What happened to the white race?

What happened to the white race?

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Allah akbar

it's getting put in its place

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its called porn and shes getting paid $4,000 for 1 hour

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cant keep the black "men" off our dicks

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can keep your women of them white dicks either

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Oh god yes nothing makes my little whiteboi cock harder than this

it became NASCAR

don't they get paid to fuck white guys too?

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>porn reflects real life
you're fucking retarded
but also fuck white supremacy

That's a good girl

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imagine the wonderful smells

Omfg yes! Thank you so much this is perfection I absolutely love what's happening to the white race and the modern white "male"

I just can't stop jerking my little whiteboi cock to these things! They deserve our women

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brrraaaapppp *snifffffffff oh yes dear*

>They deserve our women
They sure do

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Good on you user this is the way it should be. White wombs belong to the superior African BBC. Tiny pinky nubs simply cannot please a woman. Why should we deny our women true African pleasure that is the BBC?

>White wombs belong to the superior African BBC.
That's right

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can someone explain this picture to me? looks like this nigga is hiding a tiny flaccid dicklett underneath his bbc? don't understand

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Yes, i love fuckpigs aka blackbreeders

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Nngg yes thinking about us whitebois accepting how it is and stepping aside to let it happen as we rub our little clitties is just perfect the only thing I cum for us superior black cock

Do you have Kik?


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The white race is fine... your jew propaganda is meant to scare white people into either fearing that the white race is disappearing or make white people feel as if it is wrong to be white.

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dear mr. truthbender, those girls on the left are obviously not the same ones as these shitted.com whores on the right who are getting paid by jews to fuck apes, try harder pls

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>the only thing I cum for us superior black cock
Good and no, no kik

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OP is a faggot and should hang himself

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how can you niggas compete with this?

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Black cock is just too powerful to resist, it's understandable

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I would worship that ass.

Amazing pic for so many reasons

Me next


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haha us nigs be stealin yo wide wymmins, whiteboyz is going extinct cus. we wuz kangz

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First of all this women there is a PAID porn ACTRESSES who probably will never carry a child from all the birth controls.

Breeding with the white master race just proves what a beta you are and dont even choose your own women, probably because they beat you up.

P.s: if you're the master race why do you pride yourself on getting to sleep with a white woman? it's just another saturday night for me

Oh god yes my weak little whiteboi clit is twitching I want to see him fuck her so bad I wish I was there so I could beg him to breed her

the same dude was paid to get fucked in the ass. keke

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We should cuddle while we watch.

2 little sissy faggots, brought together by our mutual love for sexy black men.

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im a real ass nigga with a tiny dick and this fantasy fetish is the only thing i get off to because i have huge inferiority complexes ,because my ancestors were sold as slaves to whitey by other real ass niggas

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Impudent slut. He should have nursed that cum from his beautiful dick.

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at least yo keepin it real homes, sex is like the only thing us real azz nigs care about anyways which is why we suck so much at life

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Mmm fuck yes I love other whitebois that accept big black cock is superior I'd love to jerk each others little useless cocks until we shoot out worthless watery squirt into the trash where it belongs

What's your Kik?

yet shes fucking a whiteboi now so .. keke

This is one of my all time favourite webms it's genuinely the perfect situation for me

Does anyone have sauce?

You sound like a white guy with small penis problems. These are all paid acresses QQ i'm gonna cry now :((

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that and the low IQ which is prevalent in our genes but that probably correlates in a weird way

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>none of the women ITT are black
>literally black dudes worshiping whites
>proof nigger women are smelly and not even nigger men want them

thanks for confirming OP

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Serious question, why so much effort into this, I mean what's the agenda behind it? Evtime I get into the board there's a bunch of this threads


because they're paid shills for blacked.com and similar websites.

This is the number one reason porn needs to be banned on Sup Forums. Sup Forums is free advertising space

Or that black guys have terrible taste.

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the agenda should be obvious, same kinda reason bbc became a meme created by jews in the first place

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>He should have nursed that cum from his beautiful dick
Agreed and it should be swallowed without a single drop wasted

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Can I join too? I don't have kik but I have disc

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This thread proves white women are objectively superior to nigger women

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What's your disc?

You don't understand.. We own your women. And that is a joy

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That isn't up for debate lol 90% of nigger women are ugly but big black cock is gorgeous and seeing it breed the most beautiful white women is perfect

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post a photo of a black woman, and convince me she is better.


Oh fuck yes my little whiteboi clitty please tell me there's more

>big black cock is gorgeous

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Thanks I'll message you later I'm busy today x

>it isn't up for debate that whites are superior

thank you user

Typical white boi. Maybe you guys should take notes from him

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It looks like someone put a normal penis in a deep fryer or someshit. Like when you have a piece of meat and accidentally burn the shit out of it but some pink part still remains.