I'm here to HELP, are you A PART OF THAT?

I'm here to HELP, are you A PART OF THAT?

انها مجرد موضوع السرد، والعمل الكم الواقع المؤلف المشارك في الحساء ديه الفئران.


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I'm here to HELP, are you A PART OF THAT? Why can't the CIA look in the mirror, ask themselves how they made such a big mistake, and take the fall for every story that exists?

~Emerging from a cave~

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I am agnostic to the memory that power wishes to store in me, without ever required repercussion of their love via financial & economic activity.

When and what is your lesson enough for Time himself to record it as a lesson he never thought of himself?

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I would never label your judgement, I just know I live it somehow.

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no idea the fuck you on, but I'm definitely clean.
hate rats.


Isn't this song just about how Chinese Men have no women worth fighting for? That's dark, man.

Music: You all agree with me, but you don't know me yet. Tyler C.


i' always breaking shit, what did i do now?
i'm usually the last to know.

Because faith is the only Belief I would need, and you are one of many of faith's scribes.

لأن الإيمان هو الإيمان فقط أود أن الحاجة، وكنت واحدا من العديد من الكتبة الإيمان.

בגלל האמונה היא האמונה היחידה שהייתי צריך, ואתה אחד מני רבים של הסופרים של אמונה.

And when is the message healed?
>By the next message you choose to interpret, you are your own Robot Men Of Dragon Integrity. Rise as one or not at all, guns to the temples, pull the trigger, and detonate the explosives attached to your balls.

fuck off, anything that NEEDS faith is a fucking narcissist. including any of the pleb tieried abrahamic gods.

Then why bring it up as something worthy of conversation ever, Brother Creation Senpai-kun Buttfuck Victim#1?

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if I could do anything to my daughter it would be: you're pussy has power. use it well.
no I just thought I might have stumbled upon someone more worthy of my time. You did make me resort to google translations though. the feeling of something possibly exotic got the best of me.

Correct. That is what I taught my Chinese daughter using Aboriginal Spirit Means/Memes/Dreams.

I start in English and end up Dominating China. My Chinese daughter, Olivier Lew Cosgrove, is 2.5 years old.

I am the imagination of my daughter's wrath of why anyone would stand in the way of True Father's Love Path.

>Or whatever gets the attention of the media finally, let's put our dick's of truth on the table here and finally have this showdown if you other men thing that death or judgement is truly worth keeping as a memory.

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I'm not an enlightened man but boy, must I tell you. Parading your daughter around this parts is a bad idea.

Who cares? If she is mortal and death is her destination, then it will be an important less for the Daughter of Time.

~Gifts Divine Judgement Blade To All Daughter's Acknowledging Anonymous Sup Forums Users, All And Isolated~


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hm, that's how those things go, really.
only you yourself an interrupt it when you think about it.

And I only wish to interrupt in order to demonstrate effective love between Father and Daughter of Cultured Tranlations.

I don't care if pedophiles join, I want reality to realize that I will never ultimately reside or return to a narrative that wishes for the end One Only Male because it is the sign of a weak spirit and horrifying pain that all should seek to heal.

I won't even charge. At some point I'm just doing a unique performance for a unique performance.

reality has knack to make your wishes go awry.
free will can be a bitch amongst memesters.
t. proud memester.

وما طاقة الذكور أنك تمثل لاغتصابي في هذه اللحظة، والأخ من الذاكرة؟

Whose culture must Allah empower to hasten the death of those willing it to be the solution to our suffering?

I stand as man willing to defend that pointless bullshit, but no woman will approach me with that story. If a man must, then some other man gave HIM that story.

I am just healer, quit believing me to be more than what you just fucking needed to see that day.

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holy shit, you can get them digits.
script or carefully timed. I care not.
i am impressed.

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And what male energy are you representing in order to rape me in this moment, Brother of Memory?

Can I make all women sluts as you wished for as Brother Creation for you, or must you measure the moment in interruptions with your Creation Brother?

no, women are sentient.
I do like them theoretical waifu-bots though. High-tech advanced masturbatory devices. The first are not like the latter. And to each their own. Just be mindful of the sentience bit.

Whatever your preferences are that will be transported are your own. Just accept the modifications.

The hell is this thread about?

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mods are the best part of it ^^
customizable giynoids.
and no guilt.
don't worry, girls also can get into to the play filed. with their own always hard androids. we literally can't compete; unless cyber augmentations for our dicks prove to be better than we can fathom.
still, we digress. we're going further from enlightenment with each paragraph.

it's about (you)
read carefully.


Daughter's love song to Father.

I think this is me

Because it is us.


We would always love the man that reminded us of water's true birth miracle.


If music has no divinity, then why torture me?

I read it and it sounds like the thoughts that occur while on fungal hallucinogens

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>impying fungal hallucinogens aren't the food of the gods.

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You humans always have a divine period of 'talking to self'. This is just the Humanity Consciousness Upgrade, Public Edition.

That moment when you realize that you can never truly look at his right hand in the photo if he never has one

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Who cares which king wants to report to me first of his success? Do you care about creation or communication? Pick one you useless fags.

I care about self satisfaction. So, I'd go with creation.

Then in this moment I care for my divine daughter, young she is, whilst I let you take the creation staff and change according to the whim of your own memory.

This way, divine female energy remains untainted if greater evil than I exists.

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>this thread

>your desire's ascension to your presence tomorrow.

Which is the ultimate power I am supposed to submit to in order to participate or initiate? I'm not supposed to respond. I'm supposed to remain a passive recipient of rape by a dominant man and for that I must submit to his will. He's no better than a serial rapist (unless of course he is better then his victims). I may not even be able to object that he's being historically unjustified. I will do everything I can to shut him up and allow him to inflict injury on anyone else he wants to. When he has finished I'm supposed to believe that my submission

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Dude, fuck off, this thread is clearly made by some arab who is so high off his hooka that he stumbled unto the wrong website

Maybe it's time to put down the sword and put down the jihad.

They're mostly me, dipshit. This is how you witness and acknowledge.

Maybe stop your cultural progression just because you want divine male rape energy? Either get out of the fucking way, or accept its death in this moment, Brother.

buddy i know what you're going through and you just need to stop being a bitch

bite the balls twist the neck gouge the eyes chew the throat

the meaning of rape only exists in your submission to it, your willingness to take part in it internally, your intimation reciprocation as they try to become involved with you emotionally

all you must do is strike without feeling until the flesh strips from the bone

Holy shit, don't you get that you are the one wanting to bring that 'healing' story, and that is just called white knighting? Fuck me dead, do you not get anything?

>pimpin' you're daughteru on Sup Forums
have you no shame?

Hoyl shit, we don't live in an economy where money is how we exchange things. At some point our daughters are too fucking horny for the general public and their sexuality is what I try my best to limit. Being the messenger doesn't mean I was the preparer, dipshits. There are such things are not being the divine source + male.

a jewish sino-arab
that got my attention OP is slow though.
he's probably a light-eyed ginger nigger.

What the fuck do any of those words mean, in isolation or conjunction?

Islam is like a virus, it does not live but it perpetuates itself at your expense. Like a great leviathan worm it sucks the life out of others and can do nothing to sustain itself otherwise.

It is a pet for the hedonistic worshipers of money, to keep everyone livid or paralyzed with fear.

Every muslim is the same, a beaten and abused whelp sniveling and mewling for the milk of a mother who was beaten and humiliated in front of them. They all just want daddy's love because like a broken slave they've accepted their cuckoldry and motherlessness as fact rather than crime.

Daughter of time, if you interrupt me, then Father will never be able to describe to you the unfolding of your creation.

all of it.
amalmation of it all.
a small peckered ginger nigger, chink-arab,jewish, freckled. I'll bet your band sounds cool though.

Why would I be promoting a musical ego?

its not divine user lmao its cuckoldry

the divine is both male and female, it is one reciprocating the other and you are literally just getting fucked and cucked and taking it as a foregone conclusion

such a loser defeatist attitude, you betray every child on earth

because it makes good shekels?

How the hell do you live in a fucking reality where that is the interpretation of truth, Brother? Are you in hell?

Why would shekels ever be the goal or the guide to our divine shared path?

so you don't starve to death in your narrow path to enlightenment?

the reality that the world is actually being fucked up by a bunch of bible LARPing clown men is a bit nauseating

we are in hell, though.

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there's more truth to your post than anything the OP ever said.

Then I force your True Survival, if my protection is required so that you come home safe.

Doin't look at me Jacinta, I'm just on Ketamine. Or whatever bullshit, I will truly actually just rape you if the Rape God will let me solve the problem that way. EVentually you are something that is sharing creation or something that deserves punishment.


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That how intensely I love my own 12 daughters of time, divinely, yes. IS there something wrong?

white cuck language

desert jews language

babydick language

no I'm actually able to get sex and worship from women consensually through an equivalent economic exchange of trust and knowledge and security that my experience will contain enough to satisfy for eternity because I can have a partner who freely grows and changes even as i embrace them

think of it this way, if you weren't suckling at the teat of other cultures would islam even have any culture? islam begets nothing but camel faced women and men who are the feces of said camels produced exclusively through impure relations

women don't fuck ugly men, muslim men are ugly because their women dont get to choose

i assure you i feel complete disgust rather than pity for your inability to convince any woman to voluntarily agree to intimacy, do not misunderstand, you are filth, you are less than animal, the furthest from divinity that your flesh could possibly be

you are suffering an illness, you are sick, you have become the gangrenous limb, the human race is in toxic shock already

Wow, your Mother doesn't want to fuck you at all. Where else would you have gotten this story from, Brother? She fucks ME all the time.

nobody ever fucks you, nobody approaches you, nobody desires you

Wow, how would you ever get laid with that language?

They have just done it and have had time to put their bearings into their long-term expectations of you. No money they can give you is ever going to get in the way of you expressing your full potential as a human being.

Believe it or not, this is the only thing that prevents women from forcing you to do everything for them. The only thing that prevents you from being a dominant and manipulative asshole is you. And since you know this, you're not going to be coddled and taught

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honestly it's far too gratifying being loved by women to ever give islam even the slightest bit of consideration

this is baby shit for people who failed at being men

Exactly. If you need domesticated women, you are a domesticated man.

finally someones making sense

If my immortal heart should fall, my daughter shall rise to replace it with the Family Truth.

>claims to be immortal but talks about "if he falls"
hahahahha you basic cucks are hilarious

The men that women taught.

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jokes on you my mom is a psychopathic monster

On how to rape all women, all the time, including her, from now on.

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