What book(s) are you currently reading?

what book(s) are you currently reading?

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Random Acts of Senseless Violence
and some shit detective novels I was suggested by an old lady.

Not reading right now but if u like sports I suggest anything by klosterman. Preferably his essay collections over his novels.

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Crime and Punishment

Airboy by James Robinson

The Satanic Verses by Rushdie. Goddamn what a trip, but freaking awesome. Reminds me a lot of the style of David Wallace and Pynchon, fucking killer.

"From cradle to Grave" a true crime book about a lady that had and killed 9 of her children before anyone started looking into her kids mysterious deaths.
I picked it up at a thrift store and am about halfway through. Its meh.

Dresden Files and Midkemia sagas for right now. Just finished John Jakes american revolutionary saga.

Books are for gay nerds, I'm dabbing on you losers, being fit means you don't read books and can slay pussy all day.

Sorry to be such a Chad & an elitist, but I'm half way through Never Tease a Weasel by Jean Conder Soule. It's great but difficult reading for a negro like meself.

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Complete works of HP Lovecraft.


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Great poem by him

i just finished reading this book about the zodiac killer, pretty interesting stuff

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i started reading the prisoner of azkaban a few days ago and i have very little interest in continuing, i read it many years ago and thought it might be nice to return to harry potter, but holy shit the writing is so juvenile

How to live with a really big penis

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Some book on thought psychology and a handful of others on literature-leaning topics.
>reading for my msc

Blood Meridian, fucking great stuff

Art of War and Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Great book. Super predictable though.

The Legend of Drizzt Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore
The Flood by William C. Dietz

How to Unnigger Myself
Eustice Thompson (1902)


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the universe and the teacup

The FBI crime classification manual.

that pic gave me ptsd

Yep, I got that one when it came out, a very interesting read and conclusion.

Are you a Fed?

Know your enemy user.

The Prince by Machiavelli and Mein Kampf next


Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
Carnap's The Logical Structure of the World
Spinoza's Ethics

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I was thinking about reading this. How is it so far? I’ve tried reading Brothers Karamazov but always end up reading something else after like 150 pages and someone recommended me Crime and Punishment

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>not being /fitlit/

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Marvin the Barbarian and rereading the Hitchhikers Guide series. Been needing a laugh lately.

Just finished One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and picked The Brothers Karamazov.

The Canticle of Leibowitz
>starts about ~600 after a WW3 level nuclear disaster
>civilization is in ruins
>basically medieval level tech
>it's about this monastery over the course of several hundred years

Also just finished Flatland
>it's about a square
>in the second dimension
>he goes on adventures with a sphere
>sphere's a THIC BOI
>in the 3d dimension
>one of my favorites

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Canticle was a fantastic read.

Grisham is such a great law based story teller.

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Good book, you sound like a fag though

Yeah have about 50ish pages left
I hate how much I judged it from the cover (its the super over photoshoped one with the books on fire and the crows and shit) I was looking at it like 'really? it looks so generic scifi' But I was totally wrong. Easily in the top 5 of the year

Hell yeah

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A Brief History of Mankind

It's tragic and compelling that he achieves his goals throughout his life yet only ends up with more sorrow and hardship

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Crime and Punishment is an incredible book- just keep going

His youtube lectures are killer

I like the scene at the start where the hero getting gang raped by ninjas sets him on a path of revenge rape.

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Thucydides - The History of the Peloponesian War
Clausewitz - On War
Arendt - Eichmann in Jerusalem
Heidegger - Being and Time (yes actually reading it—admittedly not easy)

9 Different Books about "The Enneagram" looking for answers.

The lovely bones

curse of lono. expensive, but worth it

awesome, user!


based Sup Forumsack poster

>"...and then the whole bus began to clap at me"

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"Freedom", by Jonathan Franzen. It's the history of a family, and how they turn more and more unfortunate. It got some good reception in 2010, when it was published.

Thanks user. Nice dubs

1. The hero with a thousand faces
2. The body
3. Just finished the demon haunted world


just finished "the kindly ones" by Jonathan Littell
>gay ss nazi officer
>fucks his little sister
>has big world war II adventure
>from auschwitz to stalingrad
>visits all the famous places known from ww2
>meets all the famous nazis from hitler to mengele
can only recommend

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Negro, it's L I T E R A L L Y a children's book.

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>>gay ss nazi officer
>>fucks his little sister
then he ain't so homo, is he?

I bet you believe that pray the gay away nonsense too, huh?

me no understand

Ayn rand’s Atlas Shrugged

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overhyped pseudo intellectual bullshit but sells effectively to insecure white men

Yeah, I know

1984. Just started it. Very good book

Heir To The Empire by Timothy Zahn it's the introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn to the Star Wars extended universe. Not much of a fantasy/sci-fi fan but the author also writes military books so it's an interesting look at the Imperial Navy

The Warburgs

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Just finished this.
Pretty good, 7/10.

I much prefer Dostoevsky over Tolstoy tho, you just get way more drawn in to the way the characters think, their psychology etc.
Loved the sense of paranoia I felt from Crime and Punishment.

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Overrated, get's lost on tangents all the time and only gets back on point at the end of the chapter.

Fantastic introduction to the stoics.

No idea, you tell me.

Hacked democracy

read one fifth of it. Had to leave it for a while, since I had to finish another book. When I came back, I was so messed up I had to drop until who-knows-when. I just couldn't follow. It was kinda boring, sometimes, so I might never end it.

Of you go

"Doctor Sleep" by Stephen King because buddy's wife suggested it and told me the gist what it was about, which got me intrigued.
It's pretty okay so far, but i'm like 70 or so pages in so I just started.

"How to Nigger the Niggriest" by Brock Bongo

Hear hear.

It (second time}

how do i get into reading books? it took me like three months to read zombie survival guide i barely got into it.

i also read the beginning to seven deadly sins by Corey Taylor( singer to slipknot and stone sour) i also have his other book by him. i didn't even touch it.

I can totally see why, the first 40% of the book had NOTHING to do with Anna, lol.
It only started going somewhere when you got invested in everyone's relationships to each other.
And there wasn't much of a plot line you could follow, which makes it difficult to stay at it.
But at the same time, I think that was its selling point; it was more like following them day to day, not really knowing what would happen.
Loved Dolly and Leivin's love story tho(wouldn't say this is much of a spoiler, the book pretty much starts out with this).

I was so hopeful that this existed I googled it.

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Begin with some timeless classic like Sir Francis of the Filth

>how do i get into reading books?

Set up a Goodreads account and add the one's you've already read, then scour for things that seems interesting.
I started out listening to audio books, then jumping over to kindle, and then physical books.
I still do listen to a lot of books tho, esp. whilst walking to and from work every day (20+20 min).

Don't rush it, and don't be afraid of reading several different books at the same time.
Also don't be afraid to drop books you don't like.

>Don't rush it, and don't be afraid of reading several different books at the same time.
Sorry if that sounded contradictory.
What I meant was... Just enjoy the process, there's no need in rushing it in order to "get through" your current book, before you can start something new.

Audio books are a godsend to me. Im mostly a non fiction guy and some times its takes me two listen through to get everything as im usually listening to these at my desk at work.

Physical reading I do in the tub. I take a bath most mornings before work instead of a shower. Reading for 30 minutes or so a day in the tub has been part of my ritual since college.

I know my wife secretly thinks im a homo for doing it.


Just got started on Dune. My dad read it back in the day, so far super immersive.

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Yes. A man of culture

Same same!

I'm by far more into non-fiction, but try to power through at least one novel each year.
(which I always dread, but never regret)

blood meridian, burning chrome, hard to be a god, the doomed city

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Lewis and clarke journals

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hardcore historian mode
i actually read a bit of it some months ago