You Vomit You Lose

You Vomit You Lose
post the best you have

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Soo...he was behind all that...

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WHY IS EVERYTHING OHIO. EVERY DAMN THING. Not just Ohio but shit by me. Within an hour’s drive. I was watching a video about veterans in California and this dude had a Baldwin Wallace shirt. An expensive private college near me like 15 minutes. Netflix makes a documentary on the Nazi dude that lives like 30 minutes from me. I’ve met people on Sup Forums that live like 10 minutes from me.

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wtf happened there?

that's cp negro enjoy your ban

now a ylyl tred

This isn't a ylyl

lost there damn

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>efukt of Sup Forums
I came back at he right time I see

I'm glad there are people like you out there. Every time I think that I'm the biggest degenerate on earth, is sit back and think "no I at least dont get off to shit and piss"

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^This. Well, at least the not getting off on shit part.

Two Democrats sharing lies about Trump

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If that's where you draw the line then man, you have a lot more to experience worse than that in life.

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circumsision :/

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holy fuck im done, cant stand shit with the mouth.. Didn't think I'd actually get sick

They're still cute though.

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Still a great take. Just change the title of the video.

Nasty bitch.
I would have been pissed

Very deceptive

Go back to r e d d I t kid

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Huh. That was weird