Your daughter brings home her black boyfriend for the first time

>Your daughter brings home her black boyfriend for the first time
>"Hey Dad, meet my boyfriend Michael!"
How do you react?

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I would ask if he plays basketball
Or if he wants to eat fried chicken and watermelon for dinner
Ask if he prefers mumble rap over lyrical rap
Then I would jack off to the hidden camera videos I have installed in her bedroom

I would ask myself who is this random woman claiming to be my daughter be?

Offer him a beer because I'm not an insecure neckbeard faggot.

back to redddit you nigger

>Have family member shit by black people for a fucking laptop
>I dislike black people because I'm insecure

Go back and stay there.

make a thread about it on Sup Forums i guess asking what to do about it

i'd ask my daughter to consider how her children will feel being raised without a father.

"Hey Mike, nice to meet you."

It really depends. Plenty of black people have redeeming qualities. I would try to get to know him, find out how intelligent he is, what his values are, what his ambitions are.

Many black people who are degenerates are that way because they've been socially conditioned that way and molded by their environment. Pretty much goes for degenerates of all races. Most normies are very weak minded and fall in line with whatever social pressures are around them. With a daughters boyfriend I would just try to figure out their strength of character, and if they are a weak minded normie, what kind of values they've been conditioned with.

Black doesn't automatically make somebody bad, there just happen to be a lot of shitty black people. I actually think the victim mentality that is constantly spouted off at them just makes their situation worse though. People are telling themselves and eachother that they can't make it in the world because they've been dealt an unfair hand, so they don't build up their internal strengths to overcome their situation.

I hate the mentality of slapping an oversimplified view on people just because of simple characteristics, like skin colour, that make them fall into certain labels. Individuals have way more nuance to them, making sweeping generalizations about people based on identity politics is just lazy.

"Sup young blood, enjoy her, she's bit used up"

Their lack of intelligence and emotional control are genetic, user.

Just immediately disown her and enjoy the rest of my life with my wife. It wouldn't even be a difficult choice if this is what i had to deal with lmao.

people actually replying in a porn thread? Must be newguys.

"Nice to meet you son" I'll say with a handshake before welcoming him inside my house to learn more about him. I'll look the man up and down, studying his frame, to see if he is strong and capable of being my daughter's man. "Very good." I say with a nod as I circle him slowly. He might feel bit awkward after my studying, but I'll free the tension by making some coffee for all three of us. After drinking some coffee and learning more about him, I'll tell my daughter to leave the room so I can go through the essentials with the boy. "Make sure you take good care of my girl, Michael. She's seen enough assholes, and I won't tolerate another asshole"
Michael replies with a "Certainly, I love your daughter with all my heart, I would never let anything to happen to her" I smile proudly, bringing my hand onto his shoulder and nodding in approval. "You remind me of myself a little bit Michael, I used to be just like you back in the days..." I say as I lean in closer from behind him, with him sitting on a chair. His breathing gets a little louder, I chuckle. I notice Michael's tension and slowly start to massage his shoulders, occasionally confirming if he's okay by asking "U like?" Michael mostly laughs nervously and just sits still. I slowly move to kneel down in front of him, massaging his thighs, this time I hear an audible moan from Michael. I spit on my hand and afterwards slide it inside Michael's underpants, beginning to feel his big balls and his large, ebony member. "Somebody's excited" I hint with a smirk on my face, pulling his pants down. Michael bites his lips with his eyes closed, shaking now and then from the pleasure and excitement. I begin to suck his dick, with saliva dripping down onto his balls and the floor, but suddenly... my daughter comes back from another room and screams "DAD WHAT THE HELL?! OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING" her face bright red, and the shock is obvious on her face. -

Citation from reputable sources needed.

There aren’t any, but I’ll wait while you try to find something that hasn’t been disprove, debunked, or uncovered as white supremacist propaganda.

She immediately rushes off to call the police (I assume) so me and Michael stop her and tie her on to a chair. We then take turns to beat her until she promises not to tell anyone about what transpired in our kitchen. Since then me and Michael have been living happily together, while my daughter is using drugs and overdosing (She won't accept my relationship with Michael, but fuck the haters. She can deal with it. Me and Michael love each other.)

The End.

That black bitch in the back is not amused.

If he's capable of becoming a productive member of society then cool. If not the he can fuck off.


Who's behind that post?

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Invite them to dinner, of course. Offer to grill some steaks. Offer them drinks. While the daughter and her mother are doing their thing in the kitchen, Michael and I retire to the deck, where the grill his.
"So, Michael, what do you do for a living? What do your parents do? Do you have any brothers and sisters? How did you meet my daughter?"
We while away the time as the steaks cook on the grill. I find out all about him.
Now, there are several ways this could go. You know what I mean, right, Sup Forums? I mean, we're men of the world. We've been around.
To get where I am, you can't play by the rules. Those rules are meant for other men. Lesser men. Not for men like you and me, Sup Forums.
Is Michael one of us? Not his skin color. There's more to a man than his skin color or where he grew up, right?
"The content of their character," as Dr. King said. That's what we judge them by, right? Our children? And the men they bring home?
What I'm getting at, Sup Forums, is that there are several ways this could go.
Michael and my daughter could be very happy together. Michael could become part of my life, share in the legacy of our family, make something we can all be proud of.
Then again, Sup Forums, our children are their own people. We do the best we can, but they are going to make their own choices. Has to happen. They have to grow up. You have to let them.
You ever wonder, Sup Forums, what happens to people? You know how you read that people just go missing? They just don't show up where and when they said they would. They leave behind loving families, people who cared about them. It's a goddamn shame, really. You just don't know how life is going to turn out.
You need another drink, Michael? I mean, Sup Forums?

Not bad. We started in the same place, I think, but I took mine in a different direction.

Shoot the criminal who broke into my home and kidnapped my daughter.

Kick the nigger out of my home, then proceed to beat the brakes of my daughter for being such an ungrateful thot and then promptly disown the degenerate skank coal burning waste of space.

Wouldn’t mind if my daughter dated a black guy. She’s never going to date a nigger, I’ll make sure of that.

Tell her I'm proud of her and that she finally brought home a respectable MAN. Easy BBC brainwashing :)

With pride knowing my grandchildren have a chance of having strong warrior genes.

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beat him up

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Your daughter does not carry on the family name so in that regard it does not matter

For a son however.......

What daughter?

My daughter's black so I'd be happy. Who am I kidding ain't no black dad's .

Ask him why he spells Michael with two Ls instead of just one.

this,I don't know and will never know any nigger lovers

Fuck her once he leaves. If she wants to be a whore I'll treat her like one.

Threaten to cut her out of the inheritance if she doesn't break up with him asap.

That'll do it.

No way that niggers name would be Michael probably something like Takwayshawn but I'd just call him boy

Listen by her bedroom door to hear my little girl whimper as she’s being plowed

Exactly. Never met a nigger named Micheal.

Shake his hand and thank him for teaching her things in the bedroom she would never learn from a White guy. I thank my lucky stars lack men taught my wife how to be a slut for me.

Indeed, teach to be a good toy

They were bred for power.
I stan.

I see you.

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I don’t get why white men are so triggered by it. ALL white women should try black men first before moving onto white men the rest of their lives

So hot

Spotted the nignog. Look at the olympics. How many crackers do you see in the 100m sprint final? How many nogs in the pool? Clearly there are genetic differences in the physiology. Why would it surprise you to find intellectual differences too? If you need evidence that nogs are chimps, look at the absolute state of Africa.

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So they can be diseased and parasite ridden no fucking thanks black people are filthy

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Kek incels of Sup Forums btfo

High five the dude at breakfast

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Vick, Jordan, brown .......

>Another one bites the dust

I have a daughter?

hey michael, nice to meet you.

Every black majority place in the world is a shit hole that shows the low intelligence crime stats prove the rest

Not black enough

"Door stays open."

When you moving out?

So Mike ... I see you like my sloppy seconds.

hello Michael, I have a few questions, these questions must be answered correctly before you are allowed to date my daughter, 1) the MOST important question, are you a Christian? 2) will you treat my daughter with respect and admiration? 3) and this is very important, who shot first? 4) post Disney or pre Disney? 5) who did you vote for in the last election? and who will you vote for in the next one 6) are now or have you ever been a member of the communist party? 7) does 2+2=5?

He might be a nice guy, but I still want grandchildren that look like me. Also if my daughter brought home a black guy that would mean that the ideology I'd been subtly instilling in her all her life wouldn't be working, or that he was a good enough guy for her to circumvent all she'd been taught. Either way I'd tell her privately to break up with him later, citing statistics on violence and fatherlessness in black on white relationships.

one more question, favorite sports teams? answer this one wrong and I just may have to shoot you, lol, I'm kidding, or am I?

Ask what he does for a living.

If he does anything below $20 an hour assume that my daughter is dating her drug dealer and feel great shame without expressing it beside cold indifference.

Acting like you hate her boyfriend is a guaranteed way for her to marry him. Act indifferent to it and it'll eventually fall apart if you think she's as smart as you think.

That's still insecurity user. It's from trauma, but you're still being a crybaby and blaming an entire race for the actions of one man. I hope you don't shit on black people everytime they complain about them being murdered by the police.

Strength is worthless if you don't have a father to teach you how to use it properly


At least i'm not in prison for aping out like your half nigger grand kids no doubt will

>"Hello Michael, it's nice to finally meet you."

I'd say "Hi, nice to meet you" because i'm not a insecure neckbeard like most of you

wowie big peepee

half their entire race commits crime, when my odds are 50/50 that i'll encounter a criminal nigger i have to assume the worst