2.2% of the American troops are transgenders

>2.2% of the American troops are transgenders
How does that make you feel?

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I would feel that one up tbh

like OP is a faggot

private ketchum thread? hell yeah

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Obama failed us as a nation.

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Fine? At least they're doing something with their life.

isn't she a specialist?

i wonder how the morale is in his unit

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Where's your proof?

I am grateful to them for their service. One can never be sure what is going on below the waist, but I can say with certainty that they all have more balls than me who never served, as well as more balls than Trump who trashes the trans troops who bravely serve and protect his bone spur ass.

men in army can go gay out of boredom
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they are american troops, i dont give two shits

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Jeez. You might as well just suck off every loser in a uniform, even finance and MPs

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What do you mean? What's different about other pics?

99% of the American troops are tools

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a lot of the nudes of this person get deleted just because, some did survive in archives, but I'm to lazy to find them

ok mister drugman

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>you all need to see his timeline
like WTF

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i never mentioned drugs, esperpento
hab u noticed the kill rate and disappearance of one hundred million mexicans
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the mexican super soldier juice makes you a pascuala
news at 11

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who cares

how long until they delete this and go to regret mode like always

well..it's not too late for him to go back

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>How does that make you feel?
Like the rumors about hormones in rations might be true.

It doesn't make me feel anything. Just do your job.

>Sounds and looks like cute girl but still has dick and balls.
>Gender female but can only take it up the ass

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I have no problem with people doing whatever they want, but he looks way to skinny and week to be a soldier. I don't know how the american army work, maybe this guy won't ever be deployed but if he is how is he supposed to carry a fallen comrade or even carry equipment around?


>can only take it up the ass
you say that like is a bad thing, user

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>I have no problem with people doing whatever they want
ok..what if your wife woke up the next day
hi user i want to be a man just like you
thin what?

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I'd leave her, but that's her prerogative, not mine.

The science really isn't there yet on ftm. They make handsome men usually but their genitals are a horror show.
m2f are a bit better off, not usually as pretty as natural born women though.

I guess good transitions are like the rest of the Culture future, it's a long way off and not in our lifetimes.

The fuck is that?

No wonder suicide rate among troops has skyrocketed in recent years

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OP is a pedo

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not all the trannies cut their dicks

all that love?
the kids?
you are right

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The military, like any other job, should only give a shit how well you can perform an assigned task, not your fucking gender. Your gender is your own problem, but if it becomes a health problem that gets in the way of your duties, that's your employer's business.

fatgirls are more likely to be ftm for some fucking reason, maybe cuz they probably think that they would look "normal" as males

no one thinks this is politically correct except you false flagging faggots

Fat effects generation of sex hormones.

original joke do not steal

>just a remainder

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Can they shoot?
Do they follow orders?
Are they effective on the field?
I don't give a fuck if they're trannies.
If they made it through basic, and whatever courses to become the troop they became, that's cool.
Tranny or not, they're getting rigorously trained.

well I'll be banging his present self, not the sperg he was in the past, barely an inconvenience

Doesn't even look like the same person

And let me continue to say the ONLY problems with trans troops that's I've agreed with are as follows.
>If they're taken as a POW, and their HRT is withheld to extract information
>Supplies don't always come in on time, and not having their meds lowers the tranny's morale
A trans soldier is fine, but the reliance on medications could be seen as troubling.

ok pedo

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This was literally every tranny before transition. They do it for a reason.

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not a private dumb fuck.

Glad they will be dying for something rather than just offing themselves.

I'm not about to go join the army. Let anyone who wants to put their life on the line do it.

>34% of all people are transgender
>everyone can make up uncited percentages

hOw dUz ThAt MaKe U fEeL

cant really talk shit cause ashdong ketchum made it through training and apparently an entire 4 year term of service as an intranfee-woman-man

dont get me wrong i will make jokes all day but they're cool with me

That at least looks like the same person

go back to your containment board

just like in vietnam with the drug addict soldiers

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If they wanna get themselves killed for their country they should be allowed.

Haha hahahahaha holy shit! These bitches are having flesh strap ons made and sewn right onto their pelvis!? Lmao wtf is next. This shit is great. I am glad I am watching this “movement” from the outside and not one of the poor fuckers whom are part of it.

Well its not a problem anymore. Trannies can't serve. Don't need the nation's taxes paying for their mental disability.

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40% Will die of natural causes so its not really a problem

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>How does that make you feel?
good, the food here has sucked for years
get some of those fags in here to make some decent slop

Thats not false by any means

This is saying that the perpetrators of the male victims are all male so that doesn’t add up

>2.2% of the American troops are transgenders

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I don't advocate people removing their dicks except in very extreme circumstances but I do think the world would be a much better place if the majority of men underwent HRT and began dressing and acting like women *shrug*

The "surgery" is a joke, and maybe someday it won't be, but right now there's no reason for it except to help transgirls experience less dysphoria and be able to wear bikinis without getting assaulted.

If everyone wore bikinis regardless of bulge this wouldn't be a problem

What, surgery wasnt enough abuse?

pinkpill fag, don't be that obvious

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It should be 100%

> 77% sad
> 24% happy
> 12% sad
> 97% okay

thats genius! it means that only 1.3 % of those can get killed in action because the other 0.9% already killed themselves

I don't care. Kys

what is pinkpill?

i just looked it up, and yeah, that's exactly what I want


Makes me feel pretty good, tbh. Having done time as an 11B, I mostly cared - when the shit hit the fan - whether or not the people around me had my back, and they mostly cared that I had their back.

If Spec Ketchum can do her job, I don't care what she's got going on in her pants.

Overwhelmingly, the people who get the Full Metal Jack Pvt. Pyle treatment are the fuck-ups who can't do their job - and then it's not because they're gay, trans, black, mexican, etc. - it's because they're FUBAR, and their minority status is just an easy shorthand for referring to them as the fuck up that they are.

I'm fine with it. Get them in a unit in the front line in Afghanistan

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I need to see ketchums hole.

If she has airborne wings than she has my respect
none of you fags can do It
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user we all know that she is only there for the soldiers Pleasure
>the lights go off they all start to fuck the shit out of him

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sorry, thats still uncharted territory

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