For years we have only been taught about the bad side of our Fuhrer

For years we have only been taught about the bad side of our Fuhrer.

What are some notable good things did Hitler did?

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Killed jews

win time magazine person of the year

Too many to list

Put that bullet in his ear


>Hitler died
>Retards actually believe this

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Killed himself

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I'm not even a conspiracy theorist, but there is an absolutely staggering amount of evidence that suggests he made it to and lived the remainder of his life in Argentina.

There’s also a lot of evidence that he was a British agent.
Gotta love how they fuck with us.

why? because he was right?

-Invented modern roadways.
-First world leader to fun science on large scale.
-First world leader to point out smoking is bad for your health.
Fed millions who were starving after ww1.
-Fought communists who had just finished murdering everyone in Russia and surrounding areas.(his true enemy as delcared by himself were the commies. It just so happened at that time and region most commies were Jewish and it ended up being lumped together.)


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So you're a conspirationist! kek!

No he did win time person of the year

You don't "win" being time person of the year. You're chosen for having the most influenece, for good or bad.

yeah, he was a good student of muhammad! fuck them both.

mate the guards gave testimony at Nuremberg that they burnt his and his wife's body

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Tried to save us from (((capitalism))) and (((communism)))

Sorry Bro but thats bullshit

He helped in making the VW Beetle

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That's Porsche moron!

Imagine who'd be the bad guy in history books if Germany actually succeeded in saving Europe from the misery state it is today..


No, you thick twat. I think he died In Germany like they say he did. Saying there is a lot of evidence and saying "I believe" are two completely different things. Use your big boy thoughts next time.

There's a lot of evidence to support that 9/11 was an inside job, but I tend to think a group of extremists who hate everything about us and want us all dead simply hijacked a bunch of commercial airplanes and flew them into predetermined targets in a coordinated attack the likes of which the free world had never seen and caught us with our pants down.

Same proof as the holocaust then?

are you joking? there would have been a nuclear war with america

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>Joseph Stalin

Read a book sometime, dumbass. Not only did he design the damn thing initially, but he personally brought in Ferdinand Porsche to tweak, implement, and oversee the final production.

Go gas yourself Untermensch.

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your response to that dummy.

Wrong person.

Adolf Hitler was GAY!

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He started anti-smoking campaigns

Autobahn (Unmentioned)
Internet(voltage system)

Everything you were taught about WW2, is a lie.
The Germans were among the good guys in that war, while the Brits for example, were among the bad guys then.
That all means, that the good guys lost that war and since then, we see plenty of cases in which the good guys lose, the bad guys win, the righteous suffer and the evil celebrate.
What a motherfuckin' twisted world...

Nigger said he invented modern highways.

>He started anti-smoking campaigns
And gave his soldiers free crystal meth. The called it Pervertin, because is turned the german soldiers into perverts that raped and killed (sometimes they even killed first and raped then) the enemy soldiers and their women and children. It turned them into berserkers baisically.

Yeah not really. Go back to your shekel washed history books you judeo cunt.

+1 for killed Jews.

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No Hitler did NOT invent the Autobahn. Konrad Adenauer invented the Autobahn, but stupid burgers can't this beccause, because their education is worse than in a 3rd country.

you're doing it again

Hate and fear aren't a healty mental state.
At some point you will realize killing people woun't solve your own problems. Your nazifriends will realize you'r unhealthy flaws for their society and size you out

Say what you want about Hitler, but he WAS the man who killed Hitler.

And you still have no comeback for what I've said.

When all the "enemies of the state" are dead, the state will find more among its own people. It requires the perception of an enemy to survive.

Soo...he was behind all that...

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Pioneered advancements in medical research.

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adenauer didn't either, you fool. he opened the first segment without crossings and without oncoming traffic. the word autobahn and similar roads even existed 10 years prior.

what you can also not deny is that hitler built the first extensive net of autobahn in the world. adenauer does have no claim for the invention or building of it.