What do you think of Pete Buttigieg?

What do you think of Pete Buttigieg?

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Never heard of him.
What's he about?

I think he was created in a lab to be the perfect centrist trap.

I wish he had a real shot at getting elected. The dude is smart.

Is Beavis going to be his VP?

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I don't understand why you're doing that.

Like, i'm a Sup Forumstard. You must realize that isn't a substantial insult to me.

I'm OP. Apparently, Buttigieg's surname is of Maltese origins, from the island nation south of Sicily island of Italy. At first, I thought it was an extremely rare German or French last name, but that's not the story of it.

I think he's gay

textbook electable product. gay, but not falmboyant. solider, but not gunho. mayor of a 'small' town. clean cut white guy. same age as JFK, Washington outsider. is willing to listen to everyone, even the rich people. has some real concerns about that socialism thing. he agrees that 'something' has to change.

He is horrible. He should run for congress not president. yang at least has is stupid 'gimmi dat' free gift if you vote for me scam, what doe pete even bring to the table?

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you use reddit spacing like a fag.

obvious pedophile

I just think it looks cleaner. I've never been a regular reddit user.

>Currently polling lower then Liz Warren's fake Injun head feathers.

Yeah, he's kinda gay.

The msm are giving him a free ride.
There is more to "Mayor Pete" he wont reveal and now he has gone from courting the Progressives to harvesting money from the rich.

Then there are still questions about what happened in South Bend.

Adding to that, he is actually homosexual.


Loose butthole

actually charismatic and funny. Knows how to speak and isn't far left or right. And doesn't look 70+.

linebreaks after the reply looks bad.

Who is Pete Buttbandit?

Haha his name says butt in it

He's the dude that got arrested for breaking into someone's house and robbing them, right? No wonder he's trailing every other Dem candidate. Surprised he hasn't dropped out yet after his failed policies in South Bend, Indiana, has lead to a record number of murders & rapes in the city under his time as Mayor. Hell, the fact he's currently 14 points behind his 2020 GOP Mayoral challenger isn't doing him any favours.

I think it looks good. And more than that, it feels uncomfortable to let it be bunched up. Kind of like a smudge on one's glasses can feel like there is something in your eye.

I put spaces between "paragraphs". And i consider something to be a paragraph when it finishes a single point. Sometimes this includes only one sentence, sometimes it can be a wall.

But much much worse, is how much i love to use comma splices.

You may want to learn that Mayor Pete has been bought by his donors.

"DePaepe alleged in legal documents that, over the span of several months, white officers discussed at length a plan to persuade Buttigieg to fire Boykins, using two Buttigieg donors as go-betweens. “It is going to be a fun time when all white people are in charge,” one officer is quoted saying."


Why do you have that thing by your name?

do you happen to have autism?

Something to note is that when candidates take money from big donors or companies it is an investment. They want to see a return on an investment, which means it is actually a legalized bribe. No matter how *smart* the candidate appears it doesnt mean shit if he is bought.

Sucks a mean dick

It's Sup Forums pass. And i have "since4pass" in my email field. You being able to see it is definitely me being an attention whore. It's optional. Nobody has to display their clover.


Is it OP id? Gold pass user? Faggot badge?

He's a leftist and should be gassed or hung. And for anyone curious, this faggot's name is most closely pronounced as 'Booty Judge'.

>He's a leftist
No he is a centrist, he doesnt support college for all, he doesnt support healthcare for all. He is actually similar to Biden, a centrist.

Oh so it is a faggot badge

fuck off with your blue checkmark. you standing out from just being Anonymous is a bigtime newfag move.

Can't you come up with something more fun than that?

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Oldfag here. Linebreaks are fine. Go neck yourself.

Wall-street plant

They all support the ending of the first and second amendments, open borders, globalism and communism. Proof? Look at Virginia, look at the hands raised when asked about free healthcare for illegals and look at Biden's comments about, "The nation not looking European for much longer." FUCK LEFTISTS!

I dont know where you get your news, but I suggest you diversify.


I've been genuinely dismayed by how pathetic the insults to me about the Sup Forums pass clover have been.

It's seriously 3rd grade shit. I mean, at least be crueler. Like say "your mother sucks cocks in hell", not just "ur a stupid head." Jesus christ, guys.

you are not funny enough to be posting this much man.

Not much of an oldfag if you don't know that indicates someone that doesn't belong here. It's like seeing a gay hipster in Montana.

Yes, but i am shameless enough.

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STFU, faggot. The closest thing the left has to a centrist is Gabbard and your queen scarecrow called her Russian agent... And let me stress again, she has also publicly supported everything I listed above. It infuriates me to no end that you all have absolutely no idea what you're voting for.

Sup Forumstards have been arguing about what it means to be an oldfag since the term was created. And it baffles me how anyone would think in order to be an oldfag you need to NOT think for yourself, but rather follow a rigid set of behaviors defined by some romanticized vision of the perfect Sup Forumstard - which is just like... their opinion, man.

You autism is leaking. you think you are funnier then you are and depend on that as part of your personality, but you lack the skill and discipline to get laughs in person, so you desperately cling to that 'since 2012' as some sort of mark that signifys that you do have a group of people that understands your sense of humor. you pretend to be an old fag because it cloaks you from criticisms,and that '2012' is proof that you came here in one of the worst years since 2016. I hate posters like you becuse its so annoying that you feel that you need to do things differently when the entire reason why Sup Forums has its in jokes is because everyone acts the same way and formats their text the same way. you are not an old fag, you are an etreanl newfag no matter what your pass says.

Bitch, i'm hilarious.

no, the best oldfag move is to simply call someone a fag with no further text or explanation.

Or i just enjoy hearing myself talk. Which also doesn't require convincing you.

You win this round.

I agree. Personally don't trust the fact he worked with McKinsey. Smells like a set up to me.

He has zero chance of being elected.


whats the last pic you saved that made you laugh?

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Maybe yesterday? Couldn't have been more than a week ago.

When someone says I dont know where you get your news. Maybe you should deliver by citing some examples on the ridiculous claims you made and not opinion articles.

not when retard, post an example of your comedy cus this text bantter isnt your strong suit.

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raging fagggooott

My comedy? How does the images i find funny relate to the "comedy" i produce?

But still, here ya go.

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...you are a huge newfag arent you?
saving and reposing other peoples jokes is kinda the basis for this whole operation here man. you know, memes. That's how all this internet humor shit on Sup Forums started. Reposting is alike a Darwinian process you save the funniest ones you see, then repost them where other people then save the best and it repeats and grows and evolves. the actual 'meme' part is the subtle ways users change it as they repost, like a gene.

So by me asking to see what you are saving, I can tell what kid of humor you have, because presumably you are posting your best pics becuse all good old fags contribute to their threads. a quility contribution has to have a slice of originality to it, so that means collecting dozens of pics that are simular, but slightly different. if you are just saving normy teir lowest common denominator pics, then you arent contributing in a funny way.

I cant belive I had to explain ylyl to you. fucking poser.

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He'd lose over his name, unless they did a really strategic marketing campaign, then his name is just super memorable at the ballet box

Sounds like you believe one should use Sup Forums in a very specific way.

I like to use Sup Forums to entertain myself.

nigga, you asked how i can judge your comedy by what you think is funny, and i explained it. posting other peoples jokes is the same thing as telling that joke yourself.

I can tell you like to entertain yourself by shitposting and sturing up responses. its comedy masturbation, your only doing it for yourself. its hard to call that funny if you are the only person who laughs. its like clinical austisim, they love comedy and they love making jokes, but they make no sense and the jokes are really weird.

the problem is when that kind of self joking shits up the place, Sup Forums is fucking sinking in people who don't contribute to threads anymore becuse they think its just like reddit where one fag posts one joke pic and then everyone talks about it instead of people keeping up the img posts. its horrible. you are like a relic of a lost era of shitty Sup Forums posters who should know better by now.

contributing to thread, if you don't like the thread, start your own, its so simple man.


would be our smartest, most thoughtful president

unfortunately most people are idiots and therefore intimidated by stuff like that

Duh. He is open about it and even has his boyfriend at campaign events.

I think Beavis' dad wouldn't approve

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I was watching the debate tonight and apparently he drinks wine in a cave or something?

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He's a faggot
I don't expect this fucking homo to ever win

I want Iori GF, plz gibe

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Okay, you did explain it. And you revealed that you have very weird and rigid ideas about how Sup Forums is supposed to be used.

Also, i don't know why you think the answer to Sup Forums being stale is for people to follow some Sup Forums custom.

If you're not having fun on Sup Forums, you're doing it wrong.

I'm having fun.

Are you buttchug himself? Every post gets gayer. Probably a transvestite mod.

Nah, if i was buttigieg i would never directly answer a question.

Extremely intelligent and makes a whole lot of sense - qualities people no longer understand - so he's screwed.

I know that he copies every talking points that Andrew Yang says. Enough to get #repeate hash trending.

i don't know who is he

He's a fag
Americans won't vote for a fag

and FBI wants you

He looks like a fag. And he confirms he is one. He is annoying because his entire campaign is platitudes no Democrat wants to actually pass as law. If he won the nomination, Trump would destroy him with the gay buttfucking innuendo. Not to mention that Pete is a fucking faggot. And he looks like he would suck your dick for your vote. And fuck your wife with a strapon cause no-hetero.

But I don't want FBI I want Iorin

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president pete buttinplug will make America gay as fuck

He is too white for black voters, more blacks would vote trump over him.

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I didn't know people took "the root" seriously. Wow.

Take it easy buddy. Also, we did land on the moon and the earth isn't flat

Excellent point. Mayor Pete would be the best

i scrolled by too fast and thought his last name was "Buttplug".

aside from that, only heard his name once before, and nothing about what I heard impressed me.

>Biden's comments about, "The nation not looking European for much longer."
it's the truth user

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with democrats open door policy, USA will turn brown at a much faster pace.

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