I hate being a woman

I hate being a woman
Wish I was born a male

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We hate periods just as much if not more.

I agree, dicks are superior, vaginas are ugly

cant you skip them if you take birth control pills?

Speak for yourself, I celebrate the fucking period because it means my girl isnt having a fucking child!

Tits or gtfo you cum guzzling fag

Tits or GTFO

Actually disagree. Vaginas are fucking beautiful aesthetically, dicks look retarded. I only watch lesbian porn nowadays and don't even look at my own dick. How do women get off on this shit I'll never understand.

>Gets her entire life on easy mode
>Literally just has to spread them
>WAAAAAAAAHHHH! I'm 'avin' a bit o' the ol' blood loss

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Show your bloody cootch

It's also free lube

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Two faggots trying to affirm their masculinity


what about those bands that you implant into your arm that stops secretes birth control chemicals, don't know the name of it

Do you have a Patreon? Paypal? Premium Snap? Amazon Wishlist? Please let me send you money or gifts.

What does it feel like?

Abdominal cramping you retard.

Cry me a river.

Build me a bridge and get over it.

Oh no, tummy rumbles.
So scary.

What? You don't want some of that strawberry jam?

Build it yourself.

itt: 99% faggots

Nothing on Earth like that smell though dude, best hold your breath.

Lol OP here just LARPing as a female

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Fucking lmao if this makes you want to swap genders. Literally I would give my ex a quick 5 min massage and shed be fine. Pussy.

I hate ungrateful people and so I hope this hatred somehow makes its way to you

Nice now show massive man boobs and neck beard or gtfo.

posting this just proves how clueless you are to your own entitlement and luck
be happy you are a woman, fucking retard

i feel ya girl
im having my period in 2 days and i allready want to die from pms

stay hydrated and eat what you want, remember you are worthy

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it is not jsut blood.
you will be sad for nothing, angry at everyting, you eat more than you can eat, you have bad cramps, you pooping A LOT more, you are tired as fuck

periods also smells bad

Oof, sounds like my depression I've had since childhood. Bordering on several major mental illnesses, but with a bit of irritable bowel syndrome.
>Such suffering. Surely I should give up easy mode life.
Fucking stronk womyn feminist cunt tried it, quit ahead of schedule. Shut the fuck up.

ok thanks for your input im sure your parents are proud raising such a nice human being.

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>"I only Jack off to guys getting fucked in the ass by trannies, because I'm ultra secure in my sexuality"

> Litteral "no u"

this is why women should have babies young, get pregnant 3 or 4 times in your mid to late 20s, no later than early 30s.

They can't. Remember that time the exclusively feminist designed bridge collapsed? I can't remember if it killed a dude or not.

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when they make air conditioning at work and how men sit on public transport, you know it's time to stop listening to women.

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As long as she's the only casualty it's fine.

My gf just had a light period, and she's freaking the fuck out. Took literally 4 pregnancy tests (so far), all negative, but she told me she won't have sex with me again until I get snipped.

great come back matey
I am devastated beyond recovery

see how fine women are with male mutilation, women don't care about men past what men can do for or provide for women

*make those things an issue, it's time to stop listening

Not how it works kiddo...

You'd trust a woman with this?


"No you"
Is not gonna change the fact that you may aswell become a succslave to a black bvll

kek, keep punching air mate.

Either she respects you as a man or you leave. There is no middle ground in this. The fact that she was so horrified by the mere idea of possibly carrying your child should show you how much she doesn't love of even care for you.


>Be worshiped as living goddesses
>Still manage to complain

Get an IUD then you have all the benefits of being a woman without the ONE drawback. Being a woman is like playing a game in easy mode, stop complaining. Also, tits or GTFO

> you eat more than you can eat
>you pooping A LOT more

all sounds like over eating to me.

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yeah i got to second this. and 4ch is a bad place for advice. but seriously. its deep in their psychology. if she is freaking out about not wanting your child, she does not love you.

she is using you. you are convenient for her. bail user, trust me, save yourself the trouble.

or dont.

Menstrual blood is a pretty poor lube in my experience. My wife always gets hornier when she's on the blob. The amount of fucking bed sheets we get through...

controlled by her emotions, she having no control over her own actions.
And women get angry when we say they are crazy.

i hate being a man with big low hanging balls

always getting squeezed when i dont sit down just right, or during physical activities if i dont do it just right, and especially during fights and the enemy is good a the kick in the nuts move,

life aint a bowl of cherries for us guys either

Just use commas or exclamation points, dummy!

>Menstrual blood is a pretty poor lube
Seconding this, especially when it starts to dry...

knock knock op

Wahhh wahhhh surely nobody developed medicine for that very thing. Guess I gotta call out of work my periods just too bad!

Theres contraceptives that will make you not have a period anymore. Attention whoresss

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a real pirate is not afraid to swim in the Red Sea


Because you were male in your past life, or a few in a row.. so now you get to pay up for whatever you asked for to be male in a past life.
Same goes for me. I'm male and happy to be male. So I'm sure I had a few lives or a single life grinding out period blood and kids.

Everything is even steven. Male and female. What matters is how you live your life.
And birth control is the most disgusting way to block a period. Mood swings and violent tempers as side effects? That works great trying to attract a male.

Just enjoy the month.

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>easy mode isn't easy enough

I wish I was born a woman, then I could have a male dog fuck my brains out every day. You have no idea how lucky you are OP.

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Who has it easier than a woman?

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Every time I see a woman between 20 and 40 with a dog I think:

She's insecure
She's lonely
She's single
She has baggage
She never got to enjoy the dog with a family because the guy walked out on her when the dog was a puppy
etc, etc
And women reject guys that lived at home after 18, or aren't CHAD'ing them up

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Someone living the hypothetical life that women feel they are owed for no reason.

but you can. you can reduce it up to 1 or 2 times bleeding a year.

I think any person between the ages of 0 to 17 have it easier than women. But after 18, when then that kid has to get a job, whole different story. Woman have to rely on their charm and looks, and men have to rely on their ability to work.

What separates things is personality. Personality goes a long way. And it's a double edged sword if the woman is a gold digging slut.

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who's there?

Poor woman, let me empathize

Lol you Sup Forums retards don't understand objective reality.


P.S. Don't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die.