So idiot pitbull owners always say, don't blame the dog, blame the owner. Agreed...

So idiot pitbull owners always say, don't blame the dog, blame the owner. Agreed, there should be a national law that if your pit bites someone, the owner is charged with a felony assault and the dog is euthanized

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and the owner

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I'm sorry that dogs scare you. It's ok. We can build you a safe little bubble to live in.

Check out the story of the chick whom was mauled to death in the woods by her OWN pit bulls while taking them on a walk. Fuck these dogs.

Can we get more anti-pit memes? I fucking love these

In what backwards shithole do you live where that's not already the case?

There is nothing dumber than a pit bull owner.

Are Pit Bulls the only dogs known for harming children?

How free you must feel to have no sense of responsibility whatsoever.
Are you a nigger by any chance?

dog owners are cucks, plain and simple

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Totally agree. Also, the goal should be the eradication of the species as a whole.

Not 100% but very close to that, yes

Nigger dog owner detected

t. Toxoplasm inhaler

No, there are always exceptions like abused dogs that will attack anyone or jsut a crazy dog. But when literally 99.6% of a breed violently attacks someone in their lifespan it kinda becomes their thing

When I was a kid, I went to my neighbors house next door to see if that kid wanted to play, and i got attacked by a German Shepherd when the door opened. Some dogs are just assholes man.

neat tale fam

yo thats dumb. older people have pets when either their s.o's die, or when their kids leave the house so they don't blow their brains out.. this chart is not useful at all

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You’re so soft

Said the pitbull to the toddler

Never been bit by a pit. Even the barking growling ones. My daushound bit me twice yesterday. My pittie just barks and chase away coyotes. Dosen't kill them just scares them.

>owner is charged with a felony assault and the dog is euthanized

Niggers fucked up the breed. We should put the niggers to sleep.

I hate that animals have to suffer because retards want to try their hand at animal husbandry.

Pits are cancer.

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>Never been bit by a pit

Rotts and German shepards are more dangerous

I don't think neither the owner or the dog is at fault
problems are always caused because of socio-economic status

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We managed to get rid of smallpox. How hard can it be to eradicate all pitbulls.
They only exist as props to flawed and fucked egos.

dogs are a product of their owners BUT pitbulls were bred to clamp down and not let go. also, because they have a reputation, people keep breeding the aggressive ones.

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