I'm gonna vote Jasiri to be yeen of the century, any reasons why i shouldn't?

i'm gonna vote Jasiri to be yeen of the century, any reasons why i shouldn't?

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Who else would be stupid enough to compete?!?!

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I can give you at least one big reason why you should!

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Yessh, one -- she doesn't really exist. I vote hyena queen:

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Is that what I'm being called?!?!

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>Yessh, one -- she doesn't really exist
oh yeah, whats pic related then?
>I vote hyena queen
there's only one hyena queen and that's Jasiri.
naw, i like sticking nicknames to common posters, i don't mind referring to you by a different nick, there's another user that is into traps and he was looking for that picture, i'll save it for when he comes on

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no, I'm fine with this. I do tend to photoshop dicks onto things.

that's cool, do what makes you happy, btw did you edit kion's eyes to point down or was that just in the frame, good job if you did edit it

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That was my edit.

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>That was my edit.
nice, looks natural too

also don't get me started on the bradley comics, that is cringe on a whole new level

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oh it is the worst cringe, but I like putting dicks on things.

and the yeen peen is better than his.

That's aweful, fuck you for posting it.

Could someone explain why would they be stuck?

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Does not count, pic yeen have autism.

factually: no reason
real reason: bradley looks on the spectrum and has certain fetishes, one of them is being stuck together, his images usually feature either him handcuffing his arm to another furry creature's arm, and then exclaiming the key is lost one way or another

another one would be getting his tongue tied together while frenching, all of this is commissioned and its really funny content to browse through

the guy is an enigma

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i think she looks beautiful.

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this is him irl
lost cause.

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last pic ill leave you with

feel free to look for more here
furaffinity net/gallery/otterman89/4/

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What the actual fuck. This is horrendous and the fact that it is a real and very gross human being (probably north american or canadian) only makes matters worse.

Does he ever explain what terrible mental illnesses he has?

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hahahaha dubs of truth..

I think you should reveal all your animated child beastiality porn to your family and friends. Maybe then you'll understand how much of a literal degenerate you and these other kids are.

Don't tell me you don't have it, I'm sure you want your centimeter Peter to this jafar animated animal because you have no social life, and if you do, then you're just fucking demented.

Seek mental help before you try to rape a real animal.

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These people are mentally fucked bro. If child porn was allowed I'm sure there would be nothing but that, lots of sick fucks and chomos and weird fucks like those on here.

Hope they get mental help before they rape animals.

not that i noticed, who knows, i really don't know what this dude has
if you want attention all you got to do is ask user, jasiri has enough for everyone!

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This yeen is better

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Hi friend : )

hey!, have we talked before? sorry if i don't reply, catch me later or tomorrow if that happens

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This isn't a furry thread.

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Hyenas are furry. Deal with my awesomeness!

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Sí they are furry indeed, what I meant is that here we aren't into anthropomorphism.

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i mean shes got a point user, keep in mind it doesn't bother me and you're free to post your yeen content here, however you'll have much more appreciation in fur threads

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Sorry about your luck! Hyenas that speak are anthro....

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