WWYD to Mahreen?

WWYD to Mahreen?

WWYD thread, Extra Brutal Edition

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Who is this snatch?
I would remove that horrible cancer growth from her face...doesnt really have to be done in a brutal way...but jeezus, it's like shes got a map of nebraska on her face.

Choke her out, titfuck her, and cum all over her face. Once she comes to, she’ll have her arms tied behind her back and I’ll fuck her senseless.

Wwyd to Jenny?

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I'd sell her to muslims

>Wwyd to Jenny?
I'd challenge her to a no holds barred cage match

I think it’s cute
She is one

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>Extra brutal
AHAHHHHHH … faggot

Hold down with her face against the ground while I force inside her from behind

WWYD to Bella? She’s 5’1” and tiny but has a nice ass

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This is so faggot-tier I can't even type properly ...

And bella would be some incel fantasy you found where?

*extra incel

Fixed that for you

Let’s see that ass firsf

Someone at my college actually. Dunno why you’re being so damn hostile, I’m just trying to chill

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My moneys on you user!

She’s a cutie

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Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Chill? You're 14. What could you possibly need to chill from?

I feel you are a nigger. Are you a nigger?

>My college
AHAHAAH … like she would EVER talk to you cuck.

Get off his fucking nuts asshole

I’m not
Alright then

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Ahhh the insecure white boy behind the computer screen

I doubt his nuts have even dropped Kevin.

Wwyd to both

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Yeah I legit don’t even understand why he’s here if he’s having such a bad time. I just tryna post a cute girl I know

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Left to deepthroat my cock while right sucks on my balls

Not white. Not Male. I'm a psych major and I like to screen cap comments from these threads for class.

Anyone else?

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Tryna. No worries Tyrone. Keep on nigging.

Let me guess, all 4-inches of it.

Almost had us there Craig

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Ask her if she knows incels have her facebook thumbnail.

Drug left and get right super drunk, then fuck passed out left and cum inside while right watches helplessly

WWYD to good girl Caroline?

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Keep on keepin' on dude.

You made her name up … go on, admit it.

Dub dubs checked

Real name lol

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stripping the bitch on the right then making her eat out leftie whilst i ass rape her, then i'm going to slip her dress on, hoist up lefties skirt and rape her whilst squeezing those tits so hard she cries...

What nationality are you?

force her to her knees and throat fuck her whilst i call her mum and get a character reference pretending to be the bitches boss

You know it's a school night, right? Off to bed you pop ...

least i'm playing the game you dumb wanker

Stop samefagging. It looks like you are desperate.

Make her submit to you fully. Love to hear more

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Jesus, you are new at this aren't you?

Kek. that's actually funny ...

as i slide my cock back and forth into her mouth, listening and talking with her mum i start to make her gag...just a little...so her mum can hear it...

then, i pull out, wipe my drool covered cock on her face and make her go on all fours, sliding my cock deep into her wet cunt...still talking, and thinking about her mum...as i use the daughter as a fuck toy

(BTW you fucking virgins, i've done this with a bitch so fuck off until you've lived a bit)

Her big white ass slapping against your thighs. She’d love being treated like a toy

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My sides.

The shear fantasy of you post.


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This is like D & D for autists.

piss on her perfect face and tits

So fucking hot.

Wwyd to Kathleen?

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Well, you would know about playing with toys,

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pull her hair as i'm ball deep in her, make her cry out with pain and pleasure as i ride her hard...

tasty bitch

indian slut??

Why tf are you still here?

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At least try and be original.

Because hanging with autists makes me feel smart cuck.

beat her, then rape her for wearing those ugly ass pants...id enjoy slapping her tits and face hard back and forth as i was inside her...

sorry man, not to my taste...

You think she’s cute user? And I’d probably force your girl to submit her mouth to a dozen white guys
She would drool in pleasure, absolutely submissive slut

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And your first clue Sherlock was …?

have her cuddle up and mount me facing me...then make her call me daddy as i grope and fuck her

Wwyd with this drunk slut

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Pakistani actually. Super cute imo

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*sigh* … the autism here is just off the charts.

Look.. I’m sorry your dad left. I’m sorry your mom dropped you on your head as a kid. But I’m especially sorry for the fact that you get off by trolling internet boards. Now gtfo and suck a bit fat donkey dick while you’re at it

you played yourself

if she's truly submissive then send her around to babysit...with orders to look after him properly but after tucking him up in bed, stand in his room and finger herself and expose her breasts until she cums...all the while he sleeps on innocently...

then have her tell me how hot that twisted adveture was for her

It's a WWYD thread. It's the same level as pedos.

Wwyd to these slutty Asian cousins?

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Seriously!? Please, by all means keep going ...

i will as he keeps posting pictures of that hot bitch

This chick I know from class

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I just can't imagine how sexually repressed you are. Seriously.

i want to strip the yellow dress off her, slip it on then pay them to eat each other out before french kissing me so i can taste their juices and then they take turns blowing me whilst i have her dress hitched up...

Please do. I want to see what else you’ve got in mind for her

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AHAHHHA … class *sigh*

She definitely needs a fat cock down her throat until she’s broken and needs to be used as a sex slave.

What else would you do to Kathy?

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I betting you are Indian. Am I right?

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wwyd to Jackie?

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Fuckin cutie. I’d invite her to the nearest rave and fuck her as soon as we get home while she’s in some slutty outfit and high outta her mind.


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that dress is begging to be lifted and her hot cunt fucked and spunked hard...she can then lick and suck my cock clean before walking around with me...my cum dripping down her thighs, her not allowed to wipe it up or wear knickers...

if anyone notices the cum and mentions it she has to go off with them and suckthem off as they finger her...any age or type of person...

i'm hard for this bitch, hope your hard sharing her and reading my comments

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Let me guess … from 'class', GF or sister?


take her home and have her cuckqueen my wife in our married bed - fucking this hotties until the sheets are soaked with sweet and juices...or take her home and instead of it being willing my wife and i take turns raping her

seriously hot bitch

AHAAHHHH … a little bit of wee came out. You are hilarious.

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