18 kissless virgin

>18 kissless virgin
>Dont watch porn or masturbate
>dont want a filthy hooker/escort




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>I must talk to girls



>18 and I’m a kissless virgin

Bro that isn’t even uncommon at all probably half the people you know are in the same boat.

I know it feels like everyone is having sex but they aren’t. Just relax you are too worked up about it

>t. Former 18 year old virgin

Socialize, nigger.
Work on skills and self and play the fucking game.

It's not that hard. You're probably still in highschool. If you can't with normy girls go talk to the asperger girl of class. Also look for girls that recenty broke up, they may want a new guy to have fun.

have sex incel

just fucking fap. for a while the drive is gone and you can think about other stuff.

I was in the same boat until 25
just talk to girls and practice while learning the signs that they're interested
obviously don't go overboard to the point that you're seen as the weird dude
just find balance and practice and shit will happen soon
if all else fails, bars help

Im not becoming a porn addict you coon

And im not being a 25 year old virgin

Look man. It's all about confidence. Be a man, and I don't mean have a dick. Just be cool and be yourself. Unless you're a brony, in which case kill yourself. All jokes aside. Just do want you want and don't put the pussy on a pedestal. Girls fart and shit and have anxiety and everything that you deal with too. Everyone is the same. Don't ask her on a date, tell her where you're going and ask if she wants to come. Either way you're going, you just thought she might be into rolling with you. Establish the fact that you are interesting and do things regardless of who's around. And if you're not interesting than fake it.... For real dude this is how to play the game. Everyone is a freaked out shit bag, the key is pretending that you're not. Tits for attention

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Final response of my other post was meant fir you

I only made it to 25 because I honestly didn't give a single fuck until I was a month away from my 25th bday- jerking off daily can be poison for your brain lol
it isn't hard, just be pleasant, don't be a sperg, don't be overly thirsty unless the situation calls for it

How does you make it to 18 without kissing a girl? Seriously that box was checked off in middle school or freshman year high school by my cohort. I'm almost 40 BTW, what has changed?

Fuck you

Go join the Navy. It will either make a man out if you or a sodomite. Problem solver either wsy.

Poor 2/10 only wants an 8+/10. Blames others for his unrealistic expectations and cultivates a real winning personality
Livestreams suicide later...

All you have to do OP is not be such a useless raging faggot pos.


>>Dont watch porn or masturbate

I found your problem. Videogames, drugs, and porn are a lot less hassle than a woman, btw. There's a reason a lot of young men just don't care about women anymore or about achieving elite levels of success in order to attract them . We know none of it actually pays off or makes people happy.

Of course, since you're a kissless virgin that's going to preoccupy your thinking because, well, yeah sex is fun and everyone should do it. But seriously, start jerking off and regain some control .

This guy is a virgin

I have been homeschooled in middle school and I have went to a spic majority school dad, i want a white gf

Nah. But I am a serious alcoholic.

Any port in a storm, or sink IDGAF


But not African eh? You a racis honkey!

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White redheads

>18yo kissless virgin
Boo fucking hoo, you still got high chances. I'm 28, in the same boat, and I'm stuck with single mothers, whores, or whales as my choices.

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Society is different today compared to over 20 years ago. Women can now get any guy they deem worthy literally with the swipe of a finger, meanwhile guys have to fight tooth and nail to even get one to acknowledge their existence.

I dont think that's it. My god daughter is always complaining she can't find a good man to date. I've met them and can confirm. They all seem to fall into 1 of 3 categories
1) Man children that think they don't need to grow up and work and take care of themselves (the most common)
2) Overly clingy guys that are afraid this is thier only chance and are creepers (least common)
3) Thugs or wanna be thugs.