Sup Forums, I'd like you're thoughts on something, but first let me give some backstory

Sup Forums, I'd like you're thoughts on something, but first let me give some backstory
>be me
>senior year of high school
>I met this girl I was infatuated with
>she was really into me
>girl is 15 and I'm 17, about to turn 18
>I was really into her but didnt want to catch a case
>couldn't make up my mind if I should make it work
>she keeps pressuring me to date her
>one day she tries to sit on my lap
>I wasnt comfortable with this
>I basically force her off my lap and she gets mad at me
Long story short, she now hates me and thinks I'm a dick. She refuses to talk to me now.
My best friend is still friends with her and he's telling me about all these things shes saying and doing around him and she is very obviously into her. Now, I want them to be happy, but at the same time I cant help but feel betrayed, cheated, and feeling like I missed out. It's two years later and I'd take her back in a heart beat, but she refuses to understand my reasons as to why I was so conflicted by her.
How do I cope with this? I feel like I want to kill myself bc she was absolutely perfect and I threw it out because I wasnt willing to make it work. She now hates me and I'll never get her back.

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you blew it you dumbarse dickhead

you stupid cuck. One does not kill himself over a thot.

Plenty of fish in the sea

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I forgot to mention that her parents were pretty crazy and it was very possible they'd report me to the police if they found out we were dating

Why didn't you both just keep the relationship a secret? It's not like you both needed to walk around holding hands and kissing

My parents are 3 years apart and they met in high school. Not only that but i knew a girl who dated a college freshman as a junior and no one cared. You’re a retard and yes you blew it.

Her parents tapped all if her devices

Just explain the misunderstanding and let the river flow. Just a minor misunderstanding. Plus, 2 year gap? Get over it kid. You're too young to be complaining about that shit.
Whether this is bait or not.

Doesn't matter just turn them off im sure you both meet in person, have her lie about who shes hanging with etc. You sperged out, you blew it and for the rest of your life you're gonna be thinking "what if". It happens.

I can assure you it's not bait. I really messed up and it's entirely on me. I just hope I can get through to her


Jesus christ what a faggot. Don’t get to her, show dominance, and make your friend feel he is below you for being second pick. If you are bangable you should be able to tease other chicks to the point her possession stats scale and she comes back to you

Eh she's young they'll break up or something and you'll be rebound

Same user just to say that if you are indeed planning to kys, do it because you are faggot and not because of a girl.

You were infatuated with her, she wanted you, you rejected her and now youde do anything to "get her back"?

Get her back dude, fuck you, you never had her. Other people live on this planet, and other people have emotions, lives, drama, and hearts too.

You were handed something you wanted and you chose drama snd games over her. Thats who you are.

Move the fuck on, stay in your lane, quit looking for pity, holy christ.

Soo...he was behind of all that..

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You had a chance but you were too much of a pansy faggot to take it. Now somebody else has a chance and nobody cares what you think

This is clearly a LARP. The lvls of faggotry


Dude, just put this into perspective. There's always next time. You're gonna die guaranteed after 50 years of age, unless you make dumb choices, or you're incredibly unlucky. It's quite white washed when you hear, but I personally think you shouldn't take this lightly.

All the choices you make, smart or dumb, will effect. I'll probably die before im 52 because of my serious alcohol problem I just got over with, but the thing is, im 26 now.

You’re a fag. So much so that I begin to believe you are OP multiposting shit in a schizo event.

You are a fag. Hold that in, then stick them in.

How huge?

This guy isn't wrong. Don't be a bitch. There's other fish in the sea.

Well you fucked up your life by letting this one girl slip through your fingers. You better just kill yourself and start the whole thing over.

Not Op, but I think Op is a huge bitch for looking for symoathy for losing out on a girl whom he alrewdy had a major shot with.

But hey if you think im Op and you think Im a fsg, i guess we kinda have the same opinion of Op so, all is good.

Closer to 5ths everyday. But that's more like, after I get off work, 3/4 the 5th is gone, wake up, finish it, go to work, rinse and repeat until I can't tolerate it. take a quick break, do it again. been at it for 5 years. but it's winded down because I can feel the damage being done. I started from 5ths and 12 packs everyday, to pints when I just need a quick fix, then it started slowing down to bottles of wine everyday, or a couple just to "fix" myself.

Slowly detoxing alcohol is definitely painful. I'm on my 3rd day of sleep deprivation, and nearly stone cold sober. But not 100% sober I guess. Had a couple drinks last 2 days, but only to get the shakes to fuckin stop. The cold sweats still happen. Coffee seems to help me relax.

You a faggot go get laid you'll forget about this bitch trust in Sup Forums she ain't shit man if she's only 15 man fuck dat shit

You should look for professional help, they can help with the shakes.

Nah, I'm smart enough to handle it. Just, note recently before the last 3 days. When you have so much alcohol damage, you're puking up blood and you wake up with blood shot eyes? I think that's a point where you should straight up just quit.

I am your age, having somewhat the same problem, not so aggressive i guess... but it is definitely hard as all hell.

I'm gonna tell you now. That's not up to you to decide. That's your body. One day, you're just gonna wake up, and say
That's pretty much how it happened for a lot of addicts. It just happens naturally, or you kick the bucket. It's willpower. Right now, because of what I have experienced in life, my willpower couldn't be any stronger right now. I'm happy I made this change, and I already have immediately started noticing the change. But the change began when I went to jail for 105 days, in a place that might as well be prison. Was on lockdown for 18 hours out of the day, then turned to 21 hours half way through my sentence. You unload a lot of "packages" when you're in there, but I guess I didn't let go of enough, or so I thought I had.

Should've fucked before you turn 18 and it's legal to fuck if she 15 and ur 17. Js.