Post feels. i wanna fill up my folder

post feels. i wanna fill up my folder

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bada bump

i said. BADA BUMP!


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A classic.

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this pissed me off.

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vindictive, selfish women user

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why did you post that for, it is just some old guy eating food...





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can anyone post this one?

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I wonder if anybody had the balls to ask for autographs at the funeral. You know there is always some fuck. I mean shit, somebody took the picture.

Probably some 40 year old soccer mom going "Hi, sorry I know this probably isn't the best time considering things lol, but you think I could get a picture with you?"

a disgusting betrayal

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Imagine the SMELL!


if this son of a bitch jumps he will land on the stairs 2 ft under him.

I feel that

If any non-bots are out there, here's a brief tale.
>be 5, father's friend has two daughters, one the same age as me
>we're from england, working in the US for a couple of years
>same with them
>every time we go to their house, I kiss her on her cheeks, hug her, it is automatic, she likes me, I like her
>have to go back to England
>don't want to, US feels like home
>years pass
>receive a letter one day, it's from her
>she's written to me and enclosed a photo of herself, one from school looking smart
>she's pretty, I'd become shy by that time
>never wrote back to her, don't know why beyond shyness
>never stop thinking about her
>be 21, my father dies while working abroad
>can't make the funeral gathering there, I'm on the other side of the planet
>my mother tells me the father of the girl was there
>gives me their contact details
>I never even look at them, never contact them
>apparently they had wanted to
>time passes
>I still think about her
>I'm alone almost all my life
>be almost 40, I still think about her
>read op's reposted story, think about how i should have tried to find her, or contact her
>live a miserable, isolated life, she probably has a family
>was thinking about her only a few days ago


not really nice to live it.
thanks for reading though.

forgot to mention, I thought about the letter recently, and have no idea where it went.
I would guess that my mother threw it away along with the photo decades ago.

I more meant nice as in you got me right in the feelz. screencapped.

also, she moved back to england a few years after me, so when she sent the letter/photo, she was in england too.

Sometimes you just have to cut your losses Sup Forumsro. Can't let shit consume you. You overthinking is you being your own worst enemy. Not that I practice what I preach but hey.

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