My gf has always been a size queen, and although i'm not against cucking, it's just not something for me...

My gf has always been a size queen, and although i'm not against cucking, it's just not something for me. i stumble across this and thought it'd be a perfect solution. thoughts?

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I don't know. You as a man don't want to give ground first. You also don't want her to think she needs to cheat.
Try getting drunk wither her and talk about spicing up the sex life with her.

i think you must have a tiny nigga shrub in your pants if a dick that size is enough to cuck yo little nigga ass hahahaahha

Never tried...
Is she against dildo & vibrator?
Also who tried the sleeve what feels like?

this was molded from an actual bbc, so it's like she's having sex with a whole different person, so why not just actually get a whole different person? It's way better. Ignore all these idiots on Sup Forums who are too scared. cucking is fucking amazing, and to see your gf or wife absolutely cum her brains out will make your dick diamonds.

She's a whore. Dump her and move on.

She doesn't have either, but she's not against a dildo or vibrator. she does, in her word, like the feeling of being filled up, so this is why I thought this might be a good option since i get to still be involved (which is one thing i wouldn't be able to do if i went with a bull, although i suppose i could still participate there...)

trips of shame, kys you fucking cuck

Don't listen to them OP
Listen to me
Unless she's white, then I have to refer to our field expert on white women here.

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that dildo is barely average in size

My little korean wife loves thick dildos. We've recently gotten into fucking her with the dildo and my cock in her vagina. her screams are a mix of "owe" and "oh god". it's good.

kys faggot

than why dont' you dp or dvp her?
I cum bucket when dvp, and my gf encourage me to fuck her harder..

it looks like a 7.5 incher, but also much thicker than you average dick, which is more important. i was amazed at how much more thickness mattered but i discovered that was the case when we got a bull whose dick was so thick my girlfriend could even get her hand around.

tbh we did do something in vegas with a bull, but it wasn't dp. i'm not sure the name, but the bull was fucking her while she was blowing me. i couldn't last long, so it ended up just the bull and her for a good while. it was hot, but i want that feeling of me being the one with a big cock.

Spitroasted. How did you find the bull?

DP stands for double penetration, pretty generic
DVP double vaginal penetration
DAP double anal penetration.
In my case as my gf does not enjoy anal I DVP her...

Whoo!...think was him!?

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You should dump her slutty ass and find yourself a gal who has more respect for you and your needs. You should never have to change your approach to being a man based on a broads sexual appetites. Call me old fashioned but a woman’s needs are inconsequential. They speak of equality but the one difference they have from us is simultaneously the only reason for their existence, to bear and rear children. So who fuckin cares whether she’s sexually satisfied? If you can’t keep a broad in check, homie. Cut her loose and find one whom you can.

we went to a club and some guy hot on her. it happens pretty often because we're kind of an odd couple and people often don't expect her to be dating me.

Why not get one that matches your skin colour? Don't play into a stereotype

How are you odd? Was he hung?

ah, i kind of thought you mean something like that. i really couldn't mentally do something like dvp. i'd just feel like what the point when you got this bbc in there that can go for 10 minutes straight while I would bust in 2 minutes.

contrary to a lot of the hype surrounding it, cucking can work out really well especially if the "bull" is kind of laid back and understanding.

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>How are you odd?

I'm 31 in march, not in great shape, never really have been and she's really fit and turned 22 in october.

>Was he hung?

well, she's got a thing for black guys. i don't mind role playing a bit because she does the same for me.

Wasn't it exciting to watch her get fucked by such a hung man who lasted longer than you?

>contrary to a lot of the hype surrounding it, cucking can work out really well especially if the "bull" is kind of laid back and understanding.

it's a shame more people don't know this.

it was, not because i'm some kind of degenerate masochist, but it's just interesting to see. i liken it to watching a professional sports event. you kind of respect seeing something done at a high level.

Fuck I want to get my gf a bbc bull so bad

I'm trying this cuck thing out today, gf is sucking the weed man's dick. So at least if it doesn't work out I'll have weed

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You’re both fuckin retarded.

Nice. What's she like? What's he like?

Get her a doggie dildo, or better yet a big uncut dog. Dog cock is amazing, and they can do it three or four times a day.

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She's white, 5'8", 160, pretty hot, pic is her.

He's black, 6'3", kinda thug.

She says that she getting a lot of anxiety now about doing it but he's going to be there in 30-45.

Told her to try and get a pic of his dick in her mouth but she's not sure

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its def not much thicker than average, maybe a little bit, still around average dick over all and def not a bbc lol

suck my dick nigga

Where do I get that dildo to fuck my butt?

Ah today's the day that you will remember "that's the day it all went downhill"

Very hot! Hope you can get that pic. Would you share it with us?


ITT: Degeneracy

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Dude, just break up with her if your that insecure.

If she complains about your dick let her be free to get the dick she wants, keep your fucking dignity.

She's going to lose all respect for you if you suggest that thing and the relationship will be over anyway.

This. Also imagine the shitstorm if you told her you like big tits and she should get a boobjob

Have fun using that shit for the rest of your sex life.

Sounds like fun to me!

OP, why would you want the opinion of a bunch of underage fags who do nothing but sit around all day and jerk off to black guys? In my honest opinion, find a new girlfriend bruh it sounds like she's going to cheat anyway. It's all about finding the right sized hole for your pole.

Your cuck porn has warped you mind you pathetic faggot. Cope with your tiny dick.

You’re gay and you’re dating a whore.

Then your life is incredibly sad.

Once you start it'll open up a whole new world and shell never be wa ting your bare cock. Just vibe her pussy while fucking her with a Hitachi wand.

My dick is so big and thick that my gf made a mold of it to use as a dildo for when she can’t come over to fuck.

I will if she sends, been texting a lot, he's there right now.

Hot! Is she turned on by this?

She said it was hot before, but now that it's going down she's nervous. Our last text was her saying he's there

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They're probably already hooking up. Did you tell him ahead of time?

No, I don't know him really, he's her friend, but she's told me that he flirts with her. Fuck, I'm waiting for a fucking reply and it's driving me crazy

having a bigger dick is overrated. I'm about the size of the dildo in pic (maybe a hair shorter and big enough around that my middle finger and thumb don't touch unless I squeeze around it) and I have had relationships fail in part because we couldn't have sex that often. First real GF was a tiny "no sex before marriage" kind of girl (even though she fucked her ex a few times she always regretted it) and didn't find out that she couldn't really handle the size until we had moved in together and had been dating for like a year. She would always cry unless I could cum in less than a couple of minutes and would usually bleed a little so we broke up eventually.

My wife liked it at first and acted like a size queen, but we don't do it that often anymore because she says the less often we do it the more it hurts. She basically makes me promise to cum in 10 min or less or we have to stop. The only hot thing that has really come out of the situation is now more often than not i jack off with just the head inside her/at the entrance and she rubs her clit. Feels way better than you think and then I get to push in and fuck her as hard as I want when I get real close to cumming. We both like that I'm basically treating her as a dump for my cum without caring if I get her off (which she does anyways) and I get to call her a slut, etc.

>TL;DR big dicks aren't really that much fun

Weak man detected

So I’ve never done that head in jack off thing but it’s been a low key fantasy of mine. Like take my girl and just dump my cum in her
I just love filling her up with cum though

She texted that she just finished, but that's it, replied asking if she's ok but nothing else from her

Whole lot of Hebrews in this thread

yeah, your relationship is over.

Enjoy the slow downward spiral of mistrust, behind the back cheating, and respect that slowly fades for you.

Hopefully all is okay user, don’t think I could do this myself but I am rooting that your kink works out sortable for you and her

I'm not worried so much, I know our relationship won't be long-term, so fuck it, figured I'd try it out.

Still no reply, wtf

Ahh I guess that does make it a lot easier to try this stuff if you’re not that committed

so you pretty much whore'd her out, to satisfy a kink, when she did it for y'alls relationship to hopefully workout?

Ok, he's gone, I told her to come to me because I'm at work, told her to bring the bag too, better not be light. I have no details, I want to hear in person

Let's hear what she has to say.

my wife likes it a lot. discovered it on accident because she usually only cums once and usually it's in like 3-4 minutes in then says that it hurts to keep going. So she came and then told me she couldn't take much longer so I pulled out and started jacking it to get closer. Since I was jacking it, my head was hitting her clit and popping in and out. Apparently it felt good enough for her to cum 2 more times before I pushed in and filled her up.

It's a shame she's so bitchy when she gets woken up because she really wants me to slide in right as I cum while she's asleep but would probably be too mad about being woken to enjoy it.

I think it's a pretty common thing for women to get turned on by being basically a cum receptacle without getting any pleasure in return. My ex loved being woken up to getting fucked, even if I was pretty much done. She also liked for me to cum on her face while she was asleep. One of my favorite spank bank memories is her waking up to the second spurt of cum hitting her cheek and her sleepily opening her little mouth and sticking her tongue so I could finish on that, then giving my dick a quick clean up suck and going back to sleep with my cum all over her face and pillow.

>I miss that bitch

Damn when you put it that way and seeing how she wasn’t sure then knowing op is gonna just break up with her I’m depressed.

Like she’s literally doing anything for op and to be with him and it’s gonna hurt her so much when she finds out not only was it not enough but op doesn’t even really care

She's driving, texted a lil, she's about to pull up

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Fuck man that some good shit.

Unfortunately my current gf isn’t too kinky so I’m not sure she’d like the idea of me using her in that sense. But I’m trying to open her up more cause I’m kinky as fuck and know if she won’t open up we’re doomed (really don’t want that I love her so much).

Hopefully I can get her to open up so I can wake her up with sex and use her sometimes. Shit I want her to use me sometimes too haha

just get her a small viborator and use it while you fuck

She dick suck him... hot!

>I'm not worried so much, I know our relationship won't be long-term, so fuck it,

Wtf is wrong with people
Why are you even in a relationship if you know you dont potentially want to be with that person forever?

If youre going to get a sleeve, get a bad dragon sheath. I got the Magnus one and the wife loves it stretching her especially when the knot-like bulbs pop and slide past her pelvic area. She cums everytime. The material is really nice too, not hard or too tight like some other sleeves.

We have some toys. Unfortunately our sex life and use of them dropped significantly during the summer cause of life stress so we haven’t even actually used toys in like 4-6 months I don’t even know.

But I did just talk to her about it last night and she said she’s willing to do what we can to make things better. I know she wants to please me but I think it’s hard for her to be comfortable doing any kinky things for some reason

you should just have her fuck me and I'll be really rough and beat her pussy up so she learns big dicks aren't fun

Plot twist, my girlfriend is a cuckquean and wants to watch me fuck other women. I'm uneasy at the thought as I think she'll use it as a turnaround to try and fuck other guys. What does everyone think? Go for it?

If she likes getting filled up get one of those things where you insert it and then slowly pump it up, that’ll really fill her up. Get her looking pregnant from that thing and then fuck her in the ass. Hard to get more filled up than that.

I've wondered about the sleeves. I was wondering how much do you feel with it. I have a problem of lasting too long as is and dont want to make it harder to bust

She'll think you're gay if you dont. She might feel some jealousy afterwards though

Quads demand it.

Watch this video OP, this is how it works.

I've been toying with the idea with her, roleplaying fantasies etc. but she's only just discovered this kink so I don't know how she'll feel in the end. Maybe I'll ease her into it by flirting with other girls in front of her?

Updates user? How's she doing? Any pictures?

I had a size queen gf once. Sometimes when we fucked she would make snarky comments and I would push her face into the pillows and get rough with her, spanking her ass telling her its not my problem Ill nut either way. She normally came hard and I learned she did it so I would put her in her place when we had sex. Shit was cash and it ended with her always getting spanked around the house. We eventually took different jobs that saw us move to different states but it was fun.

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Ok I wanna know how you led this into conversation. I wish my gf wanted this. Is it just because your girl is submissive and wants to please you or does she actually want to be a cukqueen. Shit I'd even settle to get my gf to want to have 3somes with me her and a chick. Would not do mmf that's just a bit gay for me

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Depends which one you get. Ours has an open end at the tip so it slides back and forth over the head and feels pretty good. If you can keep the ring secure around your balls and use spit or water to slide it on, then you shouldn't worry about it sliding off.

not being edgy, 100% serious

We're a very sexual couple, dare I say sex is the biggest thing keeping us together. We both have a fantasy of a threesome, although only FFM because I'm not into dudes sexually at all. She's cool with this. So we would talk about threesomes a lot, usually over text, fantasizing how they would play out, what would happen, etc.

One day she asks me if she can tell me a super secret fantasy. I say sure. She says she wants to have a girl come over to our place and I would tell her to be good and sit on the other side of the room. Third girl would suck my cock, fuck me, get cum sprayed all over her, then leave. Then gf and I would cuddle and maybe fuck as well. I was a bit surprised and asked her if she was a cuckquean. She didn't know the term but after a bit of research she said she definitely was.

She's retardedly submissive, to the point where she calls herself a dumb little slut, only good for getting pumped full of cum. She's into humiliation, choking, slapping, degrading name calling, the works. I think she might even have a piss fetish. Sucks because I'm not 100% dominant and kinda consider myself a switch (have been in previous relationships) so it's almost like I have to play the role for her, but I enjoy getting her off with it all.

LOL.. You wish it was overrated.. I have a 8 1/2inch by 6.1inch around... My girl loves it and she can take the whole thing (sometimes). She loves the feeling when it's ball deep but sometimes it is too much... Just like anything you gotta go slow...

This US.

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It's a old Pic. I'm not that hairy Atm.

I wouldn't do it if you want to stay with her. My ex (the one from above who liked for me to cum on her face while she was sleeping) wanted this. I hesitated at first but she really wanted it (think she wanted to try being bi but didn't have a good way to ease into it). She even told me I could fuck other girls when she wasn't there as long as I took pics/video or let her taste the other girl on my dick.
I basically took this as a license to cheat and fooled around with a handful of girls but only told her about one or 2. She got an internship in another country for 3 months and I fucked my now wife all the time while she was gone, but only told her I had done it once when I went to visit her. She broke up with me like a week later because the thought of it was "eating away at her". She later apologized and said it was her fault and she made the wrong choice ending it but I was already engaged at that point. Sucks because she was an awesome GF

trips of truth here. sleeves are a good start with the fetish to keep things comfortable while boosting her pleasure. that said it can't compare to the kinds of fucking a real one can give with all the tactile feedback, so if you really want to let her be happy, you gotta get some lucky guy to raw dog her.

Good for you

kys cucklord

really depends on the person. bigger def can be fun and hot, but honestly something more average is allot more comfortable and you can go allot harder and for longer without any issues, and can net you better results if she doesn't like it quite as rough. that beign said the sweet spot for most girls is probably only in the upper 10% of guys.