Anyone want to see a young, slutty mom who’s body did NOT take to having children well?

Anyone want to see a young, slutty mom who’s body did NOT take to having children well?

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drop the pics



Dump em my guy


bumping for interest

Post dem

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Let's see her tits.

Come on.... come on!

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It's the ancient western European dna. Needs more yamnaya

I'm actually big into this...


this is sad. she has such a pretty face too. if i took her home from a bar and she got naked i would be disappoint and probably lose my boner. would still pity fuck though if i could get it back up again. maybe bend her over and fuck from behind?

She looks a lot better than most. I would bang the shit out of her. Post more.

Jade Woodhouse from Llandudno??

any before pics?

What a shame. I’d workout with her to get her sexy again

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looks like any bitch that's been pregnant you fucking virgin

But then you wake up and remember your are a beta little fag who doesn’t ever pick up women from the bar.


well duh
shes gotta be just under 30ish I'd guess, I'd give it to her

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"well duh"

"...’s body did NOT take to having children well..."

Oooh i like this trashy looking mom whore. Would love to see her white trash mom feet too.

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Hahahaha. This poster is 100% pure gay

If she doesn't know, tell her about kegels
dont be mean to virgins


10/10 i like her

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sad boobs are sad


this body is pure sadness but she looks desperate enough for some 10/10 nasty stuff

Any photos sucking?

yeah they all suck


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That's methed up

Like any of you sperglord virgin fucks would have a chance with OPs girl.

ok, white knight

Fear me