What really happened?

What really happened?

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Go back 3 years and figure it out faggot

Jews happened.

Probably never know since all physical evidence was destroyed.

corporate greed

The twin towers never existed.
They were holograms and it was just a video so they could make the tsa to frustrate passengers because the Jews own airplanes.

George bush was super based.

Some buildings fell over in New York. Americans got pissed and never stop going on about it. Rest of the world really doesn't give a shit and just wishes America would shut up and move on. It was a long time ago, user.

Hulk Hogan turned heel

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jew lightning

[b]United[/b] states of America
Two to One

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Passports specifically belonging to people of interest on three different flights were somehow not incinerated in the fireballs.

Because a passport that went from being in the pocket of a hijacker to being found on the grass still legible is obviously not total bullshit.

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anyone who believes the official story is either ignorant or a slave

Just read the redacted pages that got released a few years ago. They basically say flat out that Bush was complicit and had intelligence that something like this would happen and that the Saudis funded and supported the whole thing.

>What really happened?
The collapse of a massive erection disappointed Bush. The same story happens every evening all around the world. Don't know why this one made the papers.

>all physical evidence was destroyed.
not a factual statement.

Bush was paid by private weapon manufacturers to start a war by any means so that the private companies could mass-sell their products to the military

incredulity is not a logical argument. A lot of materials from the planes were found unburned.

Republicans did a false flag so they could start a false war and sacrifice innocent Americans to make themselves richer

>say flat out that Bush was complicit
not a factual statement. try again

>pew pew pow pow

Read the official 911 report, that way you will at least know what didnt happen

19 sand niggers hijacked planes and killed a bunch of people with them.

Source? Your pic is unrelated

You are an ignorant cuntflap

This honestly sounds the most plausible given the state of the GOP


9/11 truthers are mentally ill. Prove me wrong

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Ooh, it was a beeg conspiracy which entailed planting hundreds of explosive charges without ever being detected and the involvement of hundreds of people who never leaked a word, even on their deathbeds. Bear in mind five people can't keep a secret.

jet fuel can't melt steel beams

>What really happened?
Can't tell, I was just playing a nice game of Tetris.

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Fine. If you want to get technical, it wasn't Bush himself.

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Two jetliners hit the towers, it caused a very hot fire, it weakened the steel structure and the weight above the damage buckled the building, coming down like a jackhammer.

Do you even?