DD or larger

pic related

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Those are nice


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>or this

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Hannah Hays size is perfect.

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This works for me.

on the bigger side but this

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That's a childs body.

Big old tiddies

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Those are huge

for the smaller side...this

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for medium...this

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for big......this

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I like small and firm. Half a grapefruit size small but a bit softer than that.

Handful sized and up

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Fucking right. If that's the size of them all strapped in, then they must be weigh a stone each.

Anything between tits and tiddies. Tatas are too small and bazungas are way too big.

aren't they?
her name is Zuzana Drabinova if you want to look her up

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Disgusting fake tits make me vomit.


Taking that dress off her...Fuck

Honestly any size is fine with me so long as they are firm. Saggy hangers are gross imo. I tend to like smallish ones but ive seen some really nice Cs too

Think I'm going to have to fap to her user

at least double D
>ex gfs 38F

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the bigger the better. the sloppier the worse. if they're firm, it's nice no matter what, but big is better

>has never touched a boob

I'm down with anything from gal gadot to brittany elizabeth

small tits big ass. ages much better.

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Any more pictures of her?

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my man

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HUGE. The bigger the better.

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I miss my ex girlfriends big ass tits... they were perfect in my eyes. I love big boobies.

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More of this please

giant sized

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Claudia Garcia

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flat is justice!

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Nice tranny



i can't stand lackluster tits. i had a huge crush on a girl and when i finally got her bra off, they sucked. women are such liars with their clothes.

26 A
28 A
28 B
30 A
30 B
in that order

demmy blaze


Those are about perfect, OP.

I just got into an argument with gf about how women can fake everything and it’s normalized and expected

Women are liars about everything.

They wear makeup to coverup their ugliness.
They were pushup bras to hide their shitty tits.
They lie to to make themselves seem innocent.
They cheat because they're all whores.

WOMEN ARE SHIT. This is just how it's always been.

These are just about perfect.

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its not as much about size as it is about the shape imo. if theyre A size they cant really have a nice shape, same if theyre too big. if its just the size, i like B to C, but any size works for me if the shape is nice

Large a to b, not more


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Wow! Those ARE perfect!!

Don't have much more, but she had a Tumblr back when

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Thanks bro. Saved both pics. Her tits are wonderful.

proportions and body type are everything, same with ass.
I'll take smol titty + big ass over the reverse tho.

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You might have some luck on reverse image, I've never checked.

Post all the webms, fuckface.

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Ella Hughes
>luv the big suckable nipples

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