Is this what the roman empire looked like before it's collapse?

Is this what the roman empire looked like before it's collapse?

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You do know Rome was defeated by Germans right?

The Roman Empire mainly overextended itself beyond its means. It burned itself out trying to conquer the Germanic tribes.

Probably not, the Roman Empire was an incredibly diverse one, spanning from Britain to Persia. I can't imagine there was a homogenous average look you could ascribe to your average denizen, though your average citizen probably had dark curly hair and a large nose.

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Wrong! The Roman Empire collapsed because they were no longer handsome. It's a fact.

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Diverse that they all race mixed to look like this

Not him but this is true. Visigoths sacked and took over Rome. They're a Germanic tribe of sorts.

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So European. You do know all the old European tribes died or rape/mix with central Asian Invaders that's why your call indo-europeans. Celts and Latins are halfbreeded to near slavic niggertry. Greeks became turkic.

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Yes, Celt slaves were known to often meet with Egyptian slaves to keep as their concubines, as was written in Latin law.

God damn boy read some history for Christ's sake.

Uh, no I don't. Before the Germans became what they were today, they were wild tribesmen labeled as "Barbarians". Kinda like the Vikings but without the sailing.

They personally took down the Western Romanic Empire. The Eastern Roman Empire lasted another 1,000 years and was only gradually beaten down by constant war with the Sassanid Empire (the last of the pre-Islamic Empire Iranian Empires, ruled by Zoroastrians. It's why Iran has always had an independent identity in the Middle East, constantly holding the "Arab Conquest" against other Middle Eastern nations and proudly claiming their heritage as an independent empire of old).

I may be an American, but I actually did study history in school and outside of it. I love history.

And before the Roman Empire split up, technically not being the empire anymore?
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Are you telling me the Germanic tribes didn't sack Rome? Does "Give me back my legions!" don't ring a bell. Rome lost THREE legions in a single battle to a Germanic army.

What are 3 legions when you can send 12 legions under Hadrian rule wayy across the sea to wipe out the jews? While holding a front in brittania and basically ruling all over Europe?

It was decided the Empire should be divided in two for ease of management. The Eastern half outlived the Western.

But we like to say the Roman Empire died with the Western half's defeat, ignoring the Byzantine Empire.



Fate of Empires - John Glubb

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The Romans couldn't conquer the Germanic tribes and don't tell me it wasn't for lack of trying.

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Three legions lost, in one battle.

Point is, the Romans gave up seriously trying to conquer the Germanic tribes after that disaster. Also they knew the Germanic commander used to be one of theirs, they should have been prepared.

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These race mixing during the roman empire is interesting, is there any other accounts like this?

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OH noo we killed around 20.000 with 15.000 men. What a glorious victory.
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You can't really put a blanket statement over all of the US like that. It's so large and diverse that you can't it just doesn't make sense to try to describe the entire country like that.
I mean, first of all you've got rural versus urban areas that look completely different and within urban areas you have inner city versus wealthier districts and suburban areas. Plus, the north and south are completely different.

Basically, rural Mississippi is like OP's pic, but NYC is different from Chicago is different from San Francisco. Even rural Vermont is nothing like rural Mississippi.

Tldr; a little bit yes, but also definitely not, no.

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Trajan was known for keeping a harem of diverse slaves in what he called his "feminarium". It's suggested that at least two important medieval families actually indirectly descend from this exact harem, namely Beaufort and de Mandeville.