How do I increase my sexual stamina immediately...

How do I increase my sexual stamina immediately? I only last like 20 seconds every time until I get to round 3-4 then my dick is just tiny and limp

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I think you can get that treated by either a doctor or a therapist. Like, you might wanna start with your family doctor to rule out physiological causes, then if that fails, you can get a referral to a therapist from your doctor.

Jerk off a lot then when your fucking that pussy just go slower and get sensual or some shit, distract the physical feeling from your level of excitement in your mind, fuck if I know

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Okay I'll consider it. For the time being though I have antidepressants could that help if I take one a few hours before?

... gonna need sauce on that....

Why does he have 4 clovers next to his name is he special?

Yes, they may, but i don't recommend you play around with your neurotransmitters like that.

I feel like jerking off is why Im in this mess in the first place. Its like training yourself to last literal seconds its fucked. I want to last 20 minutes the very first time without jerking off before

SSRI antidepressants are what you’re after. Although, taking just one every time before sex won’t work- you’ll need to be on them properly/med-long term.

Yep definately if it's an ssri....

However usually they take weeks to build up to a level where all effects work..

Idk about the side effect for decreased sexual arousal

stop fucking masturbating all the time

Amitriptyline bottle says to take one whenever if I need sleep. Been taking them a lot recently. I'll give it a whack hopefully it delays me long enough to make her cum. Saying "Im gonna cum" after thrusting twice almost every time is absolutely horrible. Im young too, so if I don't fix this shes gonna leave kek

yeah don't jerk and maybe you're just oversaturated with erotic thoughts while you are having sex

I jerked off for 3 and a half years with no pussy. Now that I get good pussy I fuck like shit so I agree 100% Im gonna stop looking at porn completely

Try to clear my mind, use stop and go, or just think about fucked up shit that turns me off kinda. Still though nothing works. 6-8 thrusts gotta stop for a sec. 5 more thrusts "goddamn it gotta cum again"

I noticed by being on this site my mind is polluted with sex. When i step away for a few days my mind can focus and be more clear of sexual thoughts.

I jerk off up to 10 times a day and can last with my hand up to an hour while browsing porn, I basically get off when I want to, I can tense the muscles down there to get everything going once I'm close and have been edging for a bit.
fuck is wrong with your dicks anons?

we are talking about sex, not masturbating

You gotta learn when to stop and start. Change position or slow down a bit when you're getting close to cumming.
Practice edging while masturbating to know how far you can go.

how long is your average jerk session?
asking for science

average? 15-25 if I find something good to finish to, otherwise longer to keep looking for something good until I go find something in my collection if searching fails

The stop and go makes me last longer but its not pleasurable to her at all because its 5 thrusts stop for 1 minute, 5 thrusts stop, 3 thrusts stop, 8 thrusts stop, 5 thrusts gotta blast super badly

Sounds to me it’s psychological - you (sub)consciously think she will leave you soon so you feel like you have to impregnate her quickly.

Have sex with uglier gay guys than the ones that you have been hooking up with.

Complete and utter bullshit. No way in earth you could cum that many times in one day, and your dick would be a bloody mess from skin abrasions.

Well...Yeah actually. Things aren't so great in my life right now and am worried shes gonna move on if I don't dick her down right. Should I get a "I dont give a fuck" mindset beforehand?

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10 on the best days, 5-7 on average unless it's a lazy day, I've been beating off most of my life user, I've gotten very good at it

Are you retarded? People on this site and others post about it all the time. Unless your hands are sandpaper you'll be fine.

Also recently started suffering from ed bad. No more full huge boners. Need viagra but can't without prescription kill me

so the porn agenda achieved its goal

Pretty much. "Dont jerk off too much you'll go blind" more like "Dont jerk off too much you'll lose stamina and your ability to have full engored erections"

yup don't worry when you grow up a bit porn becomes a lot less interesting

Im 24

uhhh good luck then lmao not sure what to tell you

Just get some dick-pills you faggot, and chase that shit with some liquor.

Then go to town on her.

Viagra? I can't

Need a prescription? No problem: Doctors hand them out like it's nothing. Just tell the doc you have a hard time getting it up. They'd rather give you a script than run all kinds of tests, etc. That won't do anything for the first round, but it makes your recovery time very short so by the third and fourth rounds you should be hard.

Masturbation is your training exercise: You should have figured out how to edge for 20 minutes before you lost your virginity!

Start/stop would work fine it you are rubbing her clit, which you should be doing anyway, every time you fuck. Most women don't get off from fucking alone. In fact, if you eat her out until she cums then she would be perfectly happy with a quick fuck. Most women get sore when you fuck them for a long time. The key is to get her ready to cum before you stick your dick in her.

Lucky I can't even cum from my girl

You cant fuck someone into loving you forever. Say it out loud.
If they were solid and really cared, it wouldnt bother them.