Take the reins Sup Forums

Take the reins Sup Forums

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Sucks that it ain't great

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Listen to eccojams.

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>Take the reins Sup Forums
>coz I wanted to fuck the bejeezus out of your hot little ass! Is Andrew home?

silver tongue

you need a REAL man
*send pic of your 3 inch peepee*

FFS, go for something obvious like:
> Oh nothing, just hoping he would dump your ugly ass so I can nibble his dick bits.




Well this didn't go anywhere op is a faggot


I dont get it, are we rolling for dubbs? That was not part of the agreement

Carry on dudes

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Wanna come shit on my face?

Hahahaha I can't believe that worked. She's definitely interested.

Just ask her if Andrew is around tonight.

they dont live together they're just dating

thats why i changed that part^^

I see now.

Ask her if you can come over and help her with that.

"Lemme just cut to the case, I want to insert my entire right foot into your vagina. I will pay handsomely, please consider."

Glad my text worked for you, user. Hot butt sex is definitely now on the cards if you play it right. Godspeed.

come on. just imagine the naughty smile you'd have for yourself in the middle of the day tomorrow when you realize your asshole is still sore from tonight. let me come over and stretch you gently. i'll bring the lube, you bring your sexy little cinnamon ring.

please send my a picture of your naked breasts, m'lady

I need something witty

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send her a dick pic, ask for help

How bout you study my erection

I can come over in about an hour to help with that

I would like to know more abour your Kant if you know what I mean


Tell you're in anatomy and you want to study her body

"Lemme just cut to the case, I want to insert my entire right foot into your vagina. I will pay handsomely, please consider."

ethnics? not a fan. how about you send me a picture of your butthole.

How about I come over and test your ethics?

What you do to me is unethical


Send a dick pic and ask if she thinks it's *ethical*

Did you mean ethnics?

Would it be ethical for me to put my cock in your pooper?

>I would like to know more abour your Kant if you know what I mean

Is my peener ethical

Can you tell me the ethics of my Schwomp-monster?

"I like u pls give me pussy you're so beautiful ur so angel baby mm slurps,,, i want to tongue punch the shit inside ur ass babygril"


Id like to do something ethically immoral to your body.

This for sure

Dubs of the schwomp


That's great. You can study how unethical my aggressively average dick getting shoved in places it cant reach is tonight.

i never mentioned rolling idk why you guys are doing it

Whatever you write please include Schwomp-monster

Well it's not ethical, but I want to come over tonight and stuff you like a Thanksgiving turkey. How about it, sugar tits?


Ah, so you're a newfag.

Well dont you think you are being an unethical little cocktease right now?


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Why don't we be unethical together

Way to go romeo shes fucking wet now.

Hey man, she said if you have work to do then sure. So get your ass there. Take some books and shit with you to make it look like you will be doing some work and then just try to fuck.

I'll present you my schomp monster and you tell me what you think

Wow it's working keep it going lmao

let us study our unethical nature shall we

Can we get a photo of this bitch

trips of wiseness

I'd much rather be working that tight little body of yours tho ;)

Try and get some wins

Just ask her what time you should come over.


Two y's on that okayy nigga get the nudes you sperg

>the shcwamp-monster is what I can only describe as big, mean, and my dick. I want to come over there so we can work on it as a team.

I've always wanted to fuck you. Admit it, you want it too. We can make it happen tonight.


Now tell her you're on your way to work on that ass of hers.

And get going bro.

>didn't block you for that
>studying ethics
>two ys
Read between the fucking lines user.

okay guys so it's still way too early cause i said i'd go at night, so do we keep this going or stop?

Tf you mean stop now. You are getting a win before you leave the house.

Keep it going this is golden , day fu k bro

you have to say, 'you remind me of a child, thats why i want to fuck you'

Keep going.

Meet up with her to "study" your assignment, then fucking rail her. Do you have actual autism?

aight feed me the words wise ones

if she's a friend she wouldn't block him for that, even if she doesn't want any advances

> "omg Dan"

Tell her you'll eat the pussy. Chicks love that.

Ask if she is busy, if you wait too long her mood can change.
And yes keep it going.

Ethics? Would it be ethical to grind on my face until you were shuddering in and endless orgasm?

Schwomp life bros..... This my Shit fr

What the fuck

Just finish it. Tell her you wanna come over and teach her something

Just keep it simple if you're actually trying to fuck. Don't listen to pretty much anything said here or she will think you're just a fucking pervert. Ask her if there's anything you should bring with you later.

This is a great thread. Well played user and other related fags. I hope this guy gets his dick wet. No homo

She is ready for a fuck if she has to fear no consequences from the way she reacts. Hope Andrew is none of your friends

Wise ones, right.
Tell her that you've had feelings for her and that you cant stop thinking about her while you are studying. Then be like if you could send me some nudes before I get over there it would make you less distracted thinking about it.

Do NOT ask for nudes. That's gonna get you shut the fuck down. She's obviously into it, just go over there and make shit happen, she invited you over after you said you wanted to fuck, so do it.

Would it be u ethical for you to come get for a drink? Then you slip the good one

Update ?

He is right. She prefers being laid than studying ... She wants 2 dicks at same. Just tell her you come over. Get your dick wet and fuck her such hard that Andrew will feel a difference in tightness at his next intercourse

i havent said anything yet im waiting for at least 2 of you guys to agree on smtn

>Just tell her you come over.
she said that he shall come over if he had work. anons work for today is to fuck ethics into her

Just pick something and send it. This is going well dont fuck it up.

I agree with the guy that said to bring some books over to act like you need to study. But then just fuck her.

Honestly it's pretty difficult to fuck it up at this point. She literally said you can come over after you told her you want to fuck her.