Left or right and wwyd?

left or right and wwyd?

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Id make left watch as I throatfuck right until I blow all over her face and make left lick it up

These tight sisters?

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right then make her sister lick it out of her cunt

Id fuck the shit out of right right there and then, and tie up left and put a vibrator in her to get her ready for later

These two?

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left in her ass while she's screaming and crying

Id go for left first for personal preference, but right has such a perfect body I’d have an impossible time choosing, so I’d easily need to go at her after I’m done

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left's tits, right's face

fuck left in front of right

These two?

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Pull Right's hair and slap her face and ass until she gives me a titjob.

Choke and throatfuck Left until she passes out, while Right watches. Then Hold Right down byher hair while I rip her clothes off. Choke her while I rape her pussy and suck on her tits. I want to hear her squeal and see mascara smeared all over that cute face. I'd look into her eyes while I finish inside her.

What about this girl Sup Forums?

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I'd give Right a quick assrape and grope and bit her tits, make sure Left knows she's next.
Tie Left down, pull that bikini off and kiss and lick her all over. Once her pussy's nice and wet I'd push my cock inside her and watch her squirm, then hold her tight and suck her tits while I fuck her. I'd tell her I'll cum inside her unless she begs me to finish on her face and big soft tits. Then I'd cum in her mouth and watch her spit it out all over herself.

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Oh fuck she's so damn pretty...

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Extremely hot explanation, thank you

damn, would destroy the chick on the right... fit body on the left though. wow.

Right or left

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Left gets face fucked while right sits on my face. Then switch as I fuck right with the skirt on and fingerbang the hell out of left

I'd strangle right with her skirt while I fuck her til she goes good and limp.

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I'd fuck left for hours and cum deep inside her

Hmmmmm fallyn would love to clean up Sage
Hmmmmm I’d make left lick the cum off of rights face after I throatfuck her
They’re so hot

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Sharingg stolen pics of my sis on kik add rfreiz

I've got a lot more. tell me how you'd fuck her.

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wwyd to these sisters

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wwyd to these 2

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I'd slide into that juicy thicc butt of hers and make her scream in pleasure.

I’d love to watch you throatfuck her

Left would get the ass fucking of a life time while I force right to please 5 other men

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keep the brunette girl comin.. rockin body would love to lay into her on that beach

Bridgette on the right

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Left isn’t so my type but I’d still use her for a quick go. Right on the other hand would get fucked so hard and so long she’d go insane and only live to please men

They’re both prude so that would be perfect

Brunette is ready to be destroyed

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I’d love to see more if you have them

Can’t wait to destroy

Left is so tight, I’d take her to the bathroom and bang her on the toilet. She deserves a porcelain throne to get fucked on

Cool story virginto.

I bet Left fucks like a maniac. I'd rip the bottom of that jumpsuit open so I could bend her over, grab her ass and fuck her pussy while she eats out Right. I'd be looking at her demure face and gorgeous eyes while we destroy Left. When left's good and used up Right would drain my cock with her mouth.

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Such tight meat

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What else would you do to them

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I mean, hey, you’re not wrong. Doesn’t mean I can’t tell a story I make up for some random girl on the internet

Face fucks. Face fucks for days. Left has one hell of a mouth, which means she can probably deepthroat like no ones business, while right has a tighter mouth, probably feels real good

left or right wwyd

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Soo...he was behind all that...

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Probably breaking the rules but what about these three?

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Let them both get fucked by every male counselor in the camp. Watch them get covered. I’d then fuck left even more till she breaks




impossible to decide, post more


















Left or right

Left or right?

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Left or right anons?!

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Left. Perfect body
Left. Much prettier
Right is pretty.
Right has a better body
Right. Nice and tight
Right. More?

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Both hot sluts. Jerking to them.

Left can vacuum right will let me use mouth as shit box and thank me for it

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Left id fill her throat

mm obviously

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What exactly drives you stupid faggots to make the same fucking thread everyday just to come and have your stupid fucking circle jerk about what you "would" do to a random group of females, honestly its pretty pathetic

and yet, here you are

yummy both of them

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goddamn you got discord?


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What about these two?

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fuck me carry on then, could you post both?

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drop her IG