Florida sluts, esp 941 Bradenton/Sarasota

Florida sluts, esp 941 Bradenton/Sarasota

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Whose got Casey Evangelisto?!?!

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Fucking nice.

Bradenton slut ive heard

Sucks like a champ, need her nudes though.

Same here

She looks stupid. Like literally, she looks intellectually disadvantaged.

Thx last one i have

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She’s the sexiest milf I ever fucked. Find her nudes I’d pay for them. Wish I still had my old phone she loved sending them out

Soo...he was behind all that...

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More Casey please

Anyone from 407/321?

Wish i had nudes to share I’ve been looking forever

Shitty pic buts Casey’s fat ass

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Wtf is happening with her leg?

Kik forthe863

It’s a 360 fb picture so it’s a little fucked up

Ahh makes more sense

Anyone who knows a nurse/phlebotomist named Juliana Hardee in Sanford area I have many stories for you. Tell me what she looks like and how you know her and I have pictures.

Any1 know of a slut with the last name Hayes?

First iniital A?

Nah, beginning with E. Although middle initial is an A.

813 reporting in

ANYONE around with pics from PC/PG 941 and I'll dump Lauren

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She sounds familiar is she pretty petite with dark hair? I'm Sanford area

850 here

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Doesn't really sound like her unless she dyed her hair recently. You'd know her if you met her total MILF


Damn bummer. Would be nice to go see her knowing ive seen her nudes.

Olivia 941

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Any 386? I have a bunch I can share as well

app dot unsee dot cc/#89371ab4

nice! more olivia 941 if anyone didn't want to click the link

That site is terrible. Tryin to see these photos tho

Went to Mel High? Yeah
West Melbourne here

Madison UCF anyone?

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Looking for a B R at UCF

Lol can you give a little more than that

First name Bri

She's hot but she needs to quit tanning she's going to look like chewed up leather at 40 if she doesn't

bump for ocala

Kelsea 850

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If anyone has 561 (mainly Loxahatchee/royal palm) i have endless trades

She is sexy. More?

Anyone with any 386, add me on kik: 386hoes

Her with a bbc

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Send her dick pics

Bump Casey let’s see this sluts nudes!

Was he wearing a diaper?

Any 239 girls?

More pics of her?

i never end up seeing anyone i know in these threads. pathetic. up your game, people

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We need a Washington thread. Related my slut used to live in florida

Initials? I also know a girl in WA from FL

fb /ashley.rodriguez.3954
from ocala

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Sc formerly

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850 here as well.

Damn not the same girl then

A shame


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yo who dis?

name? what part of 352?

jessica. fuck if i remember her last name

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Danielle White 941 booker high

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Jessica L 941

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954 Plantation. Anyone know her? Initials get more!

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Any 863??

Anyone got Taylor P? USF slut

Jessica L 352

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Bumping for 727

Looking for Taylor A from USF... coincidence...


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Got Rachael D.

Kik me at docker909


Dickerson/Duncan? I'll trade for that

Hellll yeah. What have you got?


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Kik me: 386hoes

850 here. Anyone know a watzka?

Any 904 sloots?
>B. S

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never 561?


Don’t let it die

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352 Anyone know Amber?

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You got 386?

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