Trump campaign depicts their OWN candidate as a genocidal villain (who was defeated by a group of heroes)

Trump campaign depicts their OWN candidate as a genocidal villain (who was defeated by a group of heroes).

Trump, don't you want to be on the winning side?

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Reality has become an Onion article jesus christ

It's more likely just laziness on their part. They clearly didn't actually watch the damn movie, lol.

Thanos was ultimately defeated, thus Trump should want to be Iron Man.

But he never would, because Iron Man actually builds things physically with his own hands.

ill vote for thanos the anus he the death worshipper we kno

It's amazing the garbage the Trump party is coming up with to promote/hype him. Trumpers.... know this.... you are trash. You are the lowest quality people our nation has to offer.

still voting for him

Does anyone have the pic of Hillary as the asbestos dragon bitch from GoT?

That really hurts coming from the party of mentally ill trannies and niggers.

Reality has btfo'd libs so hard they are now running a campaign in the fictional world.

>That really hurts coming from the party of mentally ill trannies and niggers.
He typed, getting Doritos dust on his keyboard, the smell of dried semen towels and body odor wafting though the air. His hairy gut rests on his computer desk accidentally hitting the space bar occasionally. The ideal specimen of man - the American conservative. MAGA

you do realize it was the Trump campaign that made the video right? I hope so

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You can make that shit up about any party. Oooo look... republicans are inbread trailer trash. I know you're not all that way. That's the difference. But backing such a shit person as president.... that does kind of allow me to make some judgements on your character and lack thereof.

Funny, thats exactly how i feel about todays liberal

Correct. They clearly only watched "Infinity War" and not "Endgame", which ironically could be read as an impeachment metaphor.

Trump said "trade wars are easy to win". It's been a year of conflict with China.

Even now, he hesitates to tariff China.

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>Funny, thats exactly how i feel about todays liberal
Yeah? Your wife cheating trust fund baby lying classless draft dodging embarrassment of a president makes you feel pretty good about yourself? Is any of what I just said incorrect at all?

Or maybe I work in the oil and gas industry and I don't want to see Democrats end the boom via regulations. Dems are not good for working people. Trump is infinitely better than any other candidate for me.

I'm at work being paid to browse Sup Forums. Not everyone on Sup Forums is a hopeless shut-in like yourself.

>having a discussion on Sup Forums

>ty of ment

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Who gives a flying fuck about winning or losing. Oh that’s right the fucking morons who debate this shit like it’s a dinner table argument.

I'm not even a liberal but I can recognize when a post is based

yet here you are

Yes make fun of you. Not to try and debate with anons

They wouldn't know what work is user. They just want hand outs

So as long as it fills your pockets, you'll sell out to a complete horrible person with zero morals. Got it. Makes sense really.

They're all horrible people, so logically I pick the horse that benefits me most. I just happen to think he also benefits the majority of the country despite his personal life.

>watching MCU cgi cartoons

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Well put.

We might not be able to meme, but putting words together in a way that makes sense isn’t something that Trumpers can do well at all.

At least, not his base, as you’ve (accurately) described them.

>despite his personal life
You think it's just his personal life which is the problem? I just can't.

He's more or less moderate on most things and his tax plans are pro business. Which policy of his bothers you?

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I thought the trump'd scene from kingsman was cringe, but this is both cringe AND bizarre. I mean, with a tiny bit more editing, they could have put a Dem as Thanos and Trump as Tony, saving the day against all odds.. But no, Trump wanted to be the big man with big hands. It's fucking weird.

Let's just say I'm not a big believer in the trickle down economics scheme...

You can tell even the trumptards think it was a stupid as they're not really bothering to defend this shit idea

It really tells you something when Trump identifies with fucking Thanos. There is no way he didn't sign off on this, it's his campaign.

Thanos, the omnicidal maniac with delusions of benevolence (why not wish for unlimited resources?).

Thanos, the loser (defeated by Avengers).

You're expecting a response with this amount of effort?

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It's practically a Freudian slip.

>"I'm Donald Trump, the seemingly all-powerful guy defeated by a miraculous last-minute twist (i.e Impeachment/Iron Man) that undid my past."

>zero effort response, no defence of trump


>I just can't.
You should return.

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Yawn. I'm sorry, what was I defending again. What were you shills whining about?

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I think it's going to take a few days for the trumpcucks to figure out how to run damage control on this hilarious dumpster fire. And then rather than defend his wish to be Thanos, they'll just start insulting everyone.

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it's ok kid, you can go to bed. it's past your bed time anyway. let the adults laugh about the man on the tv.

We get it. Settle down sport.

Laugh about what? What's your talking points for today?

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>can't defend trump on this one, let's just try and troll them lefties!
Weakest damage control I've seen for a while.

Are you really this desperate for attention?

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Look at you, taking the bait.

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Building a very expensive wall just to appease fearful idiots?

At least you faggots acknowledge now that he's building the wall. Took you awhile to catch on.

The only reason the Avengers won is because they got fucking lucky. That's also the only way Trump will lose 2020. You're all pathetic retards if you think the dems are going to win anything.

Thanos was in the right though.

guess that makes democrats the avengers?

To stop population replacement

The irony.

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>Thanos was ultimately defeated, thus Trump should want to be Iron Man.
Fucking this. He was defeated by his Hubris more than anything else even.

Like, the counter meme writes itself. Someone put Bernies face over Captain America when he's standing up to Thanos all on his own.

Classic “no u”

>writing fanfiction
Anyway, there's literally zero reason to vote for Dems if you're white. White Democrats will be the first one to get the rope after a successful left-wing revolution because all whites are privileged oppressors who need to pay reparations for non-whites. This is the future you chose.

The USMCA just passed and you shills are whining about a meme. How cute.

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> White Democrats will be the first one to get the rope
The left isn't the side calling for mass executions. The "Day of the Rope" is a alt-right dream. The left wants the rule of law.

Uh yeah, cause that's the topic of the thread. Trump memes.

TBH Thanos was cool while all the Avenger fags were cringe and could only defeat him with an asspull timetravel shit.

You guys posted the meme. Suck it up there Wendy.

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You only think he was cool because you support genocide.

Well I'll be waiting for those cringe counter memes then. Enjoy your crying circle in the interim.

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>The left isn't the side calling for mass executions.
Tell that to Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot and Chairman Mao. Also the jacobines of the French revolution. In real history the left was ALWAYS the more genocidal.

>You guys posted the meme.
So. It doesn't take much for you shills to bite these days. Sounds like a personal problem to me.

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Because he wasn't you fucking tool. He would claim to be actively building it while nothing was being done. It's not fucking rocket science. Either is was being built or not. And who is paying for it?
Yeah, good job.

Just be honest and admit it, user, you would love to genocide Trump supporters.

Or maybe it was a joke made by people who don't take these stupid children movies seriously, you fucking soyboy.

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The right is calling for genocide right now. As we speak, here in this very thread most likely. The left is not. The men you speak of are old and dead, as is their political organizations. Furthermore, the common thread between those groups isn't "left wing politics" its Dictatorship. Which is explicitly counter to left wing politics. Each one of those groups betrayed left wing ideals of equality, representation, and the rule of law in favor of autocratic despotism.

>Trump exposes leftists as the infantile braindead consumer cucks who incapable of thinking outside of childish capeshit analogies.
I say it's brilliant.

Did you actually think it would have started day 1 of his administration? It takes planning. I'm just happy he's getting it done in his first term. Doesn't matter tho, because you bitches would find anything to whine about it. It's getting done and know you are finally accepting that reality.

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"just be honest"
So nice of you to decide my positions for me. No I would not like to genocide Trump supporters because I've actually known quite a few of them and they are not deserving of "The Rope." Most are simply poorly educated, and prideful. Which makes them easy to be fooled, and difficult to convince that they were fooled. I want to Protect Trump voters from the rampant abuses that they are ill equipped to defend themselves against. Like abusive right wing propaganda.

kek, have you ever been to Twitter? like racist blue checkmark Twitter or black twitter? All they do is seething about white people.


like a typical sycophant

Sorry user, but the progressives is the new anti-science party. All that grievance studies education you're so proud of is worth less than shit.

>haven't you ever been to the hive of propaganda that is twitter?
No I have not. Its irrelevant. They are not the ones pushing "the day of the rope." That's the Alt-right and other extremist conservatives. Most liberals are still white, because most Americans are still white. The idea that all those white people are willing to self genocide is absurd, regardless of what they post on Twitter. "Seething" about white people isn't the same thing as right wing terrorism, and dilberate calls from the Right to lynch members of congress or to use violence to oppose things like Impeachment.

>anti science
Ah yes, the Left's opposition to climate change, evolution, and vaccines is well known.

No, I actually worked in civil and structural engineering for 20 years. I know how it works. But he was telling blatant lies about wall construction for a long while before any ground got broken. He lies. A lot. He has no problem with it and most times they are blatant and easily disproven. Why do you continue to lap it up and ask for more? -and then blame us for not being stupid enough to believe it?

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>climate change

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@everyone here you need to die

>He lies. A lot.
So did Obama. Like most politicians do. Why are you whinging about it, when it's being built now?

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Yet the Right is cheering on the dissolution of law and order, as our very Constitution is trampled on by an autocratic tyrant. He rules like a Bolshevik.

>as our very Constitution is trampled on by an autocratic tyrant. He rules like a Bolshevik.
So Obama's executive orders didn't bother you, but Trump's do? I call bullshit.

typical woketard

really he does? how so considering the bosheviks brought communism to Russia. I know you failed history but come on. The Bolsheviks murdered people to take control. You talk about him trampling the consitution when he isnt yet you would support this because the democrats who literally are attempting to disarm america and go against a fair trial are literally trampling the constitution. explain to me if you can How or what hes done that has changed your life in any way?

>So did Obama. Like most politicians do.

I see.... that's what you tell yourselves at night.
It's not a worth-while expenditure. Again, it's being built to appease fearful idiots. And it's not funded by Mexico as promised. But that's fine right? Just another little white lie? -because all politicians do it.
You guys were fans of calling Obama the "messiah" but holy crap, Trump could shit down your throats and you'd call it soft serve.

>I see.... that's what you tell yourselves at night.
I'm not the one ringing their hands about it.

>It's not a worth-while expenditure.
Ahhh. Now the truth of it comes out. No matter what happens with the wall, you would rather it remain exactly the same way it was before, because you simply don't see a need for a deterrent. You want unfettered mass illegal immigration and that is the real truth of it. I don't give a fuck who's paying for it. The wall should have been built after '86 and as far as I'm concerned, every politician since then has been a liar for not having built it. So pucker up buttercup, it's being built whether you like it or not.

do trump supporters believe vaccines cause autism?

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>Again, it's being built to appease fearful idiots.

It's being built because it was promised way back in '86. No one is being fearful, just tired of paying for other countries poor.

>i don't give a fuck if trump lied to my face about who is paying for it
at least you admit it, cuck