My ancestors were warriors

My ancestors were warriors
What were your ancestors?
inb4 egyptians kangzn'sheit

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My ancestors btfo'd your ancestors.

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I'm Danish, so yeah.

They were Scotsmen thru n thru

Love dat image name

Royalty. Fuck off peasant.

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your ancestors were farmers like 99% of us, and yeah I'm from Iceland but a lot of shit happens for around 1200~ years most ppl got no mothafukin clue where they originally from nor does it matta

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youre acestors were fucking inbred farmers, only few of the vikings actually participated on their raids. Learn some fucking history, fatass 'warrior'.

My ancestors were landsknechts aka mercenaries. Prob had Vikings further back but who knows

but then again you type like a nigger so you're likely larping
Iceland had little to no immigration for 1000 years

cope seeth

little to no immigration for 1000 years, so you're telling me there's plenty of documentation of fucking immigration 1200 years back? get out of here faggot

we wuz kangZZZ

Mine would go to constant war for the sole purpose of capturing enemy warriors worthy of having their hearts cut out for the glory of the true God Huatzilpochil
>I'm bringing Him back
>enough Spaniard cuckery

One of my uncles did extensive research on our family, which is actually pretty easy since we have a very rare name (only 20 people now alive have it, all closely related).

Our ancestors were german stonecutters, with a side of lumberjack and farming.
Oh and one of them was a pig thief, he got hanged for that. The only official record of his life is the death certificate

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my ancestors were damn dirty apes
so were yours
inb4 muh bible sez I am special an sheit

the bible only includes beautiful white people
so I'm sorry your ancestors were dirty knuckle dragging niggers

Sorry mate, you're wrong.

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english, primarily from mercia but the furthest back i can go is a wessex lad heading up to mercia and having a shag to start the family.
mostly members of military so they likely killed a few user ancestors while the crown made the world it's bitch.

my ancestors made your crown their bitch

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I said inb4 m8

ill let you have that one, just like the crown let you have the americas because you're too far for an actual attack while we're fighting against spantards and the french. but at least we managed to burn your white house before leaving you alone.

get rekt faggot
and all these years later the UK has nothing better to do than talk about us all day since we're the new crown
>britbong wewuzkangz

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You realize the danes basically won?
Saxons got sturbcomped. Repeatedly. You're feeble king fled into the swamps and had to beg his enemies for help. Also he wanted to name the country Anglaland. Fucking english tools.
How does it feel to get raped by fops, then saxons then danes?


All my ancestors were slaughtered back in 1305.... Feels bad...

Jesus Hotep:
-You gotta understand, before we were slaves we wuz Kangz!

who were they user

All vikings raided you mong. If you didn't raid you weren't viking, you were just a dane or norse or swede or fin.

Then my ancestors might have killed and raped your ancestors.
user, we might be related!

Don't forget the Rus Vikings. They settled areas that are now Russia, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine!
Oden protects

my ancestors were Irish, and infused the the jizz of Nordic daytrippers


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My paternal ancestors were longbards from Scandinavia, my maternal ancestors were native nomads of Siberia.

Pic related.

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Where are the tengri bros at? At least one of you has ghengis khan's genes

>you'll never be genghis khan and fuck all the raw pussy you can dream of

Do you have chinky eyes then?

You're thinking of atilla. Ghengis's genes might be everywhere but that's probably from his sons. Chagatai settled in persia- ish after they killed the old man from the mountain and adopted the sultan concubine thing. 300 or so i think.

it was going to be called saxaland you retard, after the saxons. but got away with naming it after the angles to give them representation in the country.
the saxons and angles didn't rape them, they was bought in by a warlord to settle and fight off the pits who got warhungry at the romans leaving the islands.

the feeble king that fled to the swamps? there's nothing feeble about being betrayed by a bunch of foreign pussies that you gave power. when it came down to it, the average man and boy in the country fought against the raiders even when outnumbered and underequipped, they're the real englishmen.
the vikings raped coastal towns for a few decades and then started settling, they made themselves a upperclass and made the local populations work for them. eventually they was made legitimate and then it became a political battle rather than the popular `argh we rape your women for fun.`

my family actually has a knife that gets passed down {im next in line} that is said to be from a viking ancestor that married into the family when danelaw formed. where they came from is lost in time though, could be norway or denmark.

Trojan royalty, a few times removed. Entire branch of that family had no survivors

agh, another "muh ancestors" thread

we wur kungs etc etc

Swamp people

I looked Chinese as a baby.
Still have smaller than average eyes but not slit

I like your country and folk there are very good people. Thank you for making a world a better place and I'll be sure to hitch a ride through there again someday

the Slav look

the saxons and angles didn't rape them, they was bought in by a warlord to settle and fight off the pits who got warhungry at the romans leaving the islands.
Saxons arrived right before the romans left. The fought as mercs then started taking over immediately.
>the feeble king that fled to the swamps
Yes the feeble king who fled to the swamps and watched his homeland burn. Don't glorify it, if he got betrayed by everyone beforehand that's his own shit, he still fled to hide in the fucking swamps. Oh and too right he was betrayed, no business being king.


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>implying i'm a bong
Also, d*nes aren't even relevant. Just a bunch of snowniggers.

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Vikings were pussies

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me too

Yup! Gonna go squat with some gopniks and drink bootleg vodka.

Fin? What?

except they didn't take over, they was given the lands they took back from the pits. it was generations later when the saxons began murdering the britions for fun. and that didn't last long because christianity came and they used the church to punish sometimes to the death any saxons that raided neighbouring brition lands. the angles however just fucked into the local populations, they mostly did small skirmishes with the welsh and saxon raiding parties.

fled to the swamps and watched as his land was pillaged. yet somehow managed to raise a small enough army from the ashes and then convince men across the lands to rise up and created the greatest comeback the country has ever seen, forming a 1000 year old country of different people's and a monarchy that has yet to fall.

Well yeah, scientist can tell us what temperature the dinosaurs liked their burritos at, so a census from 1200 yrs ago is easy

>belief system long since extinct due to the rapid expanse of christianity
>most links referring to christianity

Gee it's almost like history is written by those who are left. Realistically we know fuck all about vikings, most of the things that were known were lost in time or outright destroyed by christianity marching through northern europe.

they used guerrilla tactics just like the picts did to the romans. they'd form assaults on undefended villages but when attacking an actual standing army they'd suicide attack to disrupt the army, the only time they stood a chance against an army is when they outnumbered them and that's because if evenly matched they was forced to fight properly.
even in a shield wall, they had retards who's purpose was to suicide so much that they either make a hole in the wall or tire out the men at the front.

This. Vikings plundered plenty but werent really soldiers.

>My ancestors were warriors
and you're a basement neckbeard... so, yeah, there's that.

ok nigger

kek when your heads this far up your own ass... 1000 years is only 15-30 people at most.


>lost in time or outright destroyed
They only wrote in runes and weighed heavy on oral traditions son. Even if christianity never existed we still wouldn't know much more about vikings except maybe more pseudo-legends like hairy breeches or beowulf.

Your ancestors were farmers and fishermen; just like everyone else’s.

Aztec ancestors. Brutal Aztec ancestors...

My ancestors were poles. The most conquered cucks in history behind jews.

Samoan cannibal royalty.

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A thousand years back youll have like 2^30 ancestors.... basically enough to cover all aspects of the society that far back.

American is not a heritage unless you are a redskin.

based, stats say you have a high chance of playing in the NFL

grandparents are still ancestors

True that real "vikings" weren't warlords but the varangian guard had viking roots. Then there's the jomsvikings and all of the wars that formed norway,sweden etc most likely had some part time vikings.
People went viking the way you go walkabout. It's not something you do forever.

>Teutoburg Forest

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Very few legions were ever defeated until the ERE. Romans perfected the shieldwall.

Haha built like it but only a bit of rugby and Aussie rules footy. NFL is my back up plan if i hit 35 and havent become anything :)

>When you bring back 750,000 slaves from gaul and suddenly every pleb can afford a slave but can't afford to feed the bastards they sired on them so you have to invent dole.

I don't know anything about my ancestors besides the fact that they are Levant/Phoenician

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>first plan
enjoy your 50 viewers

which was my point. just like the picts, the vikings used guerrilla tactics and suicide assaults because trying to fight properly was impossible.

jomsvikings can't really be confirmed, like most things it was probably some icelandic christians trying to gain fame by bullshitting their way into history. but even then, they was the similar to the average farmer going on a raid. the only difference is is that they're said to have actual combat in a 1v1 fight which is entirely useless in a war. they still used suicide and guerrilla tactics, only it's said they was often supported by a standing army which gave them the advantage of falling back after failing.
they probably named themselves jomsvikings as the word viking implies many numbers {since viking victories was won with the most men}. or that's the name the icelandic gave them.
again, likely not even real.

Its weak, So are your parents. It's not a heritage thou.

I'll go throw some tea in the harbor right now and watch you shed a tear

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Your ancestors were thralls cuck and you're a lying faggot trying to look important on the internet

>be retarded beta male lanklet farmer
>see a massive giant musclebound viking running into your field at you stomping all over your crops

what do?

>Togafaggot with a wreath
Learn to history

I'm saying because gamgam lived in America doesn't mean you are ethnically American. You get that at 300lbs.

Just did the ancestry DNA thing and found direct ancestors who fought on the Union side in the U.S. Civil War. My g-g-g-grandpa died in a Confederate prison and is buried in a mass grave there. Two generations before that, direct ancestors fought on the American side in the Revolution. So - real warriors in the family, and they were on the winning sides!

Which prison. Andersenville?

The varangian were though and arguing this is moot anyway, if people don't know that vikings were raiders and not soldiers then they can fuck off back to vinland saga and have a wank over that.
I was going to going to argue that being viking wasn't a permanent state, many "viking"probably were soldiers in whichever army in whichever war but they weren't vikings unless they were raiding.
I think, as usual, the west didn't understand the language and called them all vikings like how the word horde being a mistranslation .

faggot, should have had confederate ancestors

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>guerrilla tactics and suicide assaults
They didn't conquer the known world with guerilla tactics and suicide assaults user...
England was united by Danes, Ireland by Norse, Russia by Swedes
Then they took all the gold and went back home...

>Russia by Swedes
People will think swedes marched across siberia, they didn't. Kievan rus is only a small part of russia.

Russians are top tier heritage. Poles, urkrains, slavs, croats, Baltic peoples are all lower tier. Scandinavians are pretty but are minor on the world stage.

That's just the art style of the painter you autist.
>Learn to history
Go back

How did Russia become so mighty

Every race/civilisation has warriors,just because you share some dna does not make you warrior too..

Polynesians for the win.