If I put cold water into one of these and let it set will it be edible...

If I put cold water into one of these and let it set will it be edible? I love in my van and have no way to heat things up.

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you could piss in it? piss is warm.

Probably. You can eat the ramen hard too.

When I was homeless I lived on rice and vienna sausages.

Gas cooker and bottled water

pour radiator water into it after driving

Yes. Unless, by "edible", you mean good, in which case, no.

It will get some what soft to the Pont. You can eat but it's not going to be that good


Why bother at that point? Just get something else.

For real your geting fancy man Ramen get a small camping gas camping cooker to boil some water or just get a power converter and use a electrical tea kettle to boil water or a cheap one cup coffee pot from Walmart around you ten bucks power converter should be should survice enough to use it

Fuck. I thought I had regular water but it's fucking berry flavored

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I'd. Just eat cold ravioli out of the can the kind you get from the values store for like $0.69 a can

you can but it will take longer for the noodles to soften, like at least 3 hour or so and this is me using water at room temperature.

Even better

but for real nigga. get your life together. Gun, piss bottle, switch pro controller, suit case. Really?

Well at least it has electrolyte!!

Alcohol and a gun and electronics shown in picture looks like you are making some poor life choices give up them things and you and may be you can. Get your shit in line gye

>in my van
>no way to heat things
Did you run out of gas too? Heat water on your engine block

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Timestamp a picture of your license plate and I'll believe that you're actually living in your car

Sell that garbage Ruger and get some real food

OwO what's this?

A pronoun.

I found some chili under a piss jug, all is well

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Get a gym membership it gives you place to spend your time and a hot shower and bathroom pro tip best wishes to you I lived I a van for a bit when I was in a bad spot in life but I had to stop makeing poor life choices to get it together bro


I'm also gay

I have a better response. Hold on, lemme find it.

peanut butter and a loaf of bread keeps quite well and is a cheap meal and faSt eats to bro

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>I love in my van

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What's her name again?


At least I have vidya

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Go to Starbucks and ask for hot water bro

What your playing?
Seems like a faggot MMO


Path of exile

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Is that a cat?

Nice life OP. Dont let them talk shit into you dont sell your gun. You sleep much better with the know you can protect yourself. Where are you parked? I bring you a gas cooker

I have a feeling this is Stuart the sock posting..

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I feel called out

It's a damn pellet gun or BB gun all homeless people have those things trying to be scary or a quick Hustle

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Are you still in Japan Stewart?

a lot going on in this picture

Benadryl cucumberbitch


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so how do you have access to the wifi ?
must be parked near a public place like starbucks or wallmart maybe canadian tire or smth idk where u from.

just try to steal little food and if you get caught you cry and tell people you havent been eating in a week. works 6/10 times

Using my friends xfinity account. I have money, I have food, I have friends. Just really shit circumstances that led to me having to live in my van. Been looking for a room to rent for months and thankfully today I believe I found one.

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Yeah totally a BB gun bro. 9mm bbs. Do you know how easy it was to get a gun? Walk into cabellas, pick out a pistol. Wait 15 days for background check, pay $400, go to the police station, get finger prints taken and pay $49 for a concealed weapons permit. Wait 10 days for it in the mail. And that's it. I'm not trying to get robbed by crazy fucks user

It's just a small 9mm that can fit in an inside waistband holster and only holds 7 rounds. I'm not trying to be some big boi, just want something to protect myself while having to live in a van

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oshit is that why he hasn't uploaded in ages?

Just stop at a gas station that has hot water or a microwave. And get you one of those 12v car hot pots. They're only like 10 bucks.

>has gameboy, vodka, and pistol
>doesn't have a way to warm water

I was going to say this, that engine block gets quite warm. Hello need for engine coolant.

>retarded hand tats
yeah, you've made some bad decisions in life, haven't you.

You can get a 12 volt hot plate for your van down by the river.

Shoot the vodka, eat the gameboy, throw away the pistol

you really dont have a pot?

Oh trust me, the hand tat isn't the worst. I have a Hanzo tattoo and a hello kitty tat that was a stick and poke from burning man. Life decisions are not my strong suit.

Pentagram on hand? You a werewolf?

I have pentagrams on both hands, so actually I'm a double werewolf.

Was toolin around on motorcycle in the 70s. Always had an old shoe polish tin I kept candle wax and flat lantern wick in it. Great for heating can goods or canteen water for coffee.

>pentagram tattoo with weirdo symbols
>showing a gun
>living in a nigger van

why we have to stand all this cringe

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Stagg chili? Fuck not see that in awhile. Thought they stopped making that shit. BEST FART MAKINGS THERE IS!!!

Try buying stuff to make sandwiches youncomplete fucking tool.

That's my main diet atm. It's cold enough in my van for meat and cheese to last for a few days. Just wanted some damn ramen. Also ofc I'm a fucking tool, did you not see my wrist tattoo. The gun is there to kill myself with not prolapse my anus

Dude youre basically living off the grid, you have endless amounts of spare time. All you need to do is make eniugh money to eat a bit every day and have a litle back up money. The rest of the time you can spend outside, erercising, bettering yourself, readig, ding ANYTHING. Yet youre still living like a gross hoarder.

Change yourself bro, and dont to it for you, do it for schlumps like the rest of us... tied down with mortgages, rent, bills, families....

Dude youre living the dream and you dont even know it.

Go use a convenience store's microwave you fucking mong.

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It makes me happy knowing people that make the choices you make end up living in a van.
It kinda gives me hope that one day all the other degenerates will get what they deserve too.

Xfinity again? You the guy with the blocked Sup Forums access?


Gotta make yourself and your choices seem well thought out and worth it somehow right? We all die in the end faggot.

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can I suck your cock op?

10 bucks. Well can i pay with mushrooms? I have plenty collected. My collection is HUGE

Sell pics of your body trough a Patreon Jahy-sama.
No work and no pain.
Altough you'll have to use your gem form unless you wanna end in jail.

400$ for potentially deadly weapon
49$ for the right to carry it around

Is America an homicidal shithole?

The more you do the more youll have to eat.
There is a reason why slaves dont last long, too much work too few meals

What if he smells or is carring a maggot colony like those gifs from ugly bastards?

Pics of your monobrow or it didn't happen

Eat vegetables and lean protein instead of stagg chili and ramen.

There is also a reason half the country is obese.

>There is also a reason half the country is obese.

Damn cant argue with that.

You can power a laptop but you cant figure out how to heat up water?

I imagined gothics living in manors, not in fucking vans.

You dont need a license in a lot of states and theyre the safer ones.
Have fun getting beheaded by Muhammad.

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Fill with water. Wrap entire cup in tinfoil with a good seal. Place directly on your exaughst manifold after a long drive or while idling. Check it every 15 minutes or so. Shouldnt take more than a half hour.

This is how we eat when we are back country snowmobiling.

Trips of fuckin truth. Same trick works with all canned food obviously

run your van for 20 minutes and then drain some water out of your radiator into the cup and let it sit for like 5 minutes user.
>source: Life Hacker

Correct. Look at how London has turned to knives instead of guns.
Where I live, it's next to impossible to get a gun license. So we are pretty much at the mercy of our lovely immigrants who committed almost every gun-crime last year

fuck you

Glycol kills

If you're a freedom loving person with something to contribute you're welcome here my man.

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Please be less pathetic.

haha kys

acquire an electric hot plate and boil it in a pot dumb dumb

Yeah, but I'm smoking weed in a house I own and you pee in a jug.
... Some things are genuinely better, it doesn't make a difference if we die, while I'm alive I'm feeling more joy than you.

OP, you can get an electric water heater at walmart and a power inverter like this: homedepot.com/p/BESTEK-12-Volt-DC-to-AC-150-Watt-Power-Inverter-MRI1511C/309970087?mtc=Shopping-BA-F_HC_A-G-D25T-25_31_GARAGE_AUTOMOTIVE-NA-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-Auto_RLSA&cm_mmc=Shopping-BA-F_HC_A-G-D25T-25_31_GARAGE_AUTOMOTIVE-NA-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-Auto_RLSA-71700000037147753-58700004141485307-92700046881584711&gclid=CjwKCAiA__HvBRACEiwAbViuU-oAcJH1X8SJTCQsDauw4xkGVqMb3nDAolE-V2zuBKABHFU884FL7BoC78UQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Boils water in like 3 mins

>fresh hand tat
>living in a van