What do you do if you fall in love with a girl but when you will have sex she has an outie?

what do you do if you fall in love with a girl but when you will have sex she has an outie?

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if her vago look same like on pic would eat

Lick em, suck on em, rub your dick on em

eat steak tacos for both

Blow raspberries as you eat her out.

this but soaked in piss

I would try not to look. Damn shame.

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Doesn’t matter to me

I quite like the beef curtains

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Be a fucking man about it and get to licking clit son

I learned to love outies due to my current gf.
It’s not that bad actually.

Looks fade, love shouldn't.

Marry Her

>falling in love
>caring what her vagina looks like
Did Christmas break start early?

Feels way better during sex

you realise most real women do right?

LOL exactly!

Tell her to have an op and cut them obviously. Till then get drunk when it comes to lick and anti emetic. Also ducking an innie pussy helps or her ass

Wut the fuck...

I'm a roastie and everyone on discord bullied me last night because of it... I was also kicked because I threatened to commit suicide. Funny because it was a Sup Forums discord. You ppl really are faggots.

Exactly only solution is to surgically remove them. I also recommend cutting off the clitoris at the same time. Looks way better.

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fall in love even more?

Fear not OP, she'll dump your dumb ass as soon as she realizes how stupid you are.

Cutting the clit why ?? Would you get circumcised and cut the head of your dick off ? And yes it’s the same

Guinea is Guinea, pussy is pussy. any pussy as good as any

You must be one of those wako Muslims

looks like shit

Like this?

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ppl need to get over their retarded beauty standards. the size of the inner labia has literally no effect on your tiny dick. if you hold conditions like these over your ability to adapt you'll live a very sad life.

Top kek

So? The fuck is your problem

>but when you will have sex
like you have to worry about that...

I would fucking rejoice, by far the best pussy type

put your dick in it. if you think the pic related is unappealing, then you're gay.

Well you tell yourself you have the mind of a 13 year old because shit like this only matters to 13 year olds.