Post pictures you want me to masturbate to and I'll choose one

Post pictures you want me to masturbate to and I'll choose one.

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I meant like your wife or your girlfriend, oh... wait...

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This isn't gonna be easy.

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I wanna fuck that lion

Yea I can do that. Winner so far.

Well I DID fuck that lion. And it's soft little owner.

Here's an ex of mine, user.
If it helps, she gave the best head I've ever had.

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Her virgin pussy a week before I took the v card

The filter can be deceiving, wouldn't complain though!

Here's something you can jack off to

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I said masturbate; not explode.

Doesn't make much difference tbh

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Needs a bit more skin. otherwise they look great.

Trouble is, she put on a bit of weight when she had a kid. Not fat by any means, but enough to make her lose confidence. I'll see what I can dig up from before, though.

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Well you've come to the right place, I hate bony girls, I like a bit of meat. Not fat; just realistic. I went from kid porn (plastic, perfectionism, skinny, blonde) to amateur videos because theyre more real and theyre real people. Keep 'em comin' imo!

ever notice the girls in the 'chubby' section aren't even chubby? there just the right size

THIS. Yea, they're perfect.

You're in luck, she uploaded this a few days ago. Missed it myself.

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Daaaaaaaaaayum, she's not even remotely fat! I'd be all over that.

I also offer this. Absolute milf

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As I said, enough that she lost a fair bit of confidence, but thankfully she's getting it back. I agree she is nowhere close to fat, and absolutely would smash again.

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these got me

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This is about the best one I could find pre-baby. She's never really done bikini photos or whatever, so the one above is about the sexiest her FB gets haha

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Fuck. Forgot the photo.

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Not big on lots of tats or stretchers, hot though.

She's still hot, those legs! She looks good without and with a lil weight!

Last one I'm gonna post, but hope there's enough for you, gents.

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what a hottie! Yep, nup, im done. cant speak for everyone else though..

She's always been ridiculously hot. I knew her when she was younger and oh my christ she has only gotten more beautiful with age. She's about 24 now and I would have zero regrets sleeping with her again.