Sexy butterfaces

Sexy butterfaces

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bump for more of her!

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Ask and you shall receive..

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I remember these.
Yeah, I'd fuck her.

How is that butterface?

>missing the point of a butterface

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Short stack

She really has a sexy body.

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My ugly wife?

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Want to ram her tiny butthole.

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I would wife this


nice short stack

My all time favorite, wish someone had more..

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How is it a butterface when it's all butter?

try taking her places to walk a few miles, you fuckers need to eat some meat and get some exercise



I need a goddamn name and links to whatever porn she has starred in

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Need to see the front, just to be sure ... but I likely concur with your statement.


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Actually hot. More?

Name: Abby Winters Natalie



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Ass pics of her please
GF or wife ?

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More sexy midget plox

the worst part about this one, she probably thinks she is hot and goes around sticking her nose up to people

Major improvement

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she would be pretty tidy with a nose job

These are not butterfaces you retards. They are ugly girls with mediocre bodies, at best.

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Is this better?

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damn. more of this, pls and thx.

You ok man?

hey my standards are as low as yours, its pretty great being down here with easy pickins

I'd fuck her

I want to cum on her face and rape her mouth

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I think you need to show the body in a butterface tread user. Otherwise it's just missing the point.

Id gladly fuck any of these girls

I think she'd need a step stool to do that

Looks like a good slam piece. Any good nudes?

Her nickname should be Pimpletits.

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That’s a butter pussy

Ew no. That bitch is built like a refrigerator.

I would fuck the shit out of this little bitch. Fucking a sexy midget is on my to do list.

Looks like a dude

Right! Not a butterface. How about this one, instead

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Is that Greta?

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Future office secretaries.

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Lmao that is a fucking troll

Interest in this butterface?

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She’s all gross.

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Mmm yummmy

That's the point of this thread, right?

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And the question is -
What is the carrer path for Hooters girls that don't go into porn or sex-work?

Really? What do you find gross about her body?

what a fuckin roller coaster
>librarian face
>nice little tits
>slim waist
>toned ass and thighs
>fucked up knees

Butterfaces with nice bodies are where it's at. They're insecure enough so that you can pound it out whenever you want to and also think they're lucky to have someone as attractive as you. They also think that they need to do all their womanly duties around the house to keep you happy. There is no sense of entitlement.

Tldr; butterface with a nice ass will keep you happy. Know from experience.


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shes 9/10
youre an idiot

no need to show the body if she isn't a butterface ?!?!?

Hell yea more

looks good to me
i can hear the spanglish sass talk already

If she isn't a butterface then why the fuck are you posting her in a butterface thread user?

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sweet. go on

*clicks tongue*
"nah uh....ju have to respek me"

I dunno, I think she’s kinda cute. And I love the body

But she looks Latina and I have a huge ducking weakness for them

So hard for her

I don't know why he is. Not me.

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>ratty shity hair
>caked on make up
>tiny tits and daddy issues
probly a coal burner