Rekt Thread

Rekt Thread

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You can't catch me

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Cause I'm ded

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>men are not inferior
>they deserve equal rights
>only bigots disagree!

The day we figure out how to sterilize and lobotomize the human race will be a good day.

More? Story?

We already know how. It's called Leftism.

He knew when to quit, good for him

Gay sex.

I heard that's how gay men normally have sex

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post video

video of a guy getting shanked. Then in the middle of it, he gets stabbed

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Well... if we're posting animals...

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Niggers count as animals btw.

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Just curious as to why someone would save things like this??

Welcome to Sup Forums

Kek. Did this asshole seriously put on everything but the helmet?

Darwinism is an amazing thing.

That doesn’t answer my question, you daft cunt.

the trans kid school experience

But it does.

did he just pissed himself after dying?
that is gonna be a bitch to clean off

They just had a pine box on standby?

He means that there is no reason or logic to what people do here, the place is filled with daft cunts

We enjoy seeing the world without a filter. Everyone is always so dEvAsTaTeD by what the news shows you but this footage is the real accurate media when it comes to what actually happens around the world. People hurt animals, people hurt people. And if the dead cockroaches offend you seriously grow up. Take a look at what real horrors surround you without CNN keeping your sheep eyes and sheep mind satisfied little bitch.

To post them later for other people to see? Are you really that dumb to not be able to understand that? These rekt threads are a Godsend. I really like looking at them every time my ears get raped when some faggot sangs praises to humanity and other faggot dicksucking lies.

Niggers have a homosexual lust for men and are violent subhumans. That's all you need to know.

Personally, I wish the public was more exposed to these videos and pictures. I doubt all these liberal cucks would be supportive of immigration if they saw the videos from the Arab, African, Mexican, and South American world. These people are fucking brutal.

For these threads, that's like putting locks on doors

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They're like metal bars on windows, to add value to tha valuables

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I promise niggas fugay, niggas are not my family

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Sometimes I dream of cheese

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There are lil disobediant mice, smight them, show your enemy no mercy, thay wanna sneak into my house and eat from my plate instead of making there own nest in tha wild and working for there own rewards

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Yes it does you stupid nigger

how old was he

The nigger didn't want anyone to know he fucks men for money.

Less than 103.

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Boo fucking hoo.

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The plan is walk up to estranged wife/gf, ask something like "you want to break my heart? Let me do it for you"

Someone needs to teach these fucking savages how to hold a fucking phone during recording. Fucking mongoloid animals.

Dubs after Dubs after Dubs

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bro you just cringed


No you. You might end up in a vid

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Honestly, even if the dude was intent on killing himself, those last few seconds must be terrifying. You shoot yourself in the heart, and suddenly have visions of your past, good and bad moments, maybe glimpses into what your future could have been. Part of you begs to rush and get help, but it's too late. Your fingers feel cold already, and you're having a hard time breathing. All you can do is stand there and try, with the last bit of energy and time you have on this Earth, to justify and accept why you did what you did.

I actually shivered watching him stand there. I can only imagine the things going on in his head. That's why suicide needs to be quick.

finally something good

How can a child be so fat and dumb?

and that's a rape

naw that nigga was contemplating getting a burrito while he waits.

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wtf even was that

that filename lmfao

watch the movie airplane

flammable poo gas