I am the 'Fairy of the Future'. Just tell me what you want to happen for you tomorrow, and I'll grant your wish

I am the 'Fairy of the Future'. Just tell me what you want to happen for you tomorrow, and I'll grant your wish.

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I want the san andreas fault line to activate, thus leading to a chain of catastrophes, topped by the yellowstone supervolcano erupting

I want her to call me
>she won’t

I want my employer to start paying me 40 an hour for the engineering work I do like they said they would....four years ago.

Send me back to 2012.

Aww little white collar bitch doesnt have the nuts to be confrontational and demand pay for his work...maybe, just maybe you suck at your job and arent worth the pay

Hope you enjoy learning russian or chinese

How's being 13 working out for you?

Finally get balls deep in the office girl

I wish for a footlong x2 veggies meat and cheese with a bag of sour cream and onion chips, and mix me up some Mtn.Dew with orange crush, large please.

I want a job tomorrow

Kelsey randomly gets super into me ok tyvm fairy

My girl asks me to fuck her

Immortality like in Highlander

Become a millionaire


I just wish OP would stop being such a giant flaming faggot for once.

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i want to tittyfuck jessica and have her cook me spicy chili for dinner

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i want to be happy

This is not a feels thread anons come on.

i want my girlfriend's biopsy to come back with good news

Guy's right though...

What dimwit lets himself get abused like that?

I wish for world peace

Probably scared to leave because vacation built up and too afraid to ask because they'll shitcan him

All of (them) die off

No more wishes come true after this post
Fuck you all

>Take up all vacation days
>Find new job in meantime

Also, being afraid of being canned is being a poor employee. Why else be scared?

I want my girlfriend to end our relantionship

My mango is to blow up then act like I don't know nobody

no porn on Sup Forums

i want to pass my exam

i want to coom!

i want a irl girl who is as sexy as this fairy that will love me forever and think im cool and handsome.