Waifu thread in the 17:25

waifu thread in the 17:25

with Hirasawa Yui

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>waifu bread
I knew some of the anons here are all gone and start living their own life, while I'm here still hanging out in Sup Forums.

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hey rude

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unfortunately i was not of those to leave yet
i hope you're having fun at least

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Sachiko claimed
Good morning anons

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cute Sachiko
does she have fangs?

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Well I just hope my old friends of mine are doing great this time around I miss them alot, also yeah I just came in and out those past years.

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>Good morning
more like.. good evening =_=
must be nice to still have a full day ahead of you huh...

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Nope. This waifu is fang free my friend

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I guess?
Isn't night time the more comfy one? You're already done for the day, so you can chill

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i hope your old friends are doing well as well. it would be disappointing that they were not.
i hope you are doing well
oh, that is okay, i guess.

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though i have yet to curl up in a fluffy blanket on my bed while watching some horrible show im just watching to get it over with~ :3
that, i'll do later

anyways, hope you are okay
any difficulties lately?
you can tell me :)

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How is you fren?
Same shit as everyone else my friend. I'm doing fine, how are you?

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i am doing okay
are you all right?

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eh... ya sure, at least you're doing fine, that's gud fren :3
am gud... but will get comfy later and watch some stuff as i said.... though i ought to be baking sometime soon! gotta get some cookies ready- it's that time of the year again.
It hasn't snowed yet at least

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>Be me
>Have habit of saying "cool" when I don't know how to respond to something
>user, your cousin died from medical complications last night
Yeah just hanging ten my brotha. Reading a book, sipping some tea.
Cookies are great. It snowed January this year for the first time in a good few. Maybe it will again.

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are you reading the Good Book?

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I like it so far. It was a gift from my cousin.
Er.. a different cousin.

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what book is it?

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A brief history of time - stephen hawking
I used to be really into science as a kid. Physics is pretty cool.

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yeah... science is cool
i hope you enjoy it.

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Thanks! What are you up to user?
Hi Shijou poster

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This thread.

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just wasting time
where do you go when not here?

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surely you must be doing something else

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This post.

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I do.

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do you enjoy it? are you having fun? is there any way i could help?

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y u liek yekoorg?

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y u liek yegoork

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Not really for the most part.

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i think you meant ritsu friend

im sorry i dozed off.... while sitting... not gud :(
i need to get this slep problem sorted out soon >.<

anyways, yes, cookies are gud!! i bake every year
well you seem to like it so i hope it snows for you my fren :)
not for me tho... can stay tf away

gonna curl up and watch stuff now! ^w^
ill post every other ep or so or not idk, so have gud life fren and a gud day!

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Cute lunatic rabbit.

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Same boat then
You too fren. Same on the sleep thing too
Hi Sop II poster

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who dis
...i mean thanks :) but...

you too?!
oof... sorry then, sucks right? lots of time lost sometime.... need more iron in me, an IV every week isn't enough it seems

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a friend
sorry i've bothered you

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need more beer

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Just get more beer.
Heya niggy.
Ur welcome.

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How's the job hunt?

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tell me something about hitler most don't know

I'm waiting for responses currently.
He was a proto-feminist.

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what do you mean

Drink up cunt

can't, stores are closed
Already am

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He introduced government reforms that aided single mothers and women in the workplace. Though, you can't really call him a feminist in the modern sense of that word, since nowadays feminism is aiding women while undermining men. He didn't do that, he helped women but they were still considered as supporters of men. The patriarchal hierarchy of the family was still maintained.
Break in, take booze and leave money on the counter.

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Drink more

you got a link/links to something i can read i know women in the industrial revolution fought for being stay at home mothers. hitler promoting women in the work force doesn't add up as he wanted everyone to go back to their rightful calling

I came here to smug at you.

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Where my drinking bar mate at

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Imagine drinking at a bar and spending 5 dollars on a glass of lite beer that less than 5% abv.
It's kinda gross.

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Ran 5 miles earlier, feeling good.

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keep it up dont let the nihilist faggots pull you down

i claim Jucika

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we are so proud of you user, good job!

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No links sorry. Well, reforms for women in the workplace were mostly passed when Germany started losing the war and they needed more manpower.
Very cool.

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well do you got any links to something you find interesting about his policies or unknown facts or even about that time period
wasn't most of woman's work force rights gained because WW1 and WW2 as they needed bodies to produce clothes weapons and ammo

Haven't encountered anyone like that, but I won't let it happen.
Not as bad as I though it was going to be.

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Oh I had an entire website I'd love to link, very interesting stuff on it but it goat shoahd by wordpress, I tried going on it couple of days ago.
How many miles do you usually run?

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Good cardio soul poster

Usually three. Even though it was overcast it didn't rain. Perfect weather.
My soul is now healed. Legs are a little sore though.

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Ritsu is better than Yui user

But i respect your choice

Nice, proud of you. Overcast is the best weather for exercise. Usually not too cold, not too hot. Just right.

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Elongating until it stings is quite satisfactory after a long run.

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I'll drink a boomer drink in your honor.

got no moneys tho
already am

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Defiantly not as bad as I though it was gonna be, I had fun.
Had a nice snack afterwards. It was a good day.
Drink to my health.

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Got runner's high?

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I fkn hate ISPs.. what does my 10/10Gbit connection net me if I have to deal with packet loss...

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speed is not always correlated to reliability

Duh.. It's just getting so bad that not even spotify is stable anymore. I expect more. I'll have to trash talk em tomorrow and force em to fix this shit. I can still get my 10gbits but the connection drops every minute because of brutal packet loss spikes.

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Then pay later.
Running itself I despise, but it feels good afterwards

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hitler u a genius

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Sort of, wasn't as tired out as others were. Felt good though.
You'll be ├ťbermensch one way or another.

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Yeah I know. But it can be hard sometimes.
That's true. Just have to read big boy books and lift big boy weights.

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The ├╣bermensch is something unnatainable for modern men, rather something that has to be worked towards as a species to achieve.
Yo Sachiko.

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Why do all the pics I have of this girl she is always calling someone a niggy

Hihi what's up?
I'm not sure, but I know it's her nickname that she got from here.

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I got done preparing my equipment for a parade I have tomorrow.

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Just chillin in the dark my friend. Parade sounds fun

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They are, sometimes.

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I might try to catch one night worth of good sleep. Several consecutive nights of half-assed resting is starting to take its toll.

I rest for a while now.

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night cute

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