What happened to this lesbian?

What happened to this lesbian?

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From another era. Back in the 10's. Something to do with school shootings. World grows up so fast.

Likes to eat shit

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Forgotten. Like all crisis actors.

This is fucking sad

Yessss.... tell me more about how she crashed and burned.

I'm serious. Im not being sarcastic. I hate this bitch. I want to cum hearing about how she failed her fuckass social structure beliefs..

Hope she got cervical cancer for bullying that shooter into killing people, then absolving herself of all guilty because "you didn't KNOW him"

who ?

she's exceeding in Harvard, and being scouted by several other Ivy League schools for her doctorate (all paid for) and post-doctoral studies. She'll go on to make 7-figures off the bat, whilst you're still whining about how much you hate her :)

Looks like she'd make a good character for a new Alien's movie. Twist: There's no Aliens, just knowing about them fucks people up.

I sleep better than her, and I'm happy. That's the meaning of life.

Who the fuck is this?

I think she was in stranger things

The demigorgan!?.. YEA!! Thats where I know her from!


I have trouble sleeping, I envy your sleep ability.

Alochol, my man... Drink lots of it to drown out the horrors of America. Do you live in USA?

The far left threw her to the roadside when she no longer served a political purpose. Same way they are now phasing Greta out of the spotlight after she got ratioed on Twitter several times this week cause she lied about being forced to sit on the train floor even though the train company provided video of her being given a 1st class train cabin free of charge.

Once these spoiled narcissistic brats become a liability, they get disowned by the far left.

Nope, i'm going to go camping to get over it sometime soon. Thanks for the advice though. I don't drink. No drugs nothing, somehow that's a problem.

She has nice feet someone post the pics

Apparently she's still triggering mouthbreathing neckbeards across the internet to this day.

top kek
grow up

That'll knock you out but it's poor quality sleep, mane.

If you don't post it, it won't come back.

Disliked your shitty youtube channel

This lesbian

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Don't know. Don't care.

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who is dis?

Quit being a bitch and hit the weed a little bit before bed. Great sleep.

Also, camping does wonders to sort yourself out. I went about 15 miles into the boundary waters for 2 weeks and it changed my life. I was on the verge of ending it, but having nothing but yourself and nature out there, it forces you to deal with things. You can't just distract yourself with TV, drugs, and music.

The Shills moved on to it global warming says they didn't get their way with guns

i stopped caring after a 30 day ban for posting her pull up titties

Since* they

Apparently you can't post her nudes here or you get banned

>REEEEing at people who you've never met

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How DARE you

Yesterday's news and the media needs to write about today's news. She'll surface again some ten years down the line when she goes into politics and uses that bit of history to try and gain traction.

I'd assume a writer for vox or huffpo now (or something similar).

Replaced my Greta :/
(Maybe she was getting too old?)

Some dude on ted talks said it's how he beat depression, like hiking all the time, walks around town, whatever he can do to get outside.

What a sad life you must live. Lol

he was shooting that movie Glass.

Kid was a faggot

Not unlike the other faggot from her school who is using it for pro gun bull crap

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Someone stole her shine, pic related

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Disappeared into the void, as crisis actors tend to do

i wanna see her benis

When whites are forced to regroup in the north, we will clear our lands with extreme prejudice. Every fucking goblin will be met with the hate I have cultivated for this cunt, that cunt, those cunts, every nigger. Totally rekt shit.

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Wew lad - are you okay?