If you voted for this man then do us ALL a favor and take a long walk off of a short pier

If you voted for this man then do us ALL a favor and take a long walk off of a short pier.

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That would fall into the category of 'Solving a problem', not 'Adding to a problem'.
So no they can never do what you ask.
Unless it made Dems angry, then they'd get right on it.

Can someone redpill me on Bloomberg? Why should I vote for him instead of, say AOC or Andrew Yang?

fake and gay

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>Thinks Sup Forums votes
Topkek retard

How about you make like a tree and leave...... this country.

Absolutely based and checked.

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I'm just asking the question: What unique points are there about Bloomberg that I should be aware of? Yang's got his "high and dry" plan as well as yangbux, that's his USP.

You seem upset.


Why dont you make like Juicy Smollette and drink bleach.

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really makes me wonder why you're thinking she would be running against bloomberg or yang

How about you step out of your safety bubble and talk shit on the street to real men? Oh, that's right. You're just a scared little kid.

Just asking questions and trying to determine who I'd like to see run.

Currently, nothing is really determined and want to be prepared

Wow that's such a good one. Gay fag

Trump legit wants to kill Democrats. He just needs to destroy the independent FBI and Military leadership and we are good to go on genocide.

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It would be my pleasure, Smollette is someone everybody hates.

>nothing is really determined
it's determined that AOC can't become president in the 2020 election

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Yang is a joke.
This guy appeals to retards that have no understanding of inflation. What do you think will happen if every individual starts to receive a guaranteed universal income - let’s say $1,000 per month? The cost of a studio apartment across the US would jump to $1,000 per month minimum. The cost of ALL housing would sky rocket. The cost of food and goods would sky rocket. Wages would drop. Ultimately, without regulations such as rent and price control, inflation will ALWAYS bring things back to a standard where you are fucked out of everything you receive and earn.

That's pretty gay user. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The way it works in the US is that there are "favorites" that are "blessed" by the given party. But these are only likely candidates.

At the end of the day, the party big wigs can choose whoever they want. I realize that AOC is unlikely, but as we've seen in 2016, "never say never"

>Sup Forums vote


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To be honest as a former card carrying Republican I never voted for broke donny nor Hillary. Or Obama or Romney. Voted McCain in the primary but not in the general. Nor would I vote Reagan. There's a lack of actual Republicans left. Vote yang 2020 since meh outside mayor Pete everyone else is a shill, fake Republican or just retarded. Sad in a Republican region of the us trump only won by 4% when the last 20 candidates won with 30% avg

blessed? what the fuck are you even talking about? you should realize that AOC wouldn't meet the age requirements to become president until 2024 at least, right?

K bub. Get out of your chair every now and again. It's good to walk. Fatty.

I know a little girl we might have to send to Jelly School mkay....

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Take it to Sup Forums you fucking niggers

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True, there is the age restriction, so AOC is off the table.

Anyway, to my original point, what's the deal with Bloomberg? Any relevant USPs on him?

any what?

They got kicked out I'm sure because of their old moldy pasta and generally just being gay.

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What's his unique selling point? What makes him different than the other candidates?

omg faggot there is no "signature" difference because its moot because he isnt really running. Isnt this general knowledge or am I fucking Dib Membrane over here?

>The establishment wishes to protect one person and wishes to destroy the other, imagine the shock. The head of the FBI runs out and stammers a statement "exonerating" her at the eleventh hour because they want it to go away, the AG can't do it because she was caught in a secret meeting with her husband just before.
You're not really convincing anyone.

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I thought Bloomberg announced his intention already.

I'll take a short drive to the voting booth and vote for him again.

best economy in the world.. suck it libtard.

Incumbent always wins if economy is good, and its fucking incredible right now. Trump has already won 2020.

Yay, we all get minimum wage and have to work 3 part-time jobs to just get by!

Great economy, mate. :-/

nothing says you owned the libtards by voting for a guy who's been one most of his life.LOL,cadet bone spurs really knew how to win over the uneducated

Just because you only make minimum wage and suck at life doesn't mean everyone else does too. Try harder faggot.

>and its fucking incredible right now

no,actually it isnt.just because trump's supporters are poor hillbillys doesnt mean the economy is doing good.its been a pile of shit since 2008

i personally would rather republicans pick somebody else in 2020,i dont want 4 more years of watching republicans defend trump's left wing bullshit

How about no?

Someone has Trump Derangment Syndrome

It's objectively great. Your pea brain opinion doesn't change reality.

I have never made minimum wage. At 16 became a food server at a 5 star resort and made $19 an hour. At 19 became a bartender and made a lot more. Been salaried since college. It's not that hard, you're just not trying.

yeah and so did I. Vote user 2020. Heres a commercial of me kissing black kids and slappin cubicle workers on the shoulder with a firm smile. Congratulations. We must stop this. user can. Paid for by sum faggot.

But that's exactly what's happened. More people are doing part-time "gig" work than ever before.

Kind of depends on where you are and what you do for a living. It’s not so great everywhere.

Classic armchair economist who knows literally nothing about the subject but thinks they know better than plenty of politicians and economists who are suggesting UBI. Dunning Kruger at its finest

If your too stupid to find a good job that's your own fault, not Trumps. Try harder faggot.

I'm doing really well, but that doesn't matter for the purposes of this discussion. I'm talking broad picture, across the country, people are doing worse.

The numbers say otherwise.

There are stupid people across the country. My comment applies to everyone. If they have to work multiple min wage jobs then that's their own damn fault and that's what they decided to do. Stop blaming Trump for lazy people who settle for shit jobs and don't know how to manage money.

You OBVIOUSLY have no idea what "stirring the pot" is. Dumbass.

How many of you idiots understand what deficit spending is, what the result is going to be if you let trump continue it, and what you'll have to do to solve it? There's only 1 answer, and republicans will deny it like their life depends on it.


you forgot to approve the message

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Mfw the polls are closing and Trumps winning the election. Mfw the dems are calling foul again and spend 4 more years on witch hunts instead of doing thier job

Bloomberg is basically someone who sees the hate from both sides who thinks he can buy himself a presidency by throwing millions in advertising as the moderate democrat alternative to Biden. So far his platform is the standard democrat buzz phrases. Warren and Yang don't have workable plans but at least I'll give them credit for presenting something with enough meat to start giving practical rather than emotional assessments.

Classic argument of someone without an argument.

Previous poster is correct. Without countering regulation every government subsidy merely results in corporate welfare as costs raise to match the subsidy. There are tons of examples but probably one of the most cleanest and obvious ones was the tv converter. When tv signals were going from an analog to digital signal to open up bandwidth there was a general outcry that this would disproportionately affect the poor who would become even more disenfranchised from society without tv. Ultimately the government solution was to make available a government funded voucher to pay for a digital to analog converter so no one was forced to buy a new tv and no one would be forced to incur cost because of the conversion. Nice idea. Voucher was meant to completely cover the cost of a basic converter. Voucher was for $20 dollars. One guess as to how much the cost of converters went up after the vouchers were printed up and sent out. Cheapest converters available anywhere were $40

How many of you understand most of the world has negative interest rates right now. People are begging the US to let them invest in the only economy in the world that is always stable. Once Trump gets us out of the middle east and makes other countries pay their own way, deficit spending will stop.

If you think voting for POTUS matters go ahead and take OP's advice.

it matters when the people you elected to the house and senate(both republican and democrat)arent doing a good enough job to stop him

Saw a great quote several days a go. "If voting changed anything they wouldn't let you do it" I think that's why Trump gets so much hate. The elite got blindsided because they didn't say that could happen. Race was supposed to be between Hillary and one of the yet to be chosen "Hispanic Lites"

ok boomer