Sissy / Trap Thread

Sissy / Trap Thread

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Kik is aabatteryalex

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Do a nazi salute

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i dont understand size queens

Ricki gang

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Shilling myself

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very nice
got any more?

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They like big dongers

Do the nazi salute


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Do a nazi salute

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So what are you gay wads doing?

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Did you manage to get a pic of the collection? It's me from last thread

Whoever this was was having sex with a black guy.

The girth feels incredible honestly

Also this dude should learn to clean out better, but I honestly never took anything that deep and big, either way if he was going to make a video it would have been best to clean out so shit doesn't come out at the end.

Quads of truth

Fucking delicious

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trigger the people pretending to be straight

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hey that's me!
glad some people save my content

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thats too much dude, you're fucking your own guts with that

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hey im down
youre pure webm material

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My snapchat: Itz_femboycasey
If anyone wants to chat.

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Such lovely sissys

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I got more webms haha

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Got any showing off that sexy hole?

hell yeah thats cute!
i like the shoe blanket too

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More like getting them hard ass fuck just mmm.

how the fuck am I supposed to eat my lunch without some sauce

so hot

Can you be a trap and have a big dick? As in does anyone find that hot??

Who that

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Yes I find it very hot. Especially if it’s in my mouth

yes, absolutely

Maybe not trap but it doesn't stop from wearing pretty girly outfits. And I do love a cock poking out of sexy panties.

didnt expect a reply but im glad i asked.

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nice trap peen is a must for me

What we all wanna know. How big are u?

Any no-panty upskirts like pic related? (preferably better lit)

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about 8'7 impossible to wear any female cloths hard

sounds hot

got any pics you're willing to share?

wow. i bet, id ride you/have you in my mouth any time


Uhh sure

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holy fuck how wide are you?

6'3 last meassured

hot! more?

wrong tag

Nice. Would love to see it under a skirt

i just came buckets to your dick

all 4 times with skirts have been too short semi longer one might just keep it hidden

This really needs a source

...even better. Love seeing cock making a tent or lifting the skirt up. Sexy as fuck.

another for you x

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can you suck your own dick? How far can you go if so?

the source is you, 9 months from now after you've started your hormone regimen and going to the tanning salon

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Id prefer it tents like dresses that have a lot of room tighten up all over

Love it. Got any more? Maybe show off that sexy cock of yours.

As someone who is on HRT, I'm pretty confident that's not going to be anyone's dick in 9 months on e.

Yeah i can get about a third the way down. 3inches max


My dick stayed the same size because I kept using it 5 times a day just like before

Traps can watch me selfsuck


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Like my bestie says, "home is where no pants are."

Just got off work, gonna hang around in my panties for a bit. ;)

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Ever eat your cum?

That works too. I just love the idea of where all that have is a hard cock poking up under a skirt/dress.

i love your ass, got kik?

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thats a good way to live

You know it. Makes netflix and chill more fun ;)

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i'd like to grind my dick between your cheeks

no im actually straight i just asked the question cause well guess im bi.