Feet appreciation thread

feet appreciation thread

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feet are useful
one can walk with feet

I love toes

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I love bare soles.

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I also like girls who go barefoot outdoors.

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Nude girls feet legs. Post em here

volafile. r/1480edcdc

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My stepsister sends me feet pics kik jayymaggs if you wanna cum to her (no nudes)

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Neon socks

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Creep of my best friends sole

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Bumping for interest.

Ive got more of left and right if anyone's interested

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Lets see left

I love her pics

Thoughts on my ex’s pretty soles?

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Pretty_feet_fantasies on IG
Shes sexy and flirty. Plus does requests

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Left girl in Original pic is now on the right

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Anytime I talk to her i feel like im going to cum lol

They’re ok don’t really care for her pinky toe though

Looks like guy feet but id still lick

Looks like seguaro lake

hiii I'm selling feet pics on kik
pay me on cashapp xoxo

Amazing smooth soles on her


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Defo cute girl feet

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Do we like smelly socks here too?

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Mirror shots?

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is it better if the girl hates it?

No clue what you mean by that bud

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There's an asian girl I know who always goes days before changing her socks

Looking for chubby girls with cute feet

this is actually a common behaviour from asians tbh

Really? Do you know any asian girls who do this?

I have a friend who wears her socks for a week at a time sometimes ive swiped a few pairs from her now so amazing

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Is she asian?

bunch of asian girls i've met and dated, idk the idea behind, but I aint complaining

Pics of any of them?

Nah shes white.