Has anybody actually ever met a fat woman who is not loud, annoying and retarded?

Has anybody actually ever met a fat woman who is not loud, annoying and retarded?
I have yet to encounter such a specimen.

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they are all awful

Ok boomer

Honestly, one of the women in my PhD program is seriously obese and an impressive scholar. But she's also sniveling and pathetic, so, different kind of shitty.

Ok zoomer

Ok in betwixt boomer and zoomer

I know one.

Just the one though.

Tons of fun, super nice, nonjudgemental. Just fat.

>loud, annoying and retarded
Yeah, there was one really quiet one that was trying to date me in college. Ended up turning her down, but she was still nice

The tightest sweet smelling pussy I have had was on a fatty girl. All females are annoying who gives a fuck about that

Your mom

Found the African American gentleman


Spotted the fattie zoomer

I've only met 2 I can saw were actually nice and genuine and 1 actually lost a lot of weight and is now living a happy healthy life ...how ever holy fucking shit they are the black people of whites

heh. came in here to see if any high iq anons had suggested a "Trans-Slenderman" yet but looks like Im the only big-brained son of a bitch in the room....

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Yes. Ended up marrying her. Been enjoying that virgin pussy for nearly two decades now. She's also funny and appreciates fat humor. The other day a pic of a fat chick was posted and she said
>Just my type...Type II.
Personality seriously matters.

>enjoying the virgin pussy for decades

That small, huh?

This one is the worst

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Yes but she has now lost the weight after decades of being obese.

similar, fat but not really obese, low self-esteem
I didn't want to take her out in public
but she was happy to fuckbuddy all night

Sorry incel, I'll explain: when you take a woman's virginity and keep it, it continues to be virgin pussy, unlike the roastie flaps you're going to be swapping Subway gift cards for in order to touch a woman one day.

What the fuck are you talking about user, you sound retarded

Nope I’m a white guy but now that you mentioned it, the fatty chick was black

>not understanding the concept of vagina that hasn't been wrecked by 38 chads beforehand
my condolences for your lack of comprehension.

Only fat white and black women are like that

Jeez - I can't be doing with all these loud-mouthed, self-opinionated, smelly, repulsive fat wastes of space with their delusions of following Peter Paul Rubens standards of "beauty": that's just a super thin veneer of oily paint pornography that some perverted old faggot created, because Hugh Heffner hadn't been born yet to pander to his weird feederism fetishes.

Virgin means no sex at all.

She may not be a slut but she is technically not a virgin anymore.

stupidest thing I've read so far today
Likely to be the stupidest all day

enjoy rubbing against Tyrone's treadmarks

A cogent and well-reasoned response®

>People are disagreeing with me and I don't have the mental capacity to even consider I could be wrong.
>Best attack them without making any statement. That will show them!

damn thats small....

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I cant fuck the one I know, we're both married. But I'm 95.5% sure she would if we had a chance. I really just want a blowjob, I know for a fact she'd do that and Im sure she'd be awesome at it, my wife even gave the okay on that if the opportunity ever arose.


Best part about this is that nowhere does user state he is referring to anons tiny dick. I thought he was referring to the wifes vagene, but some people must be obsessed or abnormally insecure concerning cock size.

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Older women, my grandma's fat and she's cool as fuck.

My fat girlfriend requires constant validation.

That's weird, usually fat girls have waaaaay too much self confidence

there is also the variant that is quiet, incredibly stupid, and smells like fried food

There's no fucking way that inner tube his hold up that much donut oil.

> uses incel terminology
> calls user an incel

Yep, I'm engaged to one. They are as rare as hen's teeth, though.

1 out of 3 is as close as you'll ever get.

>stupid stupid stupid
yes, why didn't user consider these reasoned and stimulating counterpoints?

Just because she has sex with you doesn't mean she's bearable to be around.

He's not wrong. Most women are retarded.