Groundhog day

>Go to work
>Come home
>Play Video Games
>Go to work
>Come home
>Play Video Games
>Repeat for 12 years

I'm in my 30s and this is what my daily life is like what do?

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Find a girl who will play video games with you after work and suck your dick if you make good enough income to provide for her.

this is Sup Forums nobody here can find a girl.

find a girl to play video games with you and cuddle and stuff idk

Porn did this to you.

I haven't watched porn in years, I also exercise regularly.

don't play video games and get a social life you absolute moron

Get a real hobby, you'll enjoy life more. Hell, take one of mine I've got too many

you don't have to be attractive or anything, that's a meme, just find someone that is as lonely as you are

how? I would die of boredom without video-games. I watch old videos of the 80s and 90s wondering what I would be doing without video games. I'm not addicted I just don't have anything else to do.

Dating apps work dude. Find a cute but akward/loser girl with low self esteem and ask her a bunch of questions about herself. Insert compliments every few texts then invite her on a date after a few days.

Give ALL of your gaming consoles to Goodwill.
1. Start hanging out at your local gun club and learn to shoot something, pistol, ARs or bolt action rifles, whatever fits you.
2. Start hanging out at your local RC club. Buy a plane, or car, or quad racer, whatever suits you.

Get a hobby that also involves other people, and also fills the vidya void. Get out of the house after work, socialize.

like? I've taken up knitting...

Learn a new language.

Buy a gun and a fishing rod and start hunting and fishing in between work.

Yes you do. girls aren't lonely.
Dating apps don't work.

A girl is impossible for me(being honest). I'm just bored out of my mind. Every day is the same as the last day.


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I'm in southern Ontario and a poor fag. I don't know about any free fishing locations but it's winter right now. Most of the year is winter here.

>you don't have to be attractive or anything, that's a meme, just find someone that is as lonely as you are

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Video Games are the most fun. I exercise and listen to podcasts too (out of boredom).

fishing license is 20$ yearly and you're surrounded by 5 lakes. It's not very hard to find fishing spots.
However yes you're not gonna do much during the winter but no one does.

>girls aren't lonely
also a meme

this man.

I'm in my 30s as well and the number of cute girls out there who are in the same boat is nuts,

This hellworld goes both ways, there's lots of women out there who are just as fucked and just want love too

It's really not as dire as you think, just gotta find them

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At least you aren't inside The Jewman's show.

What's an RC club? I wouldn't trust myself with guns.

Remote Control club. RC planes, RC Cars, quads, etc..

Like half the year is winter, what do I do besides Sup Forums and video games?

I go to the movies alone, things are bad...

Same here but on weekends i meet my girl.

in the coldest areas of Ontario, winter is at most 5 months with nice days in between, that means you've got a good 7 months of fair to good weather.
You need to make the effort to socialize if you're feeling lonely. like user was saying before, join a club that suits your hobbies. hell, join a game jam if you enjoy games, they're fucking everywhere if you just look. you'll be forced to work with a group of people to make a game.

Same, but since October my ex abandoned me, so now I can add to that regretful and sad feelings.

I don't even play video games anymore. All I do is jerk of to questionable (but not illegal) porn and browse Sup Forums and watch YouTube all day. Least you got somewhat of a hobby user.


I'm .
Is life actually so miserable at this point?