How can I bring up the subject that I’d like us to start swinging?

How can I bring up the subject that I’d like us to start swinging?

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They don't hang folks anymore.

Like it..

I want to see if other men find her attractive and want to fuck her?

Soo...he was behind all that...

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Let’s face it, if you get her to swing then as soon as she’s naked with all holes exposed she will definitely be fucked by many I would say.

Tell her you would love to watch her getting fucked by other guys. Then take her out to a local swingers club. Soon you will know how comfortable she is with the idea.

That’s what I want yes. If I can just get her to the club it’s game on.

more pics OP

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Holy holocaust victim batman!

I would love to see her in a threesome or even more.

Just take her, u will be surprised she will know what to do even if 3 guys are fucking her at the same time. It’s instinctive to women.

ya guys will definitely fuck her, whats she into sexually? also keep posting more of her, i wanna see dem holes

Go to an off-premises swing club to go dancing.

She’s abit vanilla sexually so I want to get her out of her comfort zone, maybe a threesome first then see how she feels with more.

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What’s this then?

Just bring it up and know that she will either hate the idea and be angry at you. Depending on relationship status she may break up with you. Or she will agree and then get a lot more dick then you get pussy. Girls can get fucked faster and more often just because guys will fuck her especially knowing that no strings are attached. I don’t know what your girl looks like but I would fuck her blind.

If you can get her to enter it's okay, otherwise you'll face some serious discussion, it depend's on how you love/want to continue the relationship....

I would say that just you can know if she wants it...

In my case I alredy know that she does not want it.
Maybe with some time, the fact that I DP her ( with toys+mine ) and that I have issue to cum will change her idea...
( or I'll cheat on her )

Not the best relationship so if it don’t work out it’s no biggie. Your more then welcome to fuck her.

I could say let’s go and just observe first to see what goes on. She may start to feel she wants to get fucked.

Yeh she mite feel horny and think hey yeh sod it. I’m going to get naked and do this. You no she will be prepared just in case aswell.

An off-premises swing club is a dance club where swingers can meet and hook up but no sex happens there.
Everyone there knows what its about. Your wife will dance with women and some men may even ask her to dance.
Be prepared to face up to the fact that your wife will be getting strange dick.

you are right, but you are assuming the first and hard part: talk before and enter to that club, mine isn't so stupid to don't undestand where are we going...

I see that sounds great. It’s abit of a taster for the actual event. Cool.

Oh yes she will know where she’s going beforehand.

Get her drunk and horny, start fucking her and introduce it as dirty talk, if she cums from it, you will have opened the door

I will try that for sure. Say like how would she cope with 3 cocks instead of just one. Cool.

I love that hole.

Start using a dildo in bed. Fuck her with it while she sucks you off. Have her get used to the feeling of having two ducks inside of her. Butt plugs, too.

She give me a blow while I nearly had my whole hand in her pussy before.