As someone who remembers the old days on Sup Forums when it was a magical place...

As someone who remembers the old days on Sup Forums when it was a magical place, I struggled to understand why it has become what it has.

Is this just a sign of the times and how vapid we've become or was it legitimately hijacked by degenerates obsessed with trannys and pornography?

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many thanks for the catto user

It’s because you’re old now

Sup Forums was never good

Both, honestly. Sup Forums helped Trump get elected and bunch of reddit fags came and spam this place daily to change the status quo. Then it just became the norm and all anyone does is spam porn now

No, but it was better than this. Newfriend from '06 here. I have a few theories. Memes got ruined and taken over by Reddit and then fucking Facebook. Edgelords had to keep pushing the envelope to stay 3edgy5me. Idiot rednecks started getting on here probably too young, and flooded the page with political bullshit because they don't understand the difference between being anti-PC for lulz and doing it unironically because they actually think being a Nazi dipshit is a good thing.
Pic related, it's older Sup Forums

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Sup Forums was never good. OP is a fag.

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Nah, just think about a little broader time span. Few years it will be different shitty, fetish topics and we will post with goodoldtrannydays feeling. It's useless to fight with something like Sup Forums. Take what it gives, or leave. If you like food posts try Instagram

The internet changed and Sup Forums changed with it. Not for the better.

Precisely. And yet I still come here for the occasional nugget of goodness.

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Sup Forums has always been a containment board for newfags.

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I've been here since 2009 and I don't remember it being significantly different back then than it is now

Imagine. IMAGINE throwing Trumps name in a fucking cancer thread on Sup Forums made my some irrelevant faggot. Imagine wanting to suck his cock that bad. Absolute garbage. Unreal.

The problem is we have too many faggots bitching about threads they don't like instead of posting or participating in threads they do like.


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Old Sup Forums be like
>Look at all the ways we can have fun anonymously!

New Sup Forums be like
>Look at all the ways I can shove my identity in your face while still being anonymous!

Don't forget to kys on your way out

It has been hijacked by botposters and faggots. Wish I could have seen the full glory.

Shills and bots, OP. That's all Sup Forums is now. Sup Forums shills arguing with Sup Forums bots, and russians fagging up the place. Hiroshimoot should nuke this AIDS-fest from orbit.

Not him, but 2015 and 2016 saw a lot of conservative shit-takers getting kicked off of grownup websites, so now they take their shits here.

Politics happens. I wish it didn't but it does.

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This hallowed board was guarded by its porn in the old times. Its guro, cp, and shitting dick nipples formed a bastion of shocking and disgusting content to scare off the unwashed masses of newfags. Under their protection, our culture flourished as none had before or will again.

Then, one by one, our guardians crumbled. B& by faggot mods or corrupted into something actually desirable to the filthy casuals. Summer's months turned to years and years to a decade. Slowly our memes were stolen and our culture lost, betrayed by those most trusted with its protection.

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Pretty good summary.

Both, and more.

Normies, edgelords, and stormfags, in that order.

It all started in 2006.