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Yeah baby, rock that cock.

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I don't know

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why would i beat rice?

Mitsuboshi Colors
Episode 12

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Ily user you are loved and appreciated please don't kys this month

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Whats the source on this?

oh shit, I remember reading that manga, it was one of my first faps ... about 25 years ago

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moar demons/bunny girls

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the game is full of them, you should play it
mega #!fEggEITA!7G_dumBE08r6EvNCDfyrJni30UyU8tuy-VZE9hN3lz8

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name of game? is it in English? and what's the narrative like? I like porn for the sake of porn but without a semblance of purpose or narrative to really immerse the viewer/player there's really no lasting value for me.

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>is it in English?
uh not really, there's only a shitty partial, learn Japanese dude
> and what's the narrative like?
you're a kindergarten teacher among monster girl lolis. Most the time they rape you, but when you go down their "good" path you instead learn more about their problems, monster society and so on.

though I mostly play it for the porn.

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whats the engine being used for the game?

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>learn Japanese dude
eh been tryin'. Don't really have the time to study anymore. I was motivated to learn after a delay in a fanslation of Teaching Feeling, one of my favorite little hentai games had a hiccup with progress after its owner sperged out on Twitter about pirates and unauthorized English and Spanish releases on torrent sites and MEGA.

>dat premise
The more I read shit like this the more I realize I'm not a pedophile. Like I like the petites and the smol but I think I'll avoid the blatantly pedophilic themes. Shits just..not my taste.

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wheres this from?

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most common engines I see being used for hentai games now are Renpy, Tyrano, and Unity.

but for the game he linked, I legit don't know. Could be Renpy or some home-grown thing.

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kissXsis. not hentai.

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Loli server

Loli server

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Kiss x sis i think It was OVA

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isn't it some rpg-maker stuff? or wolf engine, which is basicaly the same?

Damn, we really need some good english games... I can't wait for work to be over so I could go home and try to polish my loli drawing skills...

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any loli discords?

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