Okay Sup Forums should i kill myself before i get my college rejection letter...

okay Sup Forums should i kill myself before i get my college rejection letter? i know ur gonna say yes but give me a reason why i shouldn't just let down my parents and become a stripper instead.

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Nah man just see it out

roll with it dude, american college is a waste of time anyways

No, just go to a dumb ppl college

Or just apply to a bunch bnormal colleges

>become a stripper instead
for sure some guys would be sad

outing me for using an old pic damn, more reason to slit my wrists

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new zealand, I didn't reach university entrance cos im a retard and ditched all my classes

Damn you’re ugly you would fail at stripping just like college. Just kys already fag

Because there's more options than to become a stripper. You can also attain a higher education elsewhere and at another time. Events where there's a negative change or failure can seem like the end of someone's life, but it can also be seen as a form of liberation. A breakdown of a life path that wasn't supposed to be followed through. You will always have that redemptive chance, be it in your future education or in whatever you desire for your life in the future.
If you're having academic troubles and it is in fact your desire to do well in academia, I suggest scheduling in time for your work and to studies for you to do NO MATTER WHAT. And also breaking down what you have to do and read into segments to seem more approachable.
Best of luck to you regardless of what you do. Life isn't an easy thing to go through, but facing it head on and learning from your experience to try again next time with new perspective will get you far.

get off this toxic site. stop letting these folks leave muddy footprints across your mind. find solace in the bible and in prayer, find affirmation and hope. if you kill yourself you will go to hell to be tortured for all eternity, much much worse than anything you're suffering now.

jeez, i don't know you lol
looks like you're a regular but not on Sup Forums?
don't kill yourself, become a stripper or something

do you cry sometimes? when you think about your failure

nice okay sweet fanks sweetie

ur nice

tits or gtfo

Be a stripper and make bank

i would happily go to hell if it meant i didnt spend my life worshipping a cock sucker god. thanks for being nice but fuck that

No that would be miserable and you probably would die

i never post, just look, i dont know anyone here but im kinda a normie so ive only posted cos i want someone to convince me to kill myself, considering becoming a stripper

Leave Nz. Come to Australia and strip here for better currency.

You really wanna kill yourself over this? There's so much more shitty things in life awaiting you. If this is enough to push you over the edge then shit, girl. might as well do it now cuz you're not gonna make it.


you’re never going to amount to anything anyways. might as well kill yourself.

i dont even have big tits im a failure

you are good at something? you can get a shitty job, there's always a store looking for people like you, minimun wage is your future

make babies with me instead of dying

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im bpd, failing a test makes me slit my wrists so maybe this is true, thank you

nipples and i will help

Would you rather live an embarrassment or just end it already?
I vote for the latter.

why would you do that to your future children

only if u kill me afterwards

Become fem youtuber or streamer and get 12 year olds to donate you money for showing ass

okay guys giving me attention has made me want to kill myself less and laugh at people who want to see my tits, goodbye

Show us your tits now, then

I love small tits let's see them

I mean, you have an eternity to not exist. Life is short enough to suffer through. If you really want to be a little pussy about it, go ahead, theres no real reason not to. I wouldn't because theres some cool shit to do here, so I'd rather just suffer through the shit to see the cool stuff and then not exist. If you're overly sensitive and life really REALLY would suck to live, do it. I doubt it is though.

You are retarded, aren't you?

streaming is actually my dream job but we all know dreams are stupid, i will just keep trying until i die from a car crash or smthn

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More shameless than being a stripper tbh.

You should talk w me I'd love to chat you got kik and your pics are too dark need some light wanna know what color your eyes are

how old are you again? not getting into college is not the end of the world
i basically wasted one year of my life after high school, got into college and then dropped out 3 years after
started college again last year and things are going fine. i'm 23 now. at least wait a few years before considering suicide.

not diagnosed but ive had enough life experience to convince myself im at least autistic

If it’s your dream job then just stream consistently till you get a stable viewership. It doesn’t have to be enough to sustain your life but enough that you feel happy

The bible is a collection of stories edited to be tied to one another to represent a myth to best help guide humans through their experience. This is the function of religions. Humans experience their life through a narrative and their method of communicating with each other is through myths/stories. If you read into powerful stories (not just bibles or religious texts but even certain movies) and see what lessons can be applied to your life it can also be a start. Reading in general is overall beneficial because you experience a better way of expressing thought that what you see how people communicate here and other parts of the internet.

So I bet you have a smoking bod show

Meet up and let me smash i am prince in kongo i have a lot of money

[email protected]

turned 18 about a month ago, hearing this is comforting.

nah you have to help me take care of them, you need purpose in your life
what could go wrong?
*tips fedora*

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fuck all the normies giving you advice, I say:
Do a backflip from a tall building

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>You have an eternity to not exist.
>Life is short enough to suffer through.
>You a pussy if you KYS lol
Lol shut the fuck up and kill yourself with OP.

Why not get into online marketing? With the internet at our finger tips their has literally never been a better time than now. I'm 30, dropped out of high school in grade 11 and never did any schooling after. I still make 100k a year from affiliate marketing and i slack so much ass. Some people do 30k a month, its wild. That being said, why go in debt to become a wage cuck? Its not even close to being worth it.

Let's put it this way, you aren't even posting nudes. If you aren't leading with that, you probably don't have what it takes to be a stripper. Don't kys that's just stupid. If you kys you will be a failed stripper and that's pretty sad.


i do, and i may wanna kill myself but i have enough self respect to refuse.maybe u can jack off to my dead body once i stream my suicide and it ends up on bestgore

okay no one convinced me to kill myself, im going to bed faggots. thanks

Or just spit balling... you could post real nudes and we can do that without you being dead. That is a better plan to me.

if you're not going to college this year just get a job and apply again next year

Ah fuck, failed stripper going to bed?

>Boo hoo I will get rejected i kill myself
Just fucking kill yourself or don't, stop fucking attention whoring you bitch.

Just get a trades job.

If you know bpd can cause these irrational feelings then how can you not see that maybe if you get that shit treated it'll stop?
Why give up so easily? How about you just try your best and anyone that demands more can go fuck themselves. Stop taking shit so seriously, life's kind of a joke in itself anyway.

Soo...he was behind all that...

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yup xxx

My computer chair smells like sour ass and crispy socks. I can mail it over to you so you can smell it. That might cheer you up.

yeah, rather kill myself

you know how to treat a girl

im a neet for 15 years, come hang out with me so im not lonely

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idfnsjkbjhfsbvjdhfbvhjfbjhbjhbgdbjhfbfbjbdfhbjd i dont have an arguemnt fruvhdv

Take your science fiction somewhere else, Jesuscuck. If your God would exist, he is either a fucking degenerate for turning this world into a shithole, or the most toxic person ever, for making people suffer without reason.

Doesn't matter. Post tits.

god is toxic hes cancelled

degenerate. i cant believe this shit used to work when i was 13

No matter the function people believing in God and burning bushes are fucking retarded, and no responsible adults.

okay im actually leaving now. i will read but not reply. Send me ur discords and maybe ill add u (im lonely)

okay, but let me set this straight, pussy.
people are driven to suicide, they don’t do it because they don’t want to do higher education.
if you really think i’m gonna fall for this melodrama that you are peddling, think again.

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As you say, if you are rejected just become a stripper or a camgirl, make lot of money, and enjoy life.

If you know this place why there is not tits yet ?

In another way, just start by doing stuff on cam instead of being a stripper. It would be easier to do it without people in front of you. As you seem to not be able to do a tits pic here i can t imagine you showing your body in real.

You Americans. So stressed about going to college. Take a year off - strip if you want to. Wait on tables. Suck dick for money. Whatever. Try to find what makes you happy in this world.

Or do what we do in my country - work for a year and save cash then go on a long trip to India/Africa/south america

Ausfag here, fuck off kiwi

The only reason colleges reject people now a days is if they have no means to pay.
And if you have no means to pay they will help you get financial aid.

I am confused. Are you a girl or a trap?? If trap, another reason to kill oneself
You can't work nothing else without college?

You are at least above average if not hot looking. You will make some guys dick very happy. You have purpose.

Will send 15 bucks for nudes. Must be willing to verify urself kik: urlichr7

yes kill yourself before you realize there was no college test, it was a Mexican orgy

I'd suggest not killing yourself

Just move somewhere else and explore for a year or two. College can wait. Most likley you don't even know what you should do for the rest of your life anyway, seeing how young you are.

Also give us some fucking tits or GTFO

Try for a second choice or third?

You know the drill fucking FAGGOT

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dont be fucking dumb. Assuming you're fresh out of high school a community college would be cheaper to take your basics at or even a few of the courses for your major. Get a good gpa and then do an application to transfer to the university you want to be at. Transfering is a lot easier than trying to be accepted right out of high school.

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Come live with me and I will take care of you. You don't need to go to college OR be a stripper. Just be my wife.

ok wage cuck


How fragile are you? One hardship and you want out? Coward.

implying college graduates are self employed; kys instead of OP dumdum