Why are you booing her? She's right

Why are you booing her? She's right

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Honestly I agree with her but hate her. She reminds me of every holier-than-thou know-it-all in existence.

Yes, eat bugs and pay more taxes, the fate of mankind depends on it!

I was saying Greta thunbooerg

Because she makes me feel like less of a man.

she's wrong, we only have 9 years left.

We have to eat the babies!

We wouldn't have to eat the babies if people stop having them

I wish she was right, the sooner this shitty planet dies the better. I would an hero but I’m too much of a pussy.

All she does is point fingers and make money instead of actually contributing anything at all that might be helpful in progressing our situation. China is so much more responsible for Climate change than any other country and I don't see her talking about that. The most she's done is sailed across the ocean to prove the point that she's above all of us in the sense that she's not contributing to our problem.

She goes around telling us how to live and yet why hasn’t she gone to east Asia yet instead of the west or Europe?

She is partly, howether her style of acting preety much is killing whole ecological movement and compresses its ideas to nonsensical political quasi-arguments.

Vegans don't eat bugs

She's a brat that is skipping school. Where's the truant officer when you need one.

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>Why are you booing her?
Because her middle name is Tintin. Would you take advice from Tintin?

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Then we'd have nothing to eat, moron.

Muh trips of truth

Ever heard of fucking plants? They give out free food and only ask for water, Literally the thing that falls from the sky

I never tried fucking a plant unless you count the retard I fucked so that would be a vegetable

Main problem is that they taste like shit. Especially when compared to baby meat.

What she's about? I hate stupid underage zoomers so I don't really care about what they are talking about so I have no idea what is going on. Another brainwashed brainless liberal?

She's wrong. All of her environmental bullshit is data modelling sponsored by people standing to profit from government and populace expenditures on green tech. Empyrical observation doesn't agree with climate change, nor does geology when they explain that the polar and glacial melt is 'as expected for the end of an ice age, it's done it before it'll do it again. Polar ice caps are NOT the norm for Earth existing for less than 1% of the Earth's existence'. So you can listen to the people who stand to profit from the climate change mythology, like a fucking sheep, or you can listen to the people who are pointing out that their data models are spurious at best, because those people are factually correct and presenting real data, not fucking mathematical models designed to favor a one-sided viewpoint.

I agree that we need climate change, but the left is using her as a front that can't be insulted. She has autism so you can't be mean to her, she's a manic depressive so you can't say harsh things to her, she's a selective mute so she won't answer questions she/the left doesn't like and you can't complain, also has panic attacks, eating disorders, OCD, and is part of ANTIFA.

She is a mentally-ill being used by her parents and the left.

That being said, we do need to change the climate, I will agree with that. I just disagree with the way the left is going about the change.

Also, she's Time's person of the year. That's just fucked up. They took that from all the Hong Kong protesters.

*a mentally-ill child

>climate change
>a bunch of other irrelevant gobbltygoop


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Boo urns

Its the attitude you end up with dealing with people literally too stupid to vote in their own interests

we can all move to mars today and the climate will still change

"Der Climate change is natural"

All she's said is we need to work harder to preserve the environment. anyone mad just can't stand the thought of taking any amount of personal responsibility towards that goal.

You don't pay taxes NEET

Don't hate her. I feel sorry for her. She is just a pawn being used for a cause. Her parents are vile human beings for allowing/forcing her to do this. It doesn't help the discussion when you can't debate a special needs child on climate change. I sometimes feel that we are living in a bizzarro world where there are only two discussions, climate change is not real vs. it is man made and the solution is a global carbon tax.

guess which one has a platform. Also she literally says "and I'm one of the lucky ones"

Nobody said anything about vegans

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"The Earth has been at a steady and habitable temperature for millions of years and dOnt U FerGEt iT"

>people who are better than me behave accordingly, RRRREEEEEEEE

Are we talking free range babies or the corporate assembly line babies ?

she 18 yet?

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The problem isnt so much her as much as it is you. Climate Change is a hoax. Look Sup Forumsro, I was 20 yrs old back when Al Gore and a slew of cast said the same shit as Greta and her crew are peddling today. Its not true. I know you think it is and believe it but it doesnt make it real. The Paris Accord allowed China and others to pump as much CO2 in the air as they wanted while America and others were forced to cripple industries and rake in huge amounts of money in carbon taxes on American companies that was sent straight to Paris and divvied up.

All three subscribers to time magazine should write a letter to the editor.

why, cutie?

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the sun controls heat/ cooling. this is a money grab ... wake up.

We all have morals, user. Assembly line babies is a line that I refuse to cross however I don't judge those in a less fortunate financial position than myself whose options are limited.

Al Gore lives next to my friend in Carlsbad Ca, right on the water.... he is worried about climate change??

That's why I grow my own.

is this from the new MiB movie?

Enterprising. Nice to see someone lead by example.

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Nothing she said in her stupid monologue is happening, or true. Tire ecosystems are not collapsing, people are not dying because of climate change. She's full of shit, fear-mongering, and she's just a brainwashed pawn for the climate change (formally known as global warming until they realized that's not happening) death cult.

No, she isn't. If we want clean power we have nuclear as an option now, these eco-commies don't want to do that because they're not about clean power, they're about dismantling western society and capitalism and implementing socialism.

Now fuck off.

nah its my qt3.14 alien gf I found at area 51

i dont care enough

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Imagine being so ruffled by an autist's ability to reason better than you

Obama, who signed the Paris Accord, just recently bought some ocean waterfront property as well. Its unbelievable just how stupid some people are.

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She's not targeting China, India and other third world countries that not only pollute more than any western nation but aren't even trying.
She comes from an over-privileged family in an extraordinarily white privileged nation, she's flying all over the world (no really, go check) which is irrelevant as all forms of transport pollute, she tells the world that we are ruining her world, yet she enjoys fame, money, travel and at some point perhaps a Nobel prize.

For what?
She's just parroting what her pushy parents want her to say, which is to be fair what every other child around the western world already knows about climate change.
She's bringing nothing new to the subject or cause, why the fuck do I care what an uneducated, ill-informed child with Asperger's has to say about anything except "Who's on first?".

I wouldn't give her the time of day or even the steam off my piss.

>has to say about anything except "Who's on first?".

Fucking brutal dude, I spat out my coffee!

tldr: One of "Soro's Angels"

She might be right but she's annoying as fuck.

You're all fucking retards, Climate Change occurs in all environments regardless of economic state, Basically any outgoing child would be stuck in his home all day, Nature and trees has been proven to have a healthy effect on children, They're important to society but you industrialists only care about profit

Don't forget that Adolf Hitler was Time's Man of the Year in 1938.

Icing on the cake is this "man's" mini bulge showing thru his dress.

WTF dude?
WTF are you talking about?

tsdr: Bollocks.

Put in "grade school dropout" in her description .

Thanks, you just did.

I'm not booing her, I'd literally bang her.

africans will ruin sweden before the climate does

climate change is literally jewish bullshit

moral outrage is not a valid argument.

Please take your disgusting shill liberal cunt nigger ass out of our board, thank you.

kek an checked. Charles is still in charge if you know what I mean..

because her head is bigger than mike tysons

>literally bang her
as opposed to?

Optics. She can be right all she wants, but when a child is screaming at the top of their lungs it doesn't sound convincing. Its the WORST possible way to get attention or change the minds of those on the other side.

Exactly, ManBearPig didnt do the job so now theyre trying AssBergKid.

They all probably do?

The extent of the consensus among scientists on anthropogenic global warming (AGW) has the potential to influence public opinion and the attitude of political leaders and thus matters greatly to society. The history of science demonstrates that if we wish to judge the level of a scientific consensus and whether the consensus position is likely to be correct, the only reliable source is the peer-reviewed literature. During 2013 and 2014, only 4 of 69,406 authors of peer-reviewed articles on global warming, 0.0058% or 1 in 17,352, rejected AGW. Thus, the consensus on AGW among publishing scientists is above 99.99%, verging on unanimity. The U.S. House of Representatives holds 40 times as many global warming rejecters as are found among the authors of scientific articles. The peer-reviewed literature contains no convincing evidence against AGW.

You're wrong. And you claim you're right. That makes you dangerous.


Another one of these guys. How do you still exist? You could literally look up ANY peer reviewed article or research paper about climate change and you'd be wrong.


That's likely the dumbest shit I've read. You can capitalize on green and renewable energy dumbass. The issue is the rich and few with political power the PUSH AWAY green options since they still have oil to harvest and sell.

This is hilarious. We get to a another uneducated sheep use the same incorrect talking points again.

China and India does NOT pollute more than the US.


It's also a LOT more reasonable to expect wealthy nations to be able to sacrifice and change lifestyles slightly over people living in shitty conditions barely scraping by.

The whataboutism is the strongest power within the right, like you just proved.

Yep, another one of those guys. The internet didnt exist yet so when I did it we had to go door to door and collect donations for the "pyramid" or MLM as its called today. At the punk rock shows and college campus it was zines and pamphlets. Cool link though.

I dunno, I guess, not banging her? :D People will complain she's too young but she legal af.

Cool text I guess.

At least read it and understand how wrong you are.

Your link shows China by far, is the biggest producer. India is trending up. US and Europe are trending down. All others no real change.

I welcome it. I hope CA falls into the fucking ocean.

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>Climate Change is a hoax.
You could have suggested this a couple of decades ago and could have got some traction because the research data was not in.
That day has come and gone.
Have a chat with your 20 year old self and explain that the data is now in and yes, the climate is changing and we are doing it.
As for the fairness of the Paris Accord that is a whole other issue.
But I am not surprised in the age of the orange man and all that money from the rich and corporations driving US politics that Americans see themselves as special victims.

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Yeah thats what the chick at the concert booths would say. Also, Im pretty sure Al Gore says the gist of what you just posted in An Inconvenient Truth. Always with the "NOW WE HAZ DATAZ". Its like an inverted We Wuz Kangs except more niggers.

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You just went from the data is in and climate change is real to it is man made. That's the problem here . The climate Nazis want to point to data showing any warming trend and immediately extrapolate it past it bring man-made to global carbon tax.

Cause ,,anthropogen Climatechange" is a damn fraud:

You all know Greenland, damn cold Place .... It got its name fro the Vikings who settled there during a warm Phase, seeing it as ideal Farmland, and fucked off once when the Phase ended.: ,,A study of North Atlantic seasonal temperature variability during the Little Ice Age showed a significant decrease in maximum summer temperatures beginning in the late 13th century to early 14th century — as much as 6 to 8 °C (11 to 14 °F) lower than modern summer temperatures." Source: pnas.org/content/107/12/5306

With the Resources, Money and Brainpower wasted on making Homes,Vehicles and whole Industries ,, Co2-friendly" Mankind could raise living Standarts for basicly everyone besides the Top 10%. The Polititians in Germany talk about a cost of 1 Billion € (1,000,000,000,000, i.e. one million million, or 1012 (ten to the twelfth power) (For our Anons from America, you call that a Trillion) to make the Industry ,,Co2-neutral" .....

Even if you belive in manmade Climatechange there is another Point: The Countries with most Co2-Emissions are those with lots of Industry to produce Goods that are sold worldwide.Right now it very much looks like the Citizens of said Countries are the ones who will have to pay the ,,Co2-neutral" Rebuilding via various Taxes. Do you honestly expect the same ICEO´s that threaten to move Production offshore when workers dare to demand a raise to bend over grab their ankels and take the 12" Co2tax-Dildo...? Now the Govourment has faces a Dilemma, if they tax the Industry the Factories are soon closed and the State looses Taxincome from the Factory/its auxilary Support like Transportation/its Workers , and maybe even has to shell out Money cause not every Worker finds a new Job and some need Welfare... Or will it Tax the Product? If that happens pretty much everybody besides ,,Co2-Believers" will buy from a alternate Source who gives a fuck about Co2

>hate her. She reminds me of every holier-than-thou know-it-all in existence

That says more about you. What is it about her that triggers you. How is she as arrogant as you suggest? What make you thinks that she has the attitude you attribute to her.
She has a point to make and she cares about it.
Is her delivery something we are used to? No. She is a kid. She has Asperger syndrome, obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), and selective mutism. But how does that stop her from being right?

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How dare you! You should be in schoooool

she´s a paid actor, thats all

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How long were you waiting to use that?

You are playing the role as a useful idiot.
Are you getting paid?
If not then, despite her issues, she is so much smarter than you.

Capitalism baby!

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