How to dubs?

how to dubs?

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Like this

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Here frens


taking dubs, with no survivors

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Typically you have to summon chaos gods or Jesus

Big guy dubs

Check em

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Like this

easy retard


Here you go.

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Like this


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let me show you

off by one, tragic


No dubs here.

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you just wing it

check em

like this

roll and let the gods decide

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you have to say something deep from your soul

traps are gay

It's all in the timing

Check em

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It comes all out of the wrists.


check em

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its easy for you to say that, you have dubs:-(

Checked. Have a thumbs up from the f├╝hrer.

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If I get dubs we let this thread dies.

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Frosted Butts

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Like this

shits too fucking easy

I don't want dubs. I'm just rolling so you fags can't have them.

many 4 u

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