Should I, Sup Forums?

Should I, Sup Forums?

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Oh fuck yeah stretch that boipucci

How does the phone anchor work?

You'll be wearing diapers in your 30's, beyond that you'll just have a leaking hole and a permanent stench of shit following you.

T. Never done anal

Time to get medieval

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it sticks to your phone, lets you hold it a bit easier
also cones with a hook for mounting it to your dashboard or whatever
I intend to
I mean, anal is one thing, bad dragon is another, much larger thing
but this is bullshit (unless you go the XL BD route, that'll fuck your ass up permanently)

in what way?
because it's a horse, not a dragon
but I would 100% let a (smaller, not fuckhuge) dragon fuck me

If you think it won't fuck your asshole up then I can only presume you are still young. It will dawn on you and worsen as you age. It's an unfortunate reality.

What do you think peasants did for pleasure in medieval europe?

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I've been taking beer can girth dildos on a regular basis for nearly 10 years, I've been fisted before and can gape bending over almost on command. No damage. If anything I have more control over my ass than I ever have. I am slightly looser when relaxed, which I think is a plus, but when I clench my sphincter you couldnt drive a sewing needle up my asshole with a 10lb sledge hammer

probably fuck each other, because they'd be killed for 'ungodly acts' if they fucked a horse
I took a whole shampoo bottle at 12, and my ass is perfectly fine

I have the exact same one in blue, size and all
Totally an awesome toy, kinda wish I wish i went with the big

Yes you should

I have it in medium. Not the easiest to take, but the best regarding feelings

I could drive the 10lb sledgehammer up your ass though. Quit playing.

I wish you would

what other toys do you have/how do you prep?

>After years of practice stretched my leg behind my head
>Leg muscles won't work no more
>Well damn

Yeah, looks like fun!
Enjoy your ride

So you're a furry? :)

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Quite a bunch

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i have the same firmness/size for almost 3 years now. can recommend!
only reget i have is i didnt order it with a suction cup

Horse shaped dildos don't come with the suction cup option

Nice collection

they used to
not so much anymore
that's quite the collection
thanks for the vote in favor
I will if/when I end up buying it, I have other expenses that take priority
my right leg is a little fucky from a guy who was used to fucking the most flexible guy I've ever met (who was awesome, still kinsa sad he moved away)

It's expensive to ship where I live, so I never order just one toy

What country?

Not gonna dox myself. This is the internet mate